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Fall is here! And while we’re caught up in the excitement that comes with changing seasons, let’s make sure that we keep our homes warm during these colder months. What most people don’t realize is that insulation is as crucial during the summer months as during the winter months. Window treatments become an extremely important way to keep your home warm – and to add a dash of stunning color to your windows.

You might have a long list of things to buy between now and the end of the year. If you haven’t already, add window treatments to that list for something that will make your home look beautiful and feel warm and inviting.

There are three attributes you need to consider when you are looking for blinds that are suitable for the fall:

Energy efficiency
Energy efficient homes are built carefully with thicker walls and higher insulation levels to reduce energy usage for heating and cooling purposes, but all homes have windows that leak heat. The best way to reduce this heat loss (or gain) is installing energy efficient window treatments. They act as good insulators, slowing down the escape of warm air and keeping your home comfortable.
Insulation protects something by surrounding it with material that reduces or prevents the transmission of cold, sound, or heat. Proper insulation makes your home warm during winters and cold during the summers.
Cellular shades are excellent insulating blinds and can help to reduce your energy bills by keeping your home safe from extreme weather conditions. Even when the weather is too cold or hot outside, these insulating cellular shades keep the room more comfortable for you by resisting the outside weather and maintaining room temperature.

What is R-value?
R-value refers to the resistance of a window to heat conduction. Shades with a higher R-value are better at keeping the room warm during cold weather. R-value depends on the type of insulation material, its density, and thickness.

Aluminium blinds

Aluminum blinds are light, strong, easy to clean, and affordable.Aluminum blinds are considered as one of the choices for the window treatments for the season of fall as they are good for blocking heat from the sun in the summer, but can still let cold air through in the winter.
They are perfect for controlling light and are a modern classic with their sleek uncluttered easy to use design.

Faux wood blinds

Faux wood blinds are also a good choice for the fall season as the changes in humidity usually have no effect whatsoever to faux wood blinds. Given their high resistance to humidity and heat, faux wood blinds last for a longer time than wood blinds.These blinds are good at blocking the direct heat from the sun.

Cellular shades
Cellular or honeycomb shades are your best bet for efficient window treatments They are the workhorse of window treatments, offering privacy, insulation, and light control for any window.
The more cells a honeycomb shade has the better insulation it will provide. A double cell shade will provide better insulation than a single cell shade.

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