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Extra Wide Outdoor Roller Shades for Your Deck

Extra-Wide Outdoor Roller Shades

Protect Your Deck with Extra Wide Outdoor Roller Shades

Summer is quickly approaching, and it is the time of the year that we love to spend most of the time outdoors doing various activities. There is plenty to do from barbequing your favorite food to partying with your friends and family. Sounds good, right? But the harsh sunlight can actually become an issue when trying to spend time outdoors. You need to be ready before you can plan your next summer bash.

A deck offers ultimate comfort and serenity outside, giving you access to connect with the beautiful nature. Maintain this throughout the year by decorating this space in a proper way. There are various ways to decorate the deck to bring interest but if you are looking for sun protection, then window shades and blinds are the answer. Uniquely designed extra wide motorized outdoor shades are an elegant and sophisticated addition that will keep you protected against harsh wind and the blazing hot sun. These window shades are built to control heat, block UV rays and glare while maintaining an outside view. Outdoor roller shades come with a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and texture options to create a symmetrical, unique, and stylish look. The extra-wide feature creates complete coverage for your deck. Put some time and effort to customize the shades accurately to enjoy maximum comfort and benefits!
Exterior Roller Shades

What Do Exterior Roller Shades Offer for Your Deck?

• Less Sun, More Fun
We all know that sunlight is a good source of Vitamin D, but when it becomes excessive, problems occur. Not only light makes a space warm and uncomfortable, but it also damages your floors, artworks, and valuable belongings. Even the sun is the main reason of 90% of the world’s skin cancers. Sometimes, due to more light and brightness, it becomes hard to see outside. But installing roller shades can help you to get rid of all problems by cutting down the direct daylight and glare up to 99% while offering comfort, safety, and a perfectly relaxing ambiance for you and your guests.

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• More Privacy
If your deck faces a busy street side, then privacy is an important factor to consider. And these window shades will offer your space privacy and comfort while still letting you to enjoy the great outdoors.
Extra-Wide Outdoor Roller Shades
• Flowing of Fresh Breeze
Roller shades not only block out the light from entering your deck but also help in circulating fresh air. By balancing the temperature with the outside environment, the shades maintain a consistent temperature, lowering the utility bills. Find the right material that will permit the smooth airflow while keeping out the sun’s harsh beams.

• Keep Out the Harmful Insects
These extra wide outdoor roller shades help to prevent bugs and insect from invading your space. For extra effectiveness, get shades that have a complete seal or side channels across the sides.

• Withstand Harsh Weather
Roller shades won’t be able to keep the rain out completely, but they can definitely stop you from getting immersed. These shades are made of woven polyester material, and some shades are made with the mix of cellulose, polyester, and polypropylene, making the shades stand against extreme weather conditions without any damage.

• Add Motorization
Nothing can beat the luxury of operating the shades from your comfort zone by pressing a simple remote button or smartphone. Integrate the shades with the latest technology and motorization to enjoy an ultimate level of convenience while bringing warmth and elegance.
Outdoor Motorized Solar Shades
• Easy Cleaning
When you mount these outdoor blinds to cover your deck area, chances are more that the shades accumulate more dust and dirt. But these shades need minimal cleaning to maintain their shine.

Note: There is one disadvantage of installing these window shades, and that is when you opt for solar/sheer fabric, outsiders will be able to see inside during the night time (when the lights are on).

A deck is a perfect place to rest, unwind, and relax. After a long tiring day at work, you can kick back on your deck while enjoying a cool atmosphere with your friends or dear ones. However, to get the most use of the space, you should design it properly. Customize the shades properly and get the best results. Check out all the designs and styles to create a captivating look for your arena. For more inspirations, consult with the designers!

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