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Protect Your Furniture from Extreme Temperatures with These Window Blinds

French Door Blinds

French Door Blinds – Protect Your Furniture from Extreme Temperatures

A new morning has begun, glowing natural sunlight is falling on your windows, and fresh air is blowing in – what else do you need to keep your décor refreshing and astounding?

Well, while we appreciate the natural light coming into our home, it can actually damage or fade our existing décor and furniture. Most furniture damage is caused by excess heat and UV rays. That’s why one of the most common questions everyone will ask is, “How can we keep our furniture from fading in the sun?” Windows and doors are the main way of allowing those unwanted elements into your home. Interior specialists say that you should cover them to get the best protection. Window blinds and shades are the best solutions to prevent the rays coming through the windows.

People who are still deciding on purchasing new window blinds in order to keep their furniture protected from the harshness of sunlight, read on!

Everyone loves the summer. Extended periods of rains and winters without the sun coming up can put us in a gloomy mood. Sunshine brings hope and happiness into our home. However, is too much sun a bad thing? Ask people who stay in dry, arid and tropical regions. Too much tanning can lead to pigmentation, and in some cases, perpetual exposure to the sun may result in skin damage and even cancer.

Many furniture items, floorings, and carpets, when constantly exposed to the sun, can also become damaged, affecting their durability. We can avoid that by getting effective window treatments that would not just create a solid impression with their looks but would also be practical in their purpose.

Note – Keeping the temperature of the room constant (between 60 to 80 degrees) can protect the furniture from damage (to a degree). You can go for an air conditioner to maintain the ambiance, but it will cost you extra because of the increased energy bills. That’s why installing window treatments is the smarter decision which not only safeguards your home belongings but also lowers the energy bills of your home.

French Door Blinds

No two windows are alike, and people like to have them constructed according to their unique tastes and preferences. As a result, there are many unique types of windows, such as curved or arched windows, circular windows, square or rectangular windows, or bay windows. French door blinds are another popular choice for window spaces that also double up as doors, reducing the need for added construction.
For laymen, French doors or windows are a pair of glass panes that extend for most of the door’s length. Perfect for warmer days, they provide easy access to the patio or the balcony, putting you in direct contact with the outside without any obstructions.

A common problem with these doors is they allow large amounts of daylight and harmful UV-rays into your home, which can easily damage the furnishings and floorings. Covering them with the right solution is a smarter decision. Go for French door blinds that can safeguard your home interior from all the natural harshness, while improving your privacy and energy efficiency, and while adding to the aesthetic of your décor all in one. Wood blinds, faux wood blinds, cellular shades, roman shades, and aluminum blinds are the top five French door blinds which are not only versatile but can also be a game-changer when it comes to protecting your décor.
French Door Blinds

Things that Need Protecting from the Sun

The sun can have savage effects on the design of our home. Homeowners should understand what steps they can take in order to prevent their interiors from getting destroyed. Let’s look at the following:

1) The First Line of Defence
How about making a sort of arrangement where the sun doesn’t directly fall on the areas that need protection? What you can seek to do is place a traditional canopy with a sun-resistant fabric outside the window, or have a traditional awning set up directly above the porch. This will also enhance the curb appeal of your home. Try a UV-resistant window film that may prevent up to 75% of the damaging radiation to prevent fading up of furniture and carpets, before thinking of installing more substantial shades such as honeycomb blinds or roller shades on the windows.
2) Protecting Your Photographs and Paintings
If your beloved photographs or favorite painting of immense value is directly in the line of fire (quite literally), you may choose a framing glass that has a UV protection coating. Framing glass is for preserving the work of your favorite painting or image, and it is an investment worth making to keep that item protected and long-lasting.
3) Protecting Furniture and Floorings
Sun can make your furniture look faded and jaded, and lend dullness to a room. While solar shades can easily be set up to prevent that, you may also employ UV-resistant spray on fabrics that are non-solar. When you are moving in a new house or about to get a house totally refurbished, it’s better to have windows on walls that are non-sun-facing. You can also try re-staining old wood through a simple process that will help to reduce damage from UV rays.

Best Window Coverings to Protect Your Furniture

It’s always a good idea to research and go for window treatments that protect your furniture, floorings and paintings from fading. What you can do is choose from these five fantastic window treatments to make your job much easier.

1) Solar Shades
Solar or roller shades are a primary requirement for any home that faces hot and dry climate through the year or, at least, during summers. The best solar shades make use of a UV-resistant material that allows you to retain your outside view while protecting the harmful sunlight from passing through the window. Mount them inside for a sleek look, or go outside of the window frame to get the full coverage.
Solar Shades for French Doors
2) Honeycomb Shades
Whether you go for a single cell or double cell honeycomb shades, their honeycomb fabric ensures that only the good part of the sunlight passes through them when you’ve drawn them all the way down. Being water-resistant and easily manageable, they are sleek window treatments that deserve to be purchased by one and all. These shades can be mounted on any window which includes sliding glass doors, patio doors, and French doors.
3) Faux Wood or Wood Shutters
Both natural, as well as faux wood blinds, come from sturdy materials that help protect your homes from heat, light and noise. Their texture and construction give them a perfect run-down and raw appearance that puts you closer to nature than any other home decor. While wood shutters give you luxury and sophistication, faux wood shutters offer the same functionality at much lower prices. Whether they are installed in the direction of the sun or away from it, they do well enough to protect the indoors from fading due to UV exposure.
Wooden Plantation Shutters
4) Aluminum Blinds
Made from premium aluminum material, these beauties offer a minimally textured look, offering the home a contemporary look, while their thin slats ensure minimal light passes through due to leakage when they are shut. Aluminum blinds are one of the best-selling window treatments, because of their affordability, durability and functionality. These blinds are the number one product when it comes to French door blinds because of their incredible feasibility and versatility.
Aluminum Window Blinds
5) Traditional Velvet Curtains
Sometimes you can go back to the traditional window curtains with velvety options, offering close to 100% protection against sunlight whenever closed. Made of thicker and effective materials, they allow added protection against sound, heat and also offer privacy. However, they might be slightly difficult to maintain, even though they are of the utmost safe options for furniture and wall paintings where sunlight can fall during summers. Blackout window curtains are the best choice to go for that not only block out the light but also save energy by providing the highest level of insulation.
Velvet Curtains

Other Ways to Protect Furniture from Sun Damage

• Besides window blinds and curtains, you can install window films to protect your valuable belongings from sun damage. When windows are covered with the films, they obstruct 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet light and 97% of the infrared light, while letting a little bit of light pass through which means you enjoy the natural warmth and elegance of natural sunlight without any damage of your furniture.
• Use varnish and sealants to get the maximum protection for your furniture. They are easy to apply and provide protection against ultraviolet rays and heat.
• Change the position of the furniture. Windows confronting the west or east side tends to get more light, so its better not to keep any furniture or artwork beside those windows.


Whenever you are in a dilemma and can’t decide on the window treatments you want for your home, it’s always advisable to seek professional help from a designer or through online assistance. A proper amount of research always helps in times when you have multiple choices to go for.




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