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The Brighton Platinum 4250 fabric Vertical blinds from Graber completed the look of my living room. Otherwise a dark room, however bright the sun shone, just a few stray rays would manage to sneak in. Suited me well for the summer, not for the winter though. I would stay away from the drapes or curtains that would only darken the room further. The blue sheers would have softened my décor, always my favorite for the summer. At 75, I was done with all that decorating now. Being empty nesters and moving into a smaller apartment was the best decision Franco and I ever made. I would not bother too much over major housekeeping chores now, when my bones ache and creak. Doing all the things that I wanted to do when I was younger is what I would love to do. Accepting my limitations and aging gracefully was another. Thankful for my good sight, and with plenty of gratitude, I could still knit, crochet, quilt, and embroider while I chatted with my group of needle women and gossiped over the hours.
These 3.5-inch Fabric Vertical Blinds on the French windows complemented the rest of the blues and whites I have collected over the years. I would have taken years to decide on this metamorphosis, had it not been for Jamie. An easy access to helped me to complete that purchase in no time.




Fabric was the word I loved. The vinyl and metal ones looked too industrial for my home, more like a caged up bird. I loved the feel and texture of the fabric that the patient dealer pulled out of her catalogue. An array of hues ranging from Bright White to the Tahiti Weave and the London Weave. The Phifer 2390 Charcoal would have been just right for a sunny room. The thick polyester fabric retained that drape like effect on my windows. It was just that there was that no fuss and no frills look about them. A neat, contemporary, sleek finish, minimalistic in its design. There is a choice you can make to suit your purpose right from sheer and light filtering to room darkening. The free hanging fabric louvres can be fitted with weights at their bottom end for a neat finish and an optional chain and clips at the bottom edge of the louvres keeps them in check on breezy days.
Still keeping that drapery effect in my mind. I requested for the Channel Panels. Each louvre was provided with an opaque vinyl channel. It was an additional control over our privacy, especially at night. Nosy neighbors would not peer in and I would stop being curious too. There is a guarantee against them yellowing over time too.



3.5-inches-Fabric-Vertical-Blinds -


Graber’s G-71 SuperVue Headrail of heavy duty anodized Aluminum is a top of the line feature of these blinds. It has a patented pantograph traversing system to assure proportional spacing of louvres when closed.
Ball bearing pulley in the control mechanism and self- lubricating wheels on every carriage allows for smooth traversing louvres.
The central positioning of the carrier stems of each louvre makes for a reversible Headrail.
E-Z open, available only on G-71 Headrail automatically rotates the louvres when the control cord is pulled to help the blind close or open. It has a cord equipped with a cord weight and cord clip that is positioned right above the cord weight and anchored to the wall or window jamb.
The Headrail has a fully enclosed drive end cap at one end and a flush end cap on the other end for a secure fit finish.





This anodized Aluminum Headrail system traverses louvres smoothly through the consecutive action of stainless steel pick up tails. The UltraVue carriers are wheeled for smooth traversing and self- aligning.




It traverses louvres smoothly with a thermoplastic strap system. The DuraVue steel Headrail is offered in an ivory painted finish. DuraVue carriers are wheeled for smooth traversing of louvres.
The design of all grabber Headrails enables a reversible installation providing versatile placement of controls on either the left or right side.




While the chained continuous loop helps in the rotation of the louvres, the cord control is used for the louvre transverse.
The Rotational control consists of a beaded chain and a dual Rack and Pinion Gear system providing 180 degrees rotation directly.




The stacking option is useful when louvres have to be moved away from the control ends for cleaning.
If the louvres have a split stack, the controls are on the left of the blinds. Right controls are also available as an option.
If the louvres stack on the left, the controls are on the same side of the stack.
A Right side stack has controls on the same side too.
There is a stack option of louvres on the side opposite to the controls.




All fabrics used for Graber’s Fabric Vertical blinds are OEK-TEX certified. This assures us that the high quality of fabric used is halogen free, lead and allergenic dye free.
A Green Guard certification ensures a healthy indoor air quality by emitting fewer chemical particles.
This product has also passed through the NFPA 701 Flame Resistance test to give complete safety from fire.
The cleaning instructions do not ask for any vigorous cleaning methods. A regular vacuuming with the brush attachment will keep dust from piling up. Any spots or stains can be removed using warm soapy water and a light rubbing and when I can convince Jamie to spare me some of his free time, the louvres can be detached from the headrail and given a gentle rinse in a warm soapy solution.




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