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Winter is Coming – Warm Yourself with our Fabric Roman Shades

Warm-Yourself-With-Our-Fabric-Roman-Shades -

Roman shades are a type of window covering used to block out the sun. Roman shades come in a variety of fabric and color options with designs that make it easy to convert any space into a comfortable part of your home.

Beautiful Fabric Roman Shades for Your Windows

You can opt for a more simpler look with these shades, or you can go for a fancy design to add an elegant touch to your windows.

These shades offer functionality and enhance the attractiveness of your windows. Roman shades are also easy to operate and install, and that makes them an easy choice.
Roman shades are not the same as blinds. They do not tilt. They do stack like blinds

Roman shades offer many benefits. They have a continuous flowing piece of fabric that creates a flawless look and provides privacy, making a roman shade an ideal choice for many rooms, such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Play with Colors

Colorful-Roman-Shades -

As roman shades come in wide variety of fabrics and colors, you can choose the best one for your window treatments to match your wall. This creates a pleasing aesthetic and makes your home more pleasing.

Insulate Your Home with These Window Treatments

Roman shades also come in a wide variety of styles. Roman shades give you a wide variety of light control, from light filtering to blackout liners. When privacy and light control are required, a roman shade will take care of those needs and add glamour and softness to your room. These shades can also provide insulation from cold and heat with thermal liners, reducing your energy bills.

Custom Made Roman Shades

Custom-Made-Roman-Shades -

You can have the customized roman shades created for your unusually shaped window or pick a fabric roman shade in implicitly any color or pattern. If you customize your window treatments you get exactly what you want.Customize your shade to fit the exact width and height of your window, and choose fabrics to give you the amount of light control and privacy you need. With the proper custom window treatment, your home will look great from the inside and the outside.

Motorized Roman Shades

Motorized-Roman-Shades -

Do you have a tall window that is difficult to reach or operate? Windows in hard-to-reach locations are the ideal for motorized blinds and shades. Use a remote to adjust your shades to the desired height without any need for a step ladder or other tool.
Motorized shades offer you the convenience to operate the shade with the press of a button.
They can completely be raised or lowered using your remote control device. If you have young children at home and you are worried about their safety, choose cordless or motorized roman shades for enhanced safety. With no cords, there is no risk of strangulation due to dangling blind cords in homes with pets and kids.

Safety with Smart Motorized Roman Shades

Safety-With-Motorized-Roman-Shades -

When window cords are within reach for small children, these supposedly harmless products may become hazards. There have been more than 500 reported occurrences of children having harmful or fatal encounters with corded blinds in the last few decades. Smart motorized roman shades help remove or limit choking hazards from your windows, making them much safer for homes with kids and pets. Smart motorized window treatments can be operated by your smart devices.They provide convenience besides safety. Choose smart motorized window treatments especially in the bedrooms of your children. Cordless products contribute greater peace of mind.

Custom Drapery Valances and Fabric Cornice Boards

Custom-Drapery-Valances-and-Fabric-Cornice-Boards -

You can upgrade the beauty of your roman shades with custom drapery valances and fabric cornice boards. A valance hangs over the top of the window, constantly covering the upper one-third to one-fourth of the glass. A cornice refers to the overhead decoration of a window.
Valances and cornices are the perfect solutions for a window that needs just a small aesthetic touch. Roman shades with custom drapery valances make a great combination.

Give your windows a sleek and sophisticated look with roman shades and complement them with the right valances and cornice boards. Shop for a wide variety of roman shades and beautiful custom drapery valances and fabric cornice boards today at

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