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Four Unique and Unusual Blinds

4 Unique and Unusual Blinds

There is a very clear distinction that lies between a house and a home. The former is all about the technical details of layout, rooms, etc., whereas the latter is a feeling. After a long day or a bad week or even a good time, everyone wants to come back home. So, when it comes to decor and decorating, everyone strives their best to convert a house into a home, to invoke that feeling of comfort while still maintaining a stylish appeal. Every minor detail, every accent piece, furniture, and even placement contributes to this larger idea. This also includes window accents. Choosing the right window coverings for every room is an important task. It not only needs to match with the theme you’re trying to set up but also the atmosphere of the room. Living rooms, dining areas, kitchens, and studies are always encouraged to have window accents that will fill the space with ample light, whereas bedrooms or guestrooms are suggested to have a window treatment that can help reduce the amount of light that enters, based on need. But the one you choose is based also on the window you have.

Do Windows Come in Different Styles?

When it comes to home, everyone gets picky about every element from the beginning, this also includes the type of windows you have. When it comes to renting a new place, people may not have much control over being picky about the shape or size of the window, but for houses that are bought for the owners to stay themselves or just being constructed by scratch, window architecture is carefully thought of.

The style, shape, and size of a window can highlight the layout of an empty house and also inspire in terms of decoration and decor themes. Windows not only come in various shapes or sizes but also can be customized based on the frame you would like to have, the size of the glass panels, etc. Sometimes with all these options, it becomes difficult to select a window type that goes well with your overall theme. If you better understand the type of window you have, then it’ll be easier for you to choose the ideal window accents.

1) Bay Windows: These are windows that seem like an extension of the house, they curve outward all give you a nice spot for you to decorate so that you can kick back and enjoy the view.
Bay Windows
2) Casement Windows: With large glass panes and side hinges that pivot, these are windows that open outwards. They typically open up to offer more ventilation.
3) Single-Hung/Double Hung Windows: These are the most popular type of windows you’ll find in almost any house. The main difference between the two is that the former has only the lower sash that is movable and the latter has the lower and upper sash that is movable.
Double Hung Windows
4) Picture Window: Ever want to have a window that just lets you see outside clearly with no frames hindering your view? Picture windows are just that. They are large windows that do not open up but allow maximum sunlight to enter your space.
5) Jalousie Window: These windows display an extremely unique construction. They come with attached louvers so that you can maintain airflow as you please. These windows are recommended for homes that are located in regions with warm weather.
6) Slider Windows: These are windows constructed to make it easy for you to operate it. They can give you the ability to see the view you like as well as enjoy a well-ventilated space.

Are There Window Accents for Various Types of Windows?

When it comes to picking the right window accents for your space there are two broad factors to keep in mind. Firstly, you’ll have to consider the shape and size of your windows. Secondly, you’ll also have to consider your existing decor and theme before installing your shades. Here are some unusual blinds or window treatments you can pick from that’ll stand out in a crowd:

1) Palladian Shelves:
These shelves are a lovely way to make a subtle yet unforgettable statement in your space. They’re easy to attach to your uniquely shaped windows including arched and bay windows. This window treatment is easy to attach and maintain as well. Pick from an array of styles and finishes. Use them to divide a large window or an arched window so that you can properly dress the two halves.

2) Cellular Shades:
For places that are always cold, cellular shades are the best choices. Not only do they come in various styles and constructions, but they also feature a honeycomb structure that will help trap heat and insulate the space. Customize the shades to fit your window needs.
Cellular Shades for Arch Windows
3) Plantation Shutters:
With wide panels, these are ideal to give yourself extra flexibility when it comes to filtering in light that enters your space. These are shades that’ll give your space some traditional style and come in various sizes and patterns and more.
Shutters for Bay Windows
4) Vertical Blinds:
Are you looking for a unique yet innovative way to spruce up your space? Vertical blinds are a great way to introduce some minimalist style to your space. They’re extremely similar to horizontal blinds, the only difference is that the panels are vertically attached. They’re easy to maintain and great for formal settings.