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Why Faux Wood Vertical Blinds Are Unique Window Treatments Perfect for a Contemporary Look?

Faux Wood Vertical Blinds

Why Faux Wood Vertical Blinds Are Perfect for a Contemporary Look?


A good conversation starter when you have your friends over for supper over the weekend might be window treatments. Why not? They have become one of the primary home décor options that can make or break the appearance of a room. These days, a lot of people find spending a substantial amount on window coverings a reasonable option because they provide a lot of much-needed features, and better looking they are, the more beautiful and appealing your interiors look.

There are multiple window coverings in the market, and each of them comes with its own set of benefits. While the solar blinds are known to increase energy efficiency with their translucent materials and save the home from heating up during summers, blackout and room curtains are meant to maintain privacy and block out the harsh sun rays. Roman blinds are known for the old world charm they bring to a modern setting, and honeycomb shades provide a minimally textured look to your home while being amazingly cost-effective and highly efficient at the same time.

Faux wood blinds and shutters are also one of the most popular window treatments that continue to catch the fancy of home décor enthusiasts — customers and critics alike. In this section, we see why faux wood vertical blinds are ubiquitous window dressing ideas that can be installed in any kind of room.


Faux Wood Vertical Blinds

Horizontal faux wood shutters are pretty common window treatments that are found in many homes owing to their popularity. However, vertical faux wood shades, though not a rarity, are blinds that not many people are aware of. They give the impression of a finely crafted textured appearance, amplifying the appearance of narrow, wide and tall windows. The alternating panels of thick material which gives the appearance of real wood are meant to be a visual show-stealer, threatening to drown out the other important aspects of the room.

Faux wood vanes are generally preferred over their wooden counterparts because of many reasons. For one, they cost way less than wood blinds, and have all the features that make wood blinds popular. When shut, they can serve as great heat blockers and can protect you completely from the sun even in the harshest summers. During winters, they prevent cold wind from entering inside and help maintain the room temperature. They are also great at moisture control and resistance and can be easily used in water-prone areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Even though horizontal faux wood blinds can be easily cleaned by a cloth or a duster, having vertical blinds can be advantageous in that their shape doesn’t allow for dust to settle on them. Their design allows them to be used on sliding doors or oversized windows


Faux Wood vs Real Wood Blinds

Both wood and faux wood blinds are smart choices for any home, promising not just fantastic features a glamorous touch to even somber and ordinary interiors. The textured and unique appearance makes them appeal to even the harshest critic. They also come in a variety of different colors to choose from: from ivory white to plum, gray and yellow with a raw look complementing them.

Faux Wood Vertical Blinds

Faux wood blinds are made of a composite wood material or PVC. The superior quality of these materials makes them crack and warp-resistant, making them extremely durable and lasting for years to come. They are cheaper yet heavier in comparison to their wooden counterparts and may be slightly complicated to install on high windows.

Wood blinds are the real deal. Made of real wood, they are expensive and a luxurious option to go for people who like to show off their wealth through home decor. Despite their great looks and effectiveness in light filtering and heat blocking, they are more sensitive window treatments than faux wood blinds. They need proper care and attention, and so they must be kept away from water or from being set up in bathrooms.


Advantages of Faux Wood Vertical Blinds

To sum up, here are the main advantages of having faux wood vertical blinds

  • Inexpensive: Cost-effectiveness is one of their highlights. Being made of PVC and composite wood material that comes at reasonable prices, they are affordable which give the impression of being luxurious.

  • Heat and Light Control: While the spaces between the slats allow for exposure to sunlight during the day, shutting them will provide the necessary privacy and keeping the home cozy and cool. These are the prime benefits of faux wood vertical blinds.

  • Attractiveness: Who wouldn’t want to miss out these window treatments that carry a personality of their own. Have them set up to show off your exquisite taste in aesthetics.

  • Dust Doesn’t Settle: As these blinds are vertical in shape, they do not allow the dust to settle on them, which makes cleaning them an easy and convenient exercise.

To sum up, you should not compromise on getting the best window treatments at reasonable costs. Faux wood vertical blinds come with a myriad of features and benefits to put an end to your dilemmas. As they can be customized easily, you can contact your manufacturer and have a professional sent over to your place to note the window dimensions and your choice of colors. Then be prepared to give your windows a solid and excellent makeover.

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