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Best Window Dressing Ideas for French Doors And Windows

French Door Window Treatments

French Door Window Treatments – Best Window Dressing Ideas


The kind of houses we live in differ in terms of sizes and design. That depends partly on the place of stay and our personal taste in window coverings. Similarly, the windows of our houses come in various shapes. While rectangular and square windows are common, there are unique shapes in windows that we must consider and take into account while deciding on the best window dressing ideas for them.

Trapezoid and octagonally shaped windows are unconventional, and so are pentagon and curved windows. Then there are bay windows (which are starting to come back in popularity) and French doors and windows, which lend an effortless and classic aura to any interiors.

In this section, we give tips on how to dress French doors and windows with the best possible window treatments that will serve to emphasize the fine looks of these windows.


French Door Window Treatments

French doors consist of a large glass pane that is divided into sections of smaller panels to separate them. They may also be referred to double doors that can double up as windows.

They are a lovely feature in any home, which are ideal to let in a good amount of the soothing and pleasant sunlight, which can be especially wonderful during fall and autumn. Your indoors can become very gloomy in the absence of ventilation and light. Having such windows installed in your home to let sunlight insides give your place an inimitable charm which is next to impossible to replicate.

Choosing the right French door window treatments might be a tricky task, and we must consider the following factors while deciding on the best possible options.

1) Reliability: Will the blinds are durable? How long can they be expected to last? Can they be suitable to use in moisture-prone areas? Can they be good enough to withstand dust and dirt? These are all the pertinent and valid questions that come to mind when deciding on window treatments. One must also consider the manufacturer’s instructions in taking care of them and finding out if their cleaning method is viable and reasonable enough to suit your requirements.

2) Ease in Operation: One of the best features of French doors is that they are always within reach, so setting blinds on them is not a cumbersome task, unlike skylight blinds. Manual operation is simple and is often better if there are no dangling cords or if the blind can be secured down to the door when lowered.


Window Covering Ideas for French Doors


French Door Window Treatments


The shape of French windows is unique yet very relatable, and they can be universally applied across homes whether you are staying in a coastal region or a place that is near to the poles. However, their shape calls for only a few blinds that are suitable for them. Here are a few windows covering ideas for French doors.


Blackout Roller Blinds for French Doors

The shape of roller blinds is such that they can cover the entire length and breadth of the window and let only as much light (or the absence of it) that you desire. In areas that are prone to warm climates, there are very few blinds that are more effective than these beauties. They offer a minimal look of elegance and can be set up either inside or outside the windows to keep your protected from heat, cold, dust or storms, all while you preserve the view outside, which may look even better with a French window.

Blackout Roller Blinds for French Doors and windows is a great combination, and they only serve to make your home all the more classy and cozy.


Plantation Shutters for French Doors

Plantation shutters for French doors are available in slat sizes of more than 1.5 inches and provide a sleek textural look to the windows. They can be made of wood, faux wood or aluminum, and are also called Venetian blinds in some parts of the world. Known to be great energy-efficient blinds, their thick texture gives the room a room darkening effect in case you are looking for some privacy and comfort in your bedroom. While wood may be prone to attracting stains and dust, it can be easily cleaned by a dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner. However, you can have them customized in a material of your choice. At ZebraBlinds, you get them in materials such as faux wood (made of a composite wood material or PVC) which can be great at withstanding moisture and dirt particles beyond lasting for a long period of time. They are also lighter than their wooden counterparts and this makes them easier to install.


Cellular Shades for French Doors

For connoisseurs of home decor, the positives of cellular or honeycomb blinds aren’t unknown. These are one of the most versatile window coverings that can be customized according to your preferences and the climate. While the day-night cellular shades are a perfect fit for French doors (a two-fabric shade where the lower part can be the blackout portion while the upper part the light filtering one), the clean and light construction makes them easy to manage and operate. They are also available in cordless options to keep them safe from children and pets.


Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds can hang all the way to the ground for French doors, which makes having them set up a practical exercise. They are classy and sophisticated and add a touch of aesthetic and classy vibe. A major advantage, beyond their good looks, is that dirt doesn’t remain on them because of their shape. They can be easily tilted to let some light in, and when they are closed all the way, the room is engulfed in an air of darkness and calm. That said, due to vertical blinds running on a side to sidetrack, they are more suited for sliding doors.

To sum up, French doors and windows are a perfect addition to any home, and they boast of good looks and a unique blend of aesthetics and practicality. Naturally, you must be careful to choose blinds that do justice to their appearance. These blinds should only serve to amplify the charm of the window space, instead of lessening the impact. Choose your colors carefully without compromising on the features. Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, roller shades, and honeycomb shades are your choices. Shop at ZebraBlinds to get the best-in-class quality of these window treatments at affordable prices.

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