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Transform Your Homes into Sun-shaded Sanctuaries with Exterior Solar Shades

Transform Your Homes into Sun Shaded Sanctuaries with Exterior Solar Shades

The Need for Exterior Solar Shades

As the summer sets in, are you worried about the heat inside your home? The fresh air and the warm rays of the sun pouring in through the windows are an amazing part of summer. They fill the home with happiness and light. But these same windows can expose us to extreme heat and harmful solar rays during peak summer months. The UV rays are not only unhealthy for you but may also have a detrimental impact on your furnishings at home. The moment a window is built into a wall the outside temperature will start influencing interior temperatures. This causes energy loss inside the house.

As temperatures rise outside, the glass windows absorb the heat and transmit it into the home, making it uncomfortable and hot. You may have often wondered if there is a solution, a means to block out this heat. Sun-blocking material is what your windows need. Add a dash of style and elegance and what you get is water resistant as well as energy efficient outdoor Solar Shades. Interior blinds are not as effective if you are trying to cut out the heat. It is best to catch and block out the sun before it even hits the windows of your house. This makes motorized outdoor shades a great way to reduce heat from direct sunlight. Choose beautifully designed solar shades for your windows and patio doors.
Outdoor Solar Shades

Advantages of Exterior Solar Shades

Let us take a quick look at the features that make exterior sun shades an attractive solution to your sun blocking problem.
Putting a Break on Skyrocketing Electricity Bills!
The sun control screening helps to block the sun before it enters a window, thereby keeping the temperatures low inside. They help to reduce heat gain inside significantly through both doors and windows. Another advantage is that by reducing the transmission of heat it aids in lowering the energy costs for air conditioning. Anything to counter the skyrocketing electricity bills!
Buffer between Your Home and Harmful Rays
These sun shades are mounted not inside but outside the windows. This means that the heat is faced not by the windows but by the shades which is absorbed and then dissipated or simply reflected. Up to 99% of the sunlight and UV Rays are blocked by the screens before they can even reach the windows.
You Can Have Separate Decorative Shades For Your Interiors
Mounting the shade outside gives the windows a clean look inside. It also allows you to choose any decorative window treatment inside the house as it will not interfere with the screen coverings outside. You can choose some nice fabrics for your window coverings without having to worry about how it will match with the exterior window shades.
Installing Outdoor Shades
Retract Shades to Maximize Heat Gain during Winter
With the change of weather as temperatures start going down, there is no longer the need to block out sun rays. Indeed there may arise a need to increase solar gain, particularly during the winter months. So all you need to do is roll up the shades. It is as simple and as easy as that.
Customized for Perfect Fit
Are you worried that your windows or patio doors are of unique size and you may not find the perfect fit of solar shades? Worry not. Most of these shades are custom made to fit windows and doors up to a particular size.
Protection Against Insects
The patio solar shades are equipped not only to protect homes from unwanted UV Rays and excess heat but can also be used to prevent small, harmful insects from making their way indoors.
Prioritizing Privacy
Apart from blocking the heat, the exterior solar shades are perfect for providing you with some much-needed privacy. Note that all exterior solar shades will have some amount of openness in the fabric, so a lower openness will provide more privacy while a higher openness will be more see-through. These will help provide privacy when it is bright outside and dark inside, but not at night time when you have the lights on inside.
Safeguarding Expensive Home Décor Investments
The harmful UV rays making their way into your homes have an adverse effect not only on you and your family, but they can also cause fading in any of your home decor. Your furnishings and valuables are in danger from the rays and heat. The exterior window shades help to protect your products by significantly blocking out the UV rays.
Outdoor Sun Shades

Distinctive Features of Outdoor Sun Shades

These exterior shades with solar sun screen act as sunglasses for your windows. Before you rush to order one for your home space, take some time to understand the features of the shades that make them unique.

  • The outdoor shade fabrics are made from a combination of fiberglass and polyester.
  • These fabrics come in a range of designs and soothing colors.
  • The openness percentage varies between 1% and 14%, capable of blocking up to 99% of UV rays (with a 1% fabric).
  • These fabrics are designed to be flame resistant.
  • The solar shades are made of high durable fabrics that are capable of withstanding outdoor climates.
  • You can choose from a range of lift controls that can be paired with these shades. The continuous-loop lift comes with a consistent cord length that makes raising even heavier shades easy. The motorized lift is an alternative to cords and operates at the touch of a button and can even be automated.

Motorized Exterior Solar Shades
Before the summer sets in and the temperatures start soaring both outside and indoors, treat your windows to some stylish custom solar shades. Improve the style of your beautiful home, while conserving energy and keeping the inside of your home cool and airy. Bring it on, summer!

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