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Turn Your Backyard Into A Relaxing Personal Refuge

External Window coverings

External Window Coverings – A Relaxing Personal Refuge


Our outdoor porch is a cool place to have a conversation during the evenings. Especially when your friends stop by, it’s the best place to relax and chit chat with a cup of coffee.

Dress up your patio with our decorative outdoor window treatments to give it an added accent. The outdoor blinds protect your outdoor porch from the sun’s rays and make your deck look beautiful. These window treatments add personality and luxury to your outdoor patio space and help you relax in style.


If you enjoy your evenings sitting outside during the spring, you will have to safeguard your patio furniture and other valuables on your porch from rain, snow, and the burning sun. Most patio window treatments are designed to resist dust and moisture and are treated to better withstand the weather outside. These treatments will help protect your outdoor furniture against the weather and make your patio more comfortable during the day.


You might live in an area where you expect almost 300 or more days of sunlight, and you will have to definitely protect your patios from the burning sun. If you live in an area where you expect a cold winter, you need to protect your patios from, the rain, snow, and the sun.


Design an outdoor lounge that is comfortable for you and your family especially during the summertime. With these window treatments, your backyard space will transform into a quiet backyard refuge right in front of your eyes.


Graber Exterior Solar Shades

Exterior Solar Shades 

Extend your living spaces into the natural and pleasant outdoors and enjoy outdoor relaxation with Graber’s Exterior Solar Shades. These shades ensure privacy and protection for a relaxed outdoor stay in porches, patios, and decks. Exterior window shades are installed outside the windows to shield your interiors from the sun’s rays efficiently, and they help save on power costs for cooling. They can also be mounted on your patio deck roof or awning to provide shade when you are relaxing outside. These outdoor shades come in one, three, five, seven and ten percentage openness that block harmful UV rays and give you an endurable level of diffused light, all while keeping your view. The shades with one, three, five, seven and ten percentage openness ratings assure UV protection of 99%, 97%, 95%, 93%, and 90%, respectively.

Exterior Shades are specially made of heavy-duty hardware and fabrics, and these shades can resist the harsh outside weather with the anchored hold down braces. They safeguard your outdoor spaces from the carcinogenic UV rays and create a lively outdoor ambiance.

They are excellent for outdoor seating since they provide privacy during daytime and also reduce heat and sun glare.

Smooth controls are available with regular stainless steel chains or choose motorized options for simple operation with a remote. These shades can be anchored with guide cables to resist winds.

These shades are Green-Guard certified, ensuring safety and healthy air quality, and are a better choice amongst many consumers. Their Microban certification guarantees the maximum level of protection against stain and bacteria in your outdoors. These shades also help prevent insects from entering your patio area.


Graber Plantation Shutters

Graber Plantation Shutters


If you have interior windows that face your backyard, plantation shutters are the best. These are made of top quality wood, and they guarantee a long-lasting charm to the overall look of your indoor patios. Graber, a well-known brand for its loyalty and quality, transformed the market with this unique product line of Shutters, offering excellence and function in one go.


If you have sliding glass doors going to your backyard, installing plantation shutters over the sliding glass doors is a beautiful choice. They make your home look glamorous and provide privacy. These shutters filter the light entering your home. They make it cold and comfortable during the summers. With Graber Plantation Shutters, you don’t have to negotiate style over privacy or luxury anymore. The plantation shutters from Graber are one of the most traditional styles to beautify and renovate your backyard area.


During the extreme weathers of summers as well as the winters, keep the slats open to stream in an appropriate amount of light to make your home comfortable. The shutters can be opened entirely, unveiling the entire glass door. But, when opened, these shutters require a few feet of space around the glass door. Energy efficiency is one of the essential concerns need to be considered while choosing shutters. Choose the perfect energy efficient shutters to result in saving a lot of money on your energy bills. They come in a broad collection of colors, styles, and choices to meet your personality.


Even though there exists a lot of other window coverings in the market, these Shutters make a standout declaration with their polished look and smooth functionality. With excellent craftsmanship and timeless charm, these wood shutters can undoubtedly suit with any existing indoor patio furnishings giving your home a natural brilliance and elegance.



Roller Shades – Solar Shades

Roller - Solar Shades 

Get the best privacy, convenience, and intensified sun protection for your sliding glass doors, from the various exotic selections of fabrics differing from light filtering to blackout, with the Roller Shades – Solar Shades. These Roller Solar Shades serve the best at protecting your home from destructive UV ray damage. While the light filtering fabric allows diffused lighting into the room, the room darkening or blackout fabrics are excellent for more light blockage and privacy.


Manage your energy bills, as Blackout Roller Shades block out the radiating heat induced by the sun. The motorization option makes these shades very safe for kids and pets too. Enjoy beautiful window shades in a variety of colors, from light shades to the darkest browns and other hues. 

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