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Five Reasons Plantation Shutters are the Ideal Window Treatment for French Doors

French Door Plantation Shutters

French Door Plantation Shutters – A Perfect Combination!

No other window treatment brings more elegance, functional, and aesthetic value to a structure than plantation shutters. One of the oldest ways of window dressing, plantation shutters have persevered and evolved with the times, and remain just as relevant and useful today as they used to be back when they first caught the world’s fancy! This timeless window treatment solution also happens to be the perfect answer to the dressing requirements of one of the most versatile and attractive elements of modern architecture – French doors.

French doors, with their fabulous glass and panel composition, constitute a hinged frame that holds one or more see-through panels made mostly of glass. French doors are usually installed as a set of two doors that open from the middle, acting as access point to patios and balconies or even to connect two rooms in the interior part of the house. They look stunning when used in rows of two or three or as a pair installed at right angles to one another in the corner of a room. While there are plenty of ways to incorporate the magical appeal of French doors in both the interiors and exteriors of your home, plantation shutters are simply the most sensible and wonderful way of dressing them up.


Five Ways Using French Door Plantation Shutters Improve Your Home and Lifestyle


  1. Using plantation shutters for French doors makes your place more energy efficient

French doors, by themselves, are a wonderful tool for comfort, the large glass panes letting in plenty of sunlight, allowing in heat during the cold season, helping improve air circulation and keeping the indoors cool during the summer. With plantation shutters installed, they turn into a greater, highly efficient instrument of energy conservation. The shutters can withstand harsh weather conditions and block airflow through the glass panes. The restricted air flow can significantly reduce heat transfer, minimizing the need for artificial heating or cooling apparatus to maintain a favorable indoor climate. In addition to enjoying comfortable temperature conditions without having to work for it, you also get to save money on potentially huge energy bills, especially if you live in regions that witness drastic climatic changes during the year. And since shutters can tilt open or hinge open fully, you can still get the light and airflow when desired.

Custom Plantation Shutters


  1. Use of French door plantation shutters promises better privacy and light control

French doors are ideal for spaces that require plenty of light and visibility beyond the doors. Custom plantation shutters are an amazing choice for areas that require a greater degree of light control. You can set these shutters up to let in light through desired portions of the door, say the upper half of the French door, and have more light in a chosen area of the room. Shutters can completely cover the doors, ensuring better privacy than most other window treatments so you can feel relaxed and safe from prying neighbors! Wooden shutters, functional as well as decorative, are an excellent choice for French doors. Make sure you look into them before making a final pick.

Plantation Shutters in Living Room


  1. Plantation shutters offer the level of stability and durability that French doors demand

In choosing French door plantation shutters, you are betting on a sturdy, built to last window treatment solution that’s going to serve you for years. The shutters are tailor-made to handle the swinging action of French doors—they’re mounted on the doors’ non-glass portion and remain fastened to the doors’ body as they’re swung open or closed. There’s no swaying away as in case of blinds or shades, no unsavory rattling sound arising from the material of the covering brushing against the doors. With the level of customization being offered by top window treatment companies today, you can easily get the exact fit to suit the structure and appearance of your French doors.

Layering Plantation Shutters with Curtains


  1. Plantation shutters have easy maintenance

Selecting plantation shutters for French doors saves you time, money and effort in more ways than one. Modern-day shutters are easier to care for and likely to last longer than those of the times past. These are made from easy to clean materials that don’t crack easy, peel or chip away until subjected to considerable neglect or mishandling. They don’t require undue maintenance or refinish, meaning a one-time investment can offer a lifetime of impeccable service.

Easy to Maintain Plantation Shutters


  1. Plantation shutters add beauty and monetary value to your place

French door plantation shutters are attractive, elegant and customizable and infuse more charm into your living space. You can use them as the foundation for the room’s décor or select shutters that complement the existing design and color scheme of your space—they’re bound to add more drama and intrigue to the scene in either way! These shutters, once installed, are a long-term and, in most cases, a permanent fixture of the house that will enhance the value and the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Whether it’s the sunroom, balcony or patio, using plantation shutters for French doors is a brilliant, beneficial decision. Just make sure you put ample thought into the style and material best suited for your place’s functionality and design requirements before getting them installed!

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