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Fresh Summer Interiors With A Window Makeover

Fresh Summer Interiors With A Window Makeover

Why you might need to replace your windows and why summer is the right time to do it

Summers usually entail some vacation time and while most of it is spent on taking a break, this time is also spent in getting homes in order. A home makeover starts with cleaning, repairs, and replacing parts of your home décor and window coverings as well.

Homes, just like people, are in need of makeovers on occasion. While it involves a healthy and robust lifestyle with maybe a wardrobe update, for homes, it’s all about getting a new look and maintaining the quality of your home as well. Summers are the most suitable time of the year to engage in all of this. Other than the fact that you get some free time during the summer, the weather is also perfect for these kinds of projects. There is extra sunlight and pleasant weather in the mornings and evenings as well. You can even get the entire family in on the project too.

Amongst your array of projects, window replacement might be one of them. This is usually the case if your windows are damaged in a way that it doesn’t function properly, is subject to leakage, or is lacking energy efficient. For instance, if you have wooden window frames, you might find them to have become soft and damp. This is an indication that the quality of the frame has deteriorated. There might also be a case of warping around the edges of the windows, not allowing them to open or close all the way through. The presence of mold and mildew is another reason why you would want to replace your windows.

Types of windows you can look into for your summer home makeover

There are a multitude of factors to look into before replacing your old windows with new ones. Naturally, these factors stem out of the problems you might have had with the old one. They need to be durable, energy efficient, keep the indoors cool during summer and warm during winters, well designed glass panes and the ability to prevent mold (which can cause a health concern). Aesthetic value is also very important. Fashionable frames, unique functionality, and distinctive designs can be very desirable.

In order to give you some clarity on what kind of options you have, here are a few different types of windows that can be ideal for your summer makeover project –

  • Single-Hung Windows – These windows have a standard design. They are simple, easy to use and elegant as well. They have two panels, with the upper panel being stationary. The lower panel can be used to move the panes up and down. The upper panel is restricted to giving you a good view.
  • Double-Hung Windows – These windows are similar to the single hung windows in terms of their design, but they differ in the way they operate. You can move the lower as well as the upper panel. This gives you a lot flexibility depending on which side of the window you would want to keep open. This added feature naturally means that they cost a little more than their singularly hung counterparts.
  • Arched Windows – Arched windows have a round top. The purpose of this unique design is to give your home a unique work of architecture that everyone can appreciate. While these windows add to the look and appeal of your home, while also providing ventilation, they cannot open and close. These are usually used on the upper portion of walls (close to the ceilings), while the lower portions are equipped with standard windows.
  • Bay windows – Bay windows are usually extensions of the wall itself. They jut out of the wall and the window panes are angled in such a way that it expands the size of your home. These windows are not only extremely unique, but useful as well. Aside from the fact that they function as windows that provide ventilation and a view, they create some extra space that you can use however you want. Some people use this space for potted plants.
  • Awnings – These windows set themselves apart by their design and the way they function. The entire panel moves like a door set in sideways that rests on the hinges of the frame. This also makes them water resistant because of the angle they create. This means that when it rains, you can keep your windows open without much risk.
  • Glass Block Windows – The window panes are frosted and decked with patterns and designs. The purpose of this is to give an interesting look to the room. Light is allowed to enter into a room, while also giving you some privacy without having to use a window covering. However, you will have to sacrifice your access to the view outside your home. This is mostly useful for bathrooms and dens where the flow of light is required, but the view is not.

Adorning your new windows with the perfect window treatments

Your summer makeover project doesn’t stop with replacing your windows. A clean, consistent, and fashionable look can be achieved only when you match your home with the appropriate window treatments. For instance, bay windows go really well with curtains that have floral patterns. You can even try long drapes and valance. Since the theme here is summer, cellular shades is something that you can consider. This energy efficient window solution specialises in insulation to keep your homes cool during the summer.

Blackout curtains or blinds can be good for your bedrooms if you want to sleep in or like having afternoon naps as well. Sheer curtains can be an elegant pick, while faux wooden blinds bring a lot of sophistication to a home. The point is that a window replacement project shouldn’t be dealt with in isolation.

Make sure you pick the windows that fit in with your budget, are durable, easy to use, and give your home a unique look. If you plan early and take your time, this project can be very fulfilling.