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Top 5 Window Covers Designed For Wide Windows

Extra Wide Window Blinds

5 Hacks For Dressing Up Your Jumbo Windows with Extra Wide Window Blinds


Windows connect our homes to the outside world. And the love for windows is best known to people living in the houses facing beautiful scenery. After all, what is better than grabbing a cup of hot cocoa with your favorite book and sitting on your large window seat for hours. Be it the breeze or the daily hullabaloo, a house is not possible without windows. And obviously, the bigger your window, the more connected you are to the outside world. But well, let’s face it, it is a major challenge to decorate extra wide windows. To save you the trouble, we have jotted down some of the most amazing window treatments for large windows. The correct window covering can save you money, time and effort. Investing in a good quality, the well-thought-out window treatment can add personality and utility to your room. It can provide you a complete look with hustle free operation.


Extra Wide Window Blinds – Things To Remember Before Investing in a Large Window Covering


Unfortunately, XL window treatments aren’t available in a large variety of fabrics, but correct research can fetch you a good enough window covering in an affordable price. That said, the wrong choice can defeat all the major purposes of a window covering and turn your house into a greenhouse if you live in extreme weather conditions. To save you from all these consequences, we have prepared some sure shot formulas for you.


Window Treatments for Large Windows


Extra Wide Window Blinds - Cellular Honeycomb Shades


  • Shades for Jumbo Windows

Extra wide windows can be beautifully covered with shades. Assemble a grid of shades on your wide window and align them according to the width of the window. In addition to the alignment, make sure you choose a group of cord-free window shades for a seamless and neat look. To make it convenient, try modern age shades with motorized technology and enjoy their convenient adjustability. You can also get your window shades customized according to the size of your jumbo window. When dressing your windows in multiple shades, make sure you don’t choose a very heavy fabric. For XL size windows, the safest bet lies in choosing Roller or Solar shades, or cellular shades. If your windows face direct sunlight, top your coverings with a room darkening liner because well, the light entering your room is directly proportional to the window size.

  • Extra wide window blinds


Cordless 2-inch Faux Wood Blinds


Extra wide window blinds can give you a lot of utility with panache. Before you make the decision and hit the purchase button, look at the window location. If your window faces a busy street, then go for a pair of Venetian blinds which can provide you with both privacy and style. On the other hand, if your window opens to a beautiful valley, then get a pair of wooden blinds customized according to the window size. Also, if your window is near the kitchen or in the bathroom, then it is better to stay away from the wood. The safest bet in such cases is faux wood blinds. They are PVC based window treatments which are moisture resistant. Meant for rough and tough use, they are worth every penny you plan to invest. The wider slat blinds such as the cordless 2-inch faux wood blinds are a win-win when it comes to huge windows. They can make cleaning and operation easier and at the same time enhance the look of your windows.

  • Embracing Pastels

If you are a craver of simplicity, go for power shades and pastel hues to decorate the widest window in your house. The bigger the window, the more attention it grabs. To play safe, use creme shades like greys and off-whites and install a pair of sheer shades with pastel valances.

  • Using Multiple Shades

For those who have wider as well as longer windows, installing a number of small shades all across the window can work really well. With a complete and connective appearance, it gives a very fuller look to the window. To use multiple shades, pick a window covering which is easy to maintain and graceful to look at. Make sure you choose the fabric correctly because a wrong pick can make the entire look go fussy. Execute this idea with a group of roller shades and make the most of your big window.

  • Playing with the Big Canvas

Pair up a couple of window treatments and create an interesting look as per your interiors. To decorate your jumbo window, you can couple up sheer curtains with velvet drapes and valances. A pair of silk drapes with a simple metallic rod can do wonders for your living room. Combine some of the most soothing earthen shades and make your window grab all the attention in the room. If the interiors in your room are in wooden textures, couple up wooden blinds with sheer shades and give your room a manor like feel. Also, extra wide window blinds can be combined with dark window films to play a safer bet.


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