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Why You Need A Floating Header To Install Blinds For Your Arched Window

Floating Header To Install Blinds For Your Arched Window

Arched windows are one of the most beautiful window designs out there. Arched windows, also known as radius windows, are very similar to the Palladian window in their looks and function. They are versatile and help in adding soft curves to a room’s otherwise prominent vertical and horizontal lines. Half circle windows have been in fashion for a long time and they please both traditional and modern tastes. When the straight lines of the doors and other windows get boring, the arched windows add a layer of elegance and sophistication to the home.

But arched windows often add difficulty when you have to dress the window. One of the ways that you can successfully dress these windows is by installing a floating header. Using floating headers are a beautiful way to dress your odd-shaped windows. They provide great support to your mounted blinds irrespective of whether they are mounted above or below it. Most floating headers in the market are made from good quality materials and can help to provide a perfect look regardless of the traditional or modern styles you have used. If the arched windows are too large and seem overpowering, the floating headers will help in visually dividing the window. You can choose to install the blinds above the floating the header or below it.

Installation Floating Headers for Arched Windows

The floating header is usually used as an inside mount. To install the floating headers, all you need to do is follow the steps below.

• Look for the c shaped brackets in the package. You will have to install these on both sides of the casement.
• You can easily slide the bar on to the top prong due to the special design cut out at each end of the bar portion.
• Use the Tek screws to attach the bracket to the bottom of the bar.
• You will find the installation instructions with most products. For further clarification, you can choose to check out the instructions.
Installing Floating Header

How is the Window Covering Attached to the Floating Header?

• The window treatments of your choice would have come with sets of brackets. These can be used to attach the blinds to the floating header. Manufacturers of the floating header may also provide you with self-tapping screws that you can use.
• Try and install the window covering on the floating header before it is attached to the arched windows. This will help in reducing hard overhead work.
• You can choose one of two options while installing the window treatment to your floating header. If you install the dressing on the front of the bar, you will be able to hide the floating header from the insides of the home.

You can also choose to install the window dressing behind the floating header. This is usually done when the casement is very narrow. Only problem with this is that the floating header will extend far into the room and may not be very appealing. In such cases, you may just decorate it with wood trim or fabric.

Are there any restrictions when it comes to the kind of window covering that can be used with floating headers?
No, there are absolutely no restrictions on the kind of window coverings you can use with a floating header. You may use blinds, shades, curtains or any other kind of window dressings as you wish.

Do you need professional help to install the floating header?
No, you can easily follow the instructions given by the manufacturers to install the floating header for arched windows. But if you have restrictions on time, you can choose to get help from experts.
Blinds for Arch Windows

How to Measure the Arched Windows for the Installation of Floating Header?

Floating headers are usually made custom to fit the window. This is why it is very important to take the correct measurements. The method of taking measurements for the floating header is very different from how you do it for blinds.

• Measure at the point where the floating header has to be fixed.
• If the measurement is not a correct 1/8th, you may need to round it off to the closest to 1/16 of an inch.

Why do you need floating headers?
Floating headers are not the only way to install window dressings on an arched window. But, they surely are one of the most practical and the most beautiful. Here are some reasons why you need floating headers for your half circle windows.

• They are attractive
Floating headers for arched windows are very beautiful and breathtaking when installed correctly. They help to add a layer of sophistication to the room.

• They are very practical
Window dressings are important for many reasons like privacy, sunlight filtering and temperature control. When you use floating headers for your arched windows, you can be sure that the practicality of your window dressings are not lost all the while maintaining the beauty and luxury of arched windows.

• They help neutralize the largeness of the arched windows.
Sometimes, the arched windows are just too big and may look imposing. They may be so big that they actually overpower all the other beautiful elements you may have added to the room. Installing a floating header helps in cutting the arched window into two visually. This, in turn, helps in making the large arched window look less imposing and more attractive.

• Floating headers provide stability
Floating headers are stable and do not get damaged easily. This is especially true if you are going for heavy window dressings like curtains made out of heavy fabric. The sturdiness of the floating header makes sure that the window dressings stay put no matter what.

• You can fix the blinds both above or below the floating header
In most cases, the window dressing is attached to the bottom of the floating header. But sometimes, when privacy or light blocking becomes imperative, you can also choose to install blinds on the top of the floating header. You can also choose to do both.

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