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Finding the Right Solution for Your Over-sized Windows

Window Treatments for-Your-Over-Sized-Windows

Changing Perception of Your Windows

What is the first image that comes to mind when you talk about windows? The image usually comes to a standard size opening in one or two walls in a room adorned with draperies and shutters or blinds. This is a conventional image of windows that have become engraved in our minds. But like every other thing, windows, too, have evolved over the years. Windows can now be of any size, extending from the ceiling to the ground, from one corner to the other.

The Beauty and Dilemma of Large Windows

These large windows are fascinating. They give character to a room and add a whole new dimension. They have the ability to transform the entire look and feel of the house, as they present a stunning view of the outside world. There is an abundance of natural light which penetrates every nook and corner of the home. A bay window or a tall and wide window is a vast expanse of glass which, while being a stunner, has to be covered. These huge windows can make you feel exposed before the whole wide world. So, protecting your privacy can become a huge challenge. The rays of the sun streaming in is rejuvenating, but not at all times of the day. Those harsh rays can wreak havoc with your sleep schedule, your work, and can also damage or fade your furniture and belongings. While these windows can help you to add an extra zing to your home décor, you have to simultaneously start weighing your options for providing adequate window treatments and coverings.

It is important to understand that when it comes to dressing up windows, one size does not fit all! The growing popularity of these unusually shaped windows has brought forth the dilemma of dressing them up. An error in judgment while choosing window coverings for large windows could cause damage and bowing of the valances, or just not fit and cover the window properly. Window treatment manufacturers have recognized the problem and already have coverings suiting large windows in the market. The amount of creative expressions and options that we find today is quite unbelievable.
Roman Shades for Large Windows

Proposed Solutions for Oversized Window Dressings

The main challenge posed by oversized windows is undoubtedly height. They pose accessibility issues. And the bigger challenge is perhaps trying to accentuate the aesthetic aspects of tall windows without compromising on providing energy, light control and privacy as also finding a treatment that will not make raising or lowering of blinds and shades a burden for the users. Let us look at some of the best solutions available in the market for large windows.

Continuous Cord Loop

Blinds and shades that come paired with continuous cord loop lift system work brilliantly for big windows. The built-in lift mechanism allows easy raising and lowering of the big coverings. It eliminates the possibility of problems like one side getting lowered or raised faster than the other side.

Multiple Blinds on One Headrail

It is always recommended to have one headrail with multiple blinds for wide and large windows. Though sharing the same headrail, each of these blinds can be operated individually. This means that the whole blind need not be raised or lowered at the same time.

Light Materials

It is always a good idea to choose lighter materials for oversized window coverings as compared to heavier ones. Because of less weight, these blinds can be used smoothly and effortlessly. Some of the light materials that can be used for blinds and shades are real wood blinds, cellular honeycomb shades, and sheer shades. It is important for the coverings to look nice and smart, but not at the cost of functionality and practicality.
Cellular Shades have light filtering fabrics coupled with a motorized lift system. They are highly customizable.
Roller Shades come with a variety of light control and lift options. When you raise them, they virtually disappear, thus preserving your view.

Solar Shades are durable and lightweight with lots of lift options.

Roller Shades for Large Windows
Roman Shades

Roman shades work beautifully for tall windows. They give a tailored look and the feel of drapery or curtains.

Solar Shades for Window Walls

Window walls are a beautiful addition to your rooms, whether it is a sunroom or a penthouse. They add a dimension of space in the rooms that is extremely appealing and breathtaking. But to find the right covering solution for them could pose a difficulty. For such windows, the best option is a solar shade. The vinyl mesh material adds an element of openness. They cut out the glare without blocking the amazing view of the outdoors.
Solar Shades for Large Windows
Covering Wide Windows

Covering wide windows can be as tricky as finding a dressing for tall windows. Patio doors or panoramic windows also pose a challenge. Let us take a look at the probable ways we can cover them up.
Sliding Panels are available in multiple patterns and designs, boasting of smooth operation with a sleek and modern look. They are space-saving as well.

Vertical Blinds offers a simple solution with uniform appearance. It suits patios or sliding glass doors best.
High-quality, light-weight draperies also provide a viable option for covering wide windows. You can choose to add a lining to allow better light control.
Vertical Blinds for Wide Windows
Tall and wide windows are extremely liberating and appealing. Finding the right window treatment for these windows can be a challenging, but not impossible, task. When designing your homes, do not forego the idea of including a large window. You have ample options at your disposal for dressing them up. It is just a matter of finding and picking the right treatment for your dream window.

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