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Five Window Blinds That Go Up from The Bottom

5 Window Blinds That Go Up From The Bottom

Window treatments play two important roles – they help you adjust the amount of incoming light from outside, and also give your lovely window and window frame some added protection. You can choose from a wide variety of drapery, blinds, shades, and shutters. While drapery comes with the advantage of bold and colorful patterns, blinds, shades, and shutters provide more flexibility in the amount of natural light you would like in your space so you can soak up just the optimal amount of vitamin D. Blinds are super easy to use, long-lasting and will bring forward that clean and crisp look that you’re looking for.

What are Window Blinds that Go Up from the Bottom?

Looking for unique ways to give your room a unique touch? That’s where blinds come into the picture. When it comes to blinds, shutters, and shades, there are plenty of choices. Most people imagine blinds to be very simple and not being available in a variety which is not at all the case. Even blinds vary in the way they look, the material they are made of, how they operate, the size of their panels, etc. Blinds that are mounted at the top of your window opening, and are raised to stack or go up from the bottom are also popularly known as horizontal blinds.

Have you ever seen blinds with thick or thin panels that run from one side to another? Those are horizontal blinds. The major and distinguishing feature of these blinds is that the panels are structured horizontally. You can commonly see these blinds in various spaces like homes, hospitals, etc. These are simple most conventional types of blinds you can find in any space. They can be operated in many ways and are super easy to maintain.

When it comes to picking blinds especially horizontal blinds, you’ll have to take into account some factors as to what you would like in your blinds. Here are some features and characters of horizontal blinds that you can keep in mind so that you can buy the right blinds in style and functionality:

• Being blinds where the panels have to be pulled up, these are ideal when it comes to adjusting light and avoiding the unnecessary glare. These are perfect to bring comfort to your space.
• Too sunny outside? The UV rays fading the color of your ambiance? That’s where these blinds come into play. Just pull them down and enjoy as much shade and light as you please
• The biggest feature that horizontal blinds provide privacy when you want to enjoy some time at home uninterrupted just tug on the cord and pull down the panels and viola!
Roman Blinds

What are the Different Types of Horizontal Blinds Available?

Horizontal blinds are just a broad type of blind that’s available. When it comes to design, there are plenty of great options to pick from. Depending on the theme you’re trying to set, ambiance, or even the need of the hour, you can pick any design that suite you best. Some of the styles are as follows:

• Venetian Blinds:

Looking for a way to accent your rustic themed decor? Finding innovative ways to bring that classic, traditional or Victorian charm to your space. That’s where Venetian blinds come on the picture. These are horizontal blinds that come with wide slates fixed together with strings. When you want to pull them up the panels stack up neatly too. Just dust it regularly and you’re good to go!
Venetian Blinds

• Roller Blinds:

Looking for a fresh new look? Trying to steer away from the conventional panels the blinds come with? That’s where roller blinds come into play. These are blinds that come with fabric that is wrapped around a casing. As you tug on the cord, the fabric will roll down. With roller blinds, you have the extra advantage of choosing the fabric to completely block out like or filter in natural sun rays as much as you need.
Roller Blinds

• Cellular Shades:

Do you live in cold regions? Looking for energy-efficient ways to warm up your space? That’s where cellular shades come into the picture. These are blinds that feature a special honeycomb design that traps heat and insulates your space. All you need to do is fix these shades and have your space look and feel warm and comfortable.
Honeycomb Shades

• Roman Blinds:

Similar in style and functionality as Venetian blinds, these window coverings will never go out of style. Place them in your bedroom or living room space, watch it light up and accent the rest of the set -up. But ensure not to place them in high moisture spaces like the kitchen as these shades are susceptible to moisture!