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Best Ways To Dress Up The Wide Windows In Your Home

Extra Wide Window Treatments

Dress Up Your Wide Windows with These Extra Wide Window Treatments


An extension of our inner selves, your home is the only place you look forward to after that exhausting day, isn’t it?

To make our home more presentable to ourselves and to our guests and family, we put all the efforts in decorating our home sweet home but forget to give the windows the importance they deserve. If dressed correctly, windows can do wonders for you. They can help you let that amazing weather in whenever you want and can help you block the harmful UV radiations out whenever you feel like.

Extra Wide Window Treatments

Larger windows are even more helpful, but when it comes to choosing their window coverings, it can become a difficult task. On one hand, wide windows are the center of attraction wherever they are installed, and on the other, it is extremely tiring to find perfect window coverings for them. To help you pamper your windows, we have a list of Extra Wide Window Treatments ideas, which you can use to embellish your wide windows and make them work in your favor.

First things first, to choose the right window coverings, you have to list out all the utilities you are looking for in your window coverings. Once you are clear about your requirements, it will be extremely easy for you to go for the right choice. From insulation to privacy control, make a list of all the utilities and read through this blog. Once you reach the end, you will have all your dilemmas sorted out.

Window Coverings For Large Windows

Sheer Curtains For Your Wide Windows

Sheer Curtains For Your Wide Windows

If you have a window running through the entire wall, or if you have a number of windows installed together, sheers are your thing. As their name suggests, they are lightweight translucent curtains which allow a soft light to enter your home during the days and provide you a nice amount of privacy during the nights. In addition to this, their light colors make the room look more spacious and airy. Install lightweight panels between the combination of your windows to create an illusion of a single window without any break. Install sheers all over your windows and hang the rod wider than the ends to create an impression of wall-to-wall curtains. If you are looking for some privacy, use the sheers in combination with cellular shades or roller blinds and enjoy a royal look.

You can also pick thick velvet draperies to make the entire window frame look more graceful and elegant. Pair your white color sheers with steal grey draperies and make that wall of windows the center of attraction in your room. Savor the compliments and well, thank us later for these extra wide window treatments ideas.

Valances And Cornices For Your Large Windows

Valances And Cornices For Your Large Windows

If your window opens to a beautiful view outside, valances can make the entire frame look much more beautiful than it already appears. Create an interesting backdrop by exposing the entire window and the outside view by installing patterned valances on the top of your window. Mount your valances closer to the ceiling to create an impression of a tall window.

If you want to add some privacy, couple up your valances with a blind or a shade installed underneath. This will make the entire window frame look clean and clutter-free.

For a budget-friendly option, you can choose a bright colored cornice which complements your interior. Since a cornice doesn’t demand too much, you can get a custom made cornice on a low budget. Add interesting accessories and choose the shape which goes with your frame. Similar to valances, they can help you cover your windows within budget.

Roman Shades In Combinations

Fabric Roman Shades - Extra Wide Window Treatments

Roman shades are available in a variety of fabrics, patterns, and colors in the market. They can provide you privacy and light control along with commendable coverage. If you have a combination of windows installed together, you can choose a simple pattern and combine numerous roman shades together to give it a patterned look. This will make it look like a single shade with considerable length. With no breaks and cracks in between, the entire window frame will look streamlined and classy. If your windows are low, install your roman shades higher enough to create an illusion of a longer window. If you are going for a custom made roman shades for your large windows, then don’t forget to include the extra measurements in order to have enough fabric to cover the gap between the ceiling and window frame at the top.

Shutter It Up

Custom Plantation Shutters

If the widest window in your house faces direct sunlight, then shutters are an ideal window treatment for you. They can help you control all the unrequired sunlight from entering your home and heating it up. With a manor like a feel, they can add a considerable amount of aesthetic value to your room and make them look timeless, sophisticated and graceful. For wide windows, shutters are our personal favorite. You can browse through and have a look at the variety of shutters available with us. Order your favorite ones and enjoy free home delivery.

Solar Shades For Wide Windows

Solar Shades For Wide Windows - Large Window Treatment Ideas

To pamper your XL windows, you can install good quality solar shades and lower them to enjoy light control without losing the outside view. Solar shades provide a good amount of glare reduction and UV protection but do not provide privacy at night time. Install solars on your windows to cut down the extra sunlight and protect your furniture from being faded.

For more questions, you can email us or call us at our toll-free number. We are available to help you choose the ideal window treatments for your home. You can also browse through and order your free samples.

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