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Go for These 2019 New Year Decor Trends

New Year Decor Trends

Exterior Window Shutters – New Decor Trends

Another year has ended, and another has just begun. There have been new resolutions, newer ways of doing things, and some new plans to change the status quo.  Some of you may be looking forward to a vacation, some may just have returned from a trip to the beach or a dream destination, while some (like us) are just getting rid of old stuff and following new trends.

We do not merely mean going shopping and purchasing new clothes. The new trends also include how we decorate our homes. We would certainly want our living place less cluttered and more spacious, and giving them a makeover instead of maybe shifting to a more comfortable haven is the right option, at least for us.

What comprises new decor trends, you wonder? Honestly, it all depends on your conviction and tastes. If you’re content with whatever you’ve put up, as long as it’s not too garish or out of place (even that depends on your definition of kitsch), you’re good to go. But we are going to pour in our suggestions so that you could reach a satisfying choice. Do away with your outdated stuff by starting afresh with these beauties.

More Flowers & Plants

Wouldn’t you want nature, even if there’s a tiny portion of it, accompanying your inner space? We’re talking flower pots and oxygen plants giving out positive vibes. Check your local shopping mall for shrubs, Bonsai trees, or any indoor plants. These have the potential to liven up any room and be the center of attention among visiting parents or work buddies. Place one on either side of the bed, and/or have them line up your shelves next to the window.

Exterior Window Shutters


Exterior Window Shutters


While window treatments are commonly installed on the inner mount of the window, certain plantation shutters and Board and Batten shutters are designed to be installed outside. There are several advantages of outdoor window treatments, one being the improved curb appeal of your home. Secondly, the home is protected against extreme heat, cold or rain, as the outdoor elements are stopped before the window is affected, allowing for longer durability of floorings, paintings, and furniture that are within the line of fire.

Besides, the installation of external window shutters is not the least affected by the dimensions of the window. As long as the height and width of the shade are greater than that of the window (so that the entire space could be covered), your home is secure.

Set Up a Library

We get you! You love watching Netflix, checking on your Insta updates and sharing cat videos to Whatsapp groups. But sometimes we just need to sit down with a hardbound cover on your lap as you sip on your coffee. If you can’t stash your books in your study, have an entire room dedicated to a library if you’ve got the space. If that’s not practical still, reserve a portion of your room dedicated to bookshelves.

Mix and Match Window Treatments

What’s better than a window treatment? Two of them. No two ways about it! Having a similar kind of curtains or shades on a window is a thing of the past. More than one window blind or shade on a window allows you to customize your window requirements easily. For instance, having a curtain along with honeycomb shades on your windows will let you adjust these treatments according to the level of light or privacy you need at different times during the day. When you need absolute privacy, you can draw the curtains and honeycomb shades together. If, however, you need a decent amount of sunlight, you can open the curtains while keeping the cellulars closed, so that light can be filtered without affecting you with its glare.

Paint Your Walls Next to Shades


Fabric Roman Shades


Go crazy. Go vivid. Do not compromise on creativity. Draw patterns of flowers, maybe a favorite comic character or get the help of a friend. Choose an attractive window shade such as faux wood shutters, lace valances or Roman shades on the window so everyone’s attention is focused towards that portion of the room. This will impress them thoroughly, and pretty soon your taste would be the talking point in your friends’ circle.

Window Films with Valances


Custom Drapery Valances


Minimalism is the order of the day. Instead of being too flamboyant with your color or design choices, just keep it simple and effective through a functional window shade. And what’s better than a window film that will keep the deeply affecting solar effects away. All you need to do is buy a window film, available at a very reasonable price, and install it on your bedroom or living room window. It requires taping the corners and sides of the window so that no light seeps in through the cracks.

If that is not enough, have a window covering that will give a stylistic addition than an absolute necessity. Valances are perfect add-ons; they are available in varied color and design choices and filter the light by giving the windows a natural glow, while also helping maintain the room temperature.

Choose Aluminum Blinds


Aluminum Blinds


In a world where a common technological feature quickly becomes obsolete and is replaced by an upgraded version, it is difficult to keep consumers invested in a specific type of shade. Aluminum blinds are one of those excellent window covering options that will be in style for years to come. Combining traditional looks with modern features, these blinds are made of top-quality material which makes them sturdy and great for use. Aluminum blinds will prove to be highly functional whether you’re setting them up for bedrooms, living rooms, cafes, offices, media rooms or government buildings. With their minimalist appearance, they are also ideal contemporary window treatments that have become the standard across the world.

That being said, you are the best judge of your own aesthetic tastes. What may work for someone may not work with someone else. However, whatever choice you make in home decor needs to be complemented well with coordinates in the room. Something that doesn’t fit well with the rest of its surroundings will stick out like an eyesore, and you must be extremely mindful of your choices. It’s always a good idea to seek assistance from an experienced designer or interior decorator.

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