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Layering Is the Next Big Thing – Fresco Roman Shades with Window Drapes

Fresco Roman Shades

Fresco Roman Shades – Layer Your Windows with the Right Choice of Window Treatments

It’s December again! December is the month to spread joy, love, and peace for it’s the time of Christmas again. It’s time to plan your Christmas decorations and feel the festive spirit.
It’s also time to dress up our home. And when we think about dressing up our home, the first thing that comes to our minds is the colorful lights, the Christmas tree, and all the festive decorations. The perfect Christmas décor creates a backdrop for excitement and fun with our family and friends.
Doors and windows are the major components of any home that needs to be addressed in the perfect way. The window decor plays a major role in adding the overall feel to our space and creating a beautiful ambiance. Each window is unique and each window needs to be dressed beautifully in order to bring the feeling that you have desired in your room.

Let’s Learn Stylish Layering Ideas to Glam up Your Windows and Doors

Layering window dressings are one of the most effective ways to add elegance as well as efficiency to your home. The layering of window coverings is not just about overlapping two different window shades. It’s about the home design and meeting the desired specifications of your home. The perfect choice of window coverings creates interest and charm to your spaces when they are layered. Layering is a wonderful technique to add insulation to your spaces. The layering of window coverings also helps you to experience two types of ambiances in a room.


Fabric Roman Shades with Drapes

One of the most popular window coverings used for layering is the Fabric Roman Shades as well as Drapery Window Treatments.

  • Roman shades are known for their stylish looks
  • One of the most beautiful and modern types of Roman shades are the Fresco Roman shades
  • These shades are a wonderful blend of the classical as well as ultra-modern trends
  • The Fresco Roman Shades help you to create a high fashion design statement in your living spaces
  • They make your home look sophisticated and serve your home in an efficient way
  • As these amazing shades are manufactured by Graber, they are extremely strong and efficient in serving all types of expected benefits to your home
  • Window drapes are one of the most beautiful and customizable types of window coverings
  • They are also an economical choice for styling up your windows

With roman shades and drapery window coverings, you will have an endless number of choices to layer and bring the desired appeal to your home decor. There are many ways to layer the window coverings. But, let’s learn the easiest and beautiful ways to style our home

-> Sheer and Blackout layering


Fresco Roman Shades with Drapes


one of the layering ideas that you could try to dress up your window coverings is to choose a Sheer Fresco Flat Roman window shade and let the Blackout drapes overlap. The combination of sheer as well as blackout fabrics of window coverings helps you to experience two types of ambiances. When you require darkness you can let the blackout drapes block all the light that the Fresco sheer roman window shades are allowing to access your spaces. This helps you to highlight the decor of the Christmas tree even as you decorate it with the lovely lights. These blackout curtains also help you to block the distracting glare while watching the television in the living room. It also helps you to create a dark ambiance whenever needed, even during the brightest times of the day. As the blackout window drapes work efficiently in insulating your home, they help you to create warmth during the cold seasons and keep your room cool during the hot summers. This style suits the bedrooms especially, as they require darkness. So you can choose the blackout Bedroom Drapes to pair up with your fabric Roman shades.

-> Simple and Bold pattern choices

A beautiful blend of simple and elegant patterns of Fresco Roman shade and an extremely bold drapery window covering can help you to create an effective window decorative pattern for your home this winter. When you combine any window covering with the drapery window dressings, you will experience a feeling of coziness and luxury within your spaces. For adding instant elegance to light up the festive spirit, you can choose bold and heavy patterned drapery window coverings to layer up with simple and sleek roman shades. To add more intensity to the overall design of your window décor, you can choose Extra Wide Drapes as they give a dramatic appearance to your windows and an enchanting feel to your room with their large ripples and folds.

-> Simple Yet Stylish Layering


Valances and Cornice Boards


One simple way to layer window coverings and add elegance to your existing home decor is to add valances and cornice boards on the top of your window coverings. Valances and cornice boards are the two types of style elements that can be used as toppings to any window treatment to emphasize its appearance. They are customizable and versatile. You can select the perfect valance as well as cornice board that goes well with the chosen window coverings either Roman shade or the curtains. The valances, as well as cornice boards, are possible in many different color choices as well as design patterns to fit any style or any window. Get them tailored to fit your home style and your personality.

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