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Best Ways To Dress Up The Wide Windows In Your Home

Extra Wide Window Treatments

Importance of Windows & Wide Large Windows

Have you ever imagined your life in a house with no windows? The very thought of being cooped up in a restricted space with no outlets is nothing less than a horror story. You will feel trapped, claustrophobic, cut off from the world and deprived of light and air. It is something we even shudder to imagine. The windows are thus, the most important and integral part of our homes. They fill our homes and lives with light and joy and much-needed sunshine. They allow us to look out and enjoy the beauty of nature. They are our only source of communication with the outside world when we close the doors behind us each day. Windows are perhaps the most taken for granted aspects of our homes. It is time to pause and take care of these windows and do what is best for them. And if you have lrge wide windows adorning your walls, you are extremely fortunate and they must be given due treatment to make them functional and aesthetically more beautiful.

Large, wide, Palladian windows make a great addition to your homes and can easily become the focal point of your home decor if they are treated well. Spread across a large part of a wall, these walls, while being gorgeous, can also pose several challenges. They expose your homes to excessive sunlight and UV rays. They can jeopardize the privacy and security of your homes as they reveal large parts of your house to the outsiders. They can cause immense energy loss during winter and summer. The excessive glares of the sun and UV rays can cause irritation to your eyes, affect your health and even your furnishings. While natural light is welcome, there is a need to filter and diffuse the light to reduce their harshness and also block them out as and when needed. Large wide windows may be challenging to have but they are not tough to dress.

Types of Window Treatments for Wide and Large Windows

There are ample options in the market today that help to address your concerns. So, as a proud homeowner, it is your task to find the right window treatment solution for your gorgeous big windows and give them the pampering they deserve while making your life comfortable. Let us help you in your endeavor.

Curtains and Drapes

Irrespective of the size of your windows, you will find a constant companion in drapes and curtains. They can be customized to fit any size and shape. All you need is correct measurements to ensure that the fabric can comfortably cover the entire window. Any curtain that falls short of the window size looks poorly and shabby. You can choose from a wide range of colors, designs and textures to suit your room decor. For wide windows, you could also settle for sheer curtains. Lightweight and made of fine and delicate materials like lace or net, they can make your rooms look larger and more spacious. Hang them high to create an illusion of height. For greater privacy and light control you could layer these with dark-colored drapes or blinds.
If you want light block or better insulation you could opt for drapes with blackout linings or insulated fabrics.

Sheer Curtains For Your Wide Windows

If you have a window running through the entire wall, or if you have a number of windows installed together, sheers are your thing. As their name suggests, they are lightweight translucent curtains that allow soft light to enter your home during the days and provide you a nice amount of privacy during the nights. In addition to this, their light colors make the room look more spacious and airy. Install lightweight panels between the combination of your windows to create an illusion of a single-window without any break. Install sheers all over your windows and hang the rod wider than the ends to create an impression of wall-to-wall curtains. If you are looking for some privacy, use the sheers in combination with cellular shades or roller blinds and enjoy a royal look.

Roman Shades 

Fabric Roman Shades - Extra Wide Window Treatments

Roman shades are available in a variety of fabrics, patterns, and colors in the market. They make a gorgeous covering for your wide and large windows. Made of fabric they add warmth and grace to the windows. They can be hung over individual panels of glass or across multiple windows. You can hang the shades a little higher up to add height to your windows. As these are made of fabric you can opt for different textures and patterns to add elegance to your rooms. Small prints, stripes, checks, solid colors all look gorgeous depending upon the need of your room. Take measurements correctly so that they provide sufficient coverage to the windows. Roman shades on wide windows can be difficult to operate and that’s why now, they are available in motorized function which lets you access the shades using a remote button or Smartphone from anywhere in your room. Customize the shades accurately to maximize the look of the windows while enhancing the functional benefits.

Shutter It Up

Custom Plantation Shutters

If the widest window in your house faces direct sunlight, then shutters are an ideal window treatment for you.They can help you control all the unnecessary sunlight from entering your home and heating it up. They can add a considerable amount of aesthetic value to your room and make them look timeless, sophisticated and graceful. Adjusting the louvers will create the perfect balance between natural light and privacy. Customize the shades with various hue choices to create the refined look..

Solar Shades For Wide Windows

Solar Shades For Wide Windows - Large Window Treatment Ideas

To pamper your XL windows, you can install good quality solar shades and lower them to enjoy light control without losing the outside view. Solar shades provide a good amount of glare reduction and UV protection but do not provide privacy at night time. Install solars on your windows to cut down the extra sunlight and protect your furniture from being faded.

Roller Shades

Roller Shades are another great choice for your beautiful windows. They offer an uncluttered and straight look to the windows. They work beautifully for contemporary homes. You could opt for Solar Shades if you have sun-facing windows. They come in fabrics with different percentages of openness depending upon your need for light and privacy. They do an excellent job of blocking out UV rays and the irritating glares of the sun. Dual Roller Blackout Shades are fantastic as they come with dual fabrics. A sheer zebra shade in the front for light filtration and a rear blackout shade for light blockage and privacy. They make your wide windows extremely functional and versatile.
Blackout Roller Shades with Google Home

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a great choice for large and big windows and doors. They open sideways and are best suited for larger windows. You can choose from a wide variety of vertical blinds like PVC, fabric, wood and aluminum depending upon the look you want to create and functionality. Wood vertical blinds offer great insulation and also offer a regal look to the surroundings. PVC and aluminum vertical blinds are sturdy, durable and long-lasting solutions. Fabric vertical blinds have immense appeal irrespective of the room decor.

You could also opt for a combination of window treatments like roller shades and drapes or curtains and vertical blinds. They lend beauty and an understated appeal along with increased functionality. For shades and blinds, we suggest a motorized function for smooth and hassle-free operation. As these windows are large and wide they may be difficult to operate manually and could be quite cumbersome. Get remotes to do the work for you as you sit back and enjoy the view.

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