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Five Window Shades That Go Both Up and Down

Five Window Shades That Go Both Up and Down

Choosing the right home decor can be a taxing job. The current world of window treatments provides a plethora of options that can leave you spoiled for choice. With picture-perfect Instagram accounts and Pinterest mood boards, you can gain inspiration from literally any part of the internet. But the lesser-known fact is that to gain those they depend heavily on the right angles or lighting. Lighting can play a very important role in the way your decor is heightened. Even in your home lighting can make and break the kind of ambiance or setting that you’re trying to create.

For that perfect lighting or to have your space covered in the lovely and comforting warm hue, is where window treatments come in. When the topic of window accents come in, two district accents that feature are drapery and blinds. For extra flexibility, blinds are always a preferred choice.

If you’re looking for cool ways to introduce blinds to your space the top-down-bottom-up slides are a great way to set up your space. Unlike other blinds and shutters, top-down bottom-up blinds come with their unique personality and functionality. They’re a great addition to various rooms too!
Top Down Bottom Up Blinds

Are There Blinds That Can be Opened from the Top and Bottom?

When it comes to picking blinds, shutters, and shades, it is important to know the various options that are present to pick from and the kind of functionality that you would like to have. It also boils down to the design as well. Would you like to introduce horizontal blinds with wide panels or would you like to introduce some clean vertical blinds? This depends on your needs. If you want some extra flexibility then top-down-bottom-up blinds are the ideal choice for you.

Top-down-bottom-up blinds are window treatments that are attached to your windows and can be opened from the top as well as bottom simultaneously. This allows the fabric to basically free float in the middle of the window, allowing you to cover any part of the window that you please.

These shades come with two different rails that have two different mechanisms. When you want to enjoy some sunlight while having privacy you can release the panels from the top, and when you’re hard at work and want to enjoy some light and a view through your window you can open the panels form the bottom. If you want to open both simultaneously the shades will remain suspended in the middle.

• The features of these blinds are made to optimize the amount of light you can let enter your space. In regular blinds, you’ll have to pull up the blinds if you want more light, whereas in these blinds you can either pull it from the top or bottom to maximize the amount of light that would enter your space.
• The second popular feature of these blinds is to provide ultimate privacy without the versatility of light. You can enjoy ample of sunlight from outside and still have your privacy by simply lowering the top panels, or a pulling up a bit of the bottom panels or using them simultaneously.
• These come in various designs and options you can pick from too! You can customize it based on how you would like to operate them, or even the design you would like them to come in too! Pick your favorite for your favorite spot.

Are There Different Types of Up and Down Window Shades?

When it comes to versatility, what could be better than gaining more versatility? Top-down-bottom-up blinds are known for their unique nature but they’re also available in different styles so that you can enjoy aesthetics just much as you can enjoy the function it provides. When it comes to top-down-bottom-up blinds you can enjoy them in three unique styles and two fundamentally different methods of operating them. They are as follows:

1) Top-down-bottom-up Cellular Shades:

Enjoy having a space that’s warm, cozy and toasty? That’s where cellular shades come into play. These are shades that display a unique construction that provides insulation by trapping in warm air and circulating it throughout your space. Depending on where you want to keep it you can choose between fabric that filters in light or completely blocks it out! Enjoy versatility in elegant style.
Top Down Bottom Up Roman Shades

2) Top-down-bottom-up Pleated Shades:

Looking for a great way to give your space that clean and crisp look? That’s where these blinds come into play. The best part about these blinds is that you can use them as semi sheers too! Introduce different liners to darken the room or space while giving your aesthetics a lovely touch up.
TDBU Pleated Shades

3) Top-down-bottom-up Roman Shades:

If you’re looking for ways to introduce some ageless beauty in your space, then roman shades are perfect for the job. Their minimalist design can uplift any space with each, plus their top-down-bottom-up functionality makes these shades a bonus.

4) Corded Top-down-bottom-up shades:

These are shades that feature two separate railings so that the panels on top can be pulled down and the panels on the bottom can be pulled up. For this mechanism, these blinds come with two cords. One cord is used to operate the top panels while the other cord is used to operate the bottom panels. This dual corded design makes it easy and efficient to use these blinds.

5) Cordless Top-down-bottom-up shades:

Cordless versions of these shades are operated by a simple push or pull on the top or bottom rails. This gives the shades a clean look as you see a suspended piece of fabric with no dangling lift cords off the side.