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Uneasy About Ordering Blinds Online? Follow These Simple Steps

How to Order Blinds Online

Order Blinds Online – Follow These Simple Steps

A few decades back, the beginnings of the internet took the world by storm. Back then, we had no idea how much we would come to rely on the internet for our day-to-day routine. Nowadays, most people purchase almost everything online, be it grocery items like milk, eggs or bread, or furniture, home décor items, jewelry, consumer durables and many more.

However, when we order blinds online, we are always worried about the quality of the products. We are also worried whether it will match the color scheme of our existing furniture, décor and wall paint color.

More than anything else, we are worried if the products which we ordered will be delivered to us, or the people packing them will mix them up with someone else’s order. We are worried about the return policies, and refunds, and more. So before moving forward, it is important to do your research and due diligence when it comes to buying custom window blinds online.


Buy Discount Window Blinds Online – Try The Free Samples First

Since you are buying the product online, usually you are unable to get the actual look and feel of it until it is already in your hands. After reading numerous reviews, you may choose what you think is the perfect window blind, but after hanging it on your windows, you may end up being disappointed.

So the best thing to do before buying discount window blinds online is to ask for free sample so that you can get a sense of the quality of the material and match the colors to your decor.

Free Blinds and Shades Samples


Cheap Blinds Online From Reputable Companies

Another important measure you need to take while making your purchase is, choosing the right online store. Buying cheap blinds online becomes a cumbersome task if the online partner does not keep their promise.

Be it delivery, or be it any kind of after-delivery service, you’ll want the confidence that you’ll be taken care of if your product arrives damaged or if you need to address any warranty issues.

All the products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship by their respective manufacturers. ZebraBlinds will process the warranty claims and requests on behalf of the customers who have bought the products from We will be the liaison between the original manufacturer and the end-customer and help with a seamless claim. However, it’s important to note that the responsibility of warranty fulfillment is by the manufacturer.

 Cheap Blinds Online


Call Customer Service for Measurement and Product Information

Another worry which we all have is pertaining to the measurements of our windows and doors. We are worried whether we have taken the measurements correctly, and if the blinds we have bought will be a perfect fit or not.

We at ZebraBlinds understand that concern, and hence we have set up a great customer service team which is passionate about decorating your home, just the way you are. Our specialists do not just believe in giving the solution which you are looking for, they believe in going that extra mile for you.

So order blinds online without any worries, and leave the rest to us.

ZebraBlinds Customer Service


Discount Window Blinds Online – Check The Return Policy First

Buying cheap blinds online is a great idea and it will save a lot on your budget, but you should be aware of the return policies and warranties. What if the color starts fading after a few months of usage, what if the material starts bloating or chipping or gets damaged through normal use? You should be aware if the warranty covers it.

Discount window blinds online often have a no-return policy as it is a custom-made product. Hence we need to be extra-careful with measurements and colors chosen. After draping our windows with the newly bought custom window blinds online, if it does not suit the colors of our walls or other furniture, or if it looks too bright or too dull, you cannot return it as the item was specially custom made and cannot be resold through normal means. Hence, first trying out the sample pieces well will be a good idea.

Most of the window blinds and shades which we sell have limited manufacturer warranty for five years. Please check our website for details or call our support center for more information.

Exchange and Return Policy


Purchase Blinds Online – Know How To Measure And Install Before Buying

Before you decide to purchase blinds online, you should know how to measure the width and height of your windows so that there are no issues with the sizes. If you have any confusion, please check the instructions on our website, and if you still have questions, then please call our toll free number. Our friendly customer service representatives are truly passionate about decorating your home and will help you instantly.ZebraBlinds does not provide measuring services; however, we always are there to help the customers in the process of measurement. We also do not provide installation services, and the customers will have to take the responsibility themselves. We expect the customers to submit accurate measurements according to instructions provided for each product.

Measure and Install Blinds


Be Sure Before You Place The Order – Check Online Blinds Store Reviews

We will always suggest that you check the online blinds store reviews thoroughly, and join the communities to get a complete understanding about different stores before you spend your hard-earned money in buying window treatments online. Communities and review pages will give you an idea about the products and services of a particular company.

Online Blinds Store Reviews

In the end, we would recommend that before you purchase blinds online, compare a few different online retailers and get an idea about how to take the proper measurements. If you follow the proper steps of research the right product, ordering samples, and correctly measuring, then we assure that you will not regret your decision of buying cheap blinds online.

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