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Exterior Solar Shades – Giving Chic Look To Your Home

Extend your living space with Exterior Solar Shades.

“Modernity is a qualitative, not a chronological, category.” – Theodor Adorno

Exterior solar shades allow you to protect your home from harmful sunlight with flair, style and, of course, chic modernity. There are not many window coverings that suit modern homes like solar shades do, be interior or exterior ones. The wide range of color options, various openness factors, different textures all make them, not only aesthetically appealing, but highly practical as well.

With external solar shades you get modernity that is qualitative; uplifting the visual appearance of your home by dressing up your patios, porches, pergolas, lanais and verandas with ease. They form an excellent sunscreen for your home, reducing the glare and effects of direct exposure to sunlight. When you enjoy your time on your porch, reading the news or sipping a cup of tea, you can relish the diffused sunlight without worrying about the exposure to harmful UV rays. A feeling of one with the outdoors is so easy. Parties can be more fun with more space for fun.

Right Illumination.

No one wants to live in a home where sunlight doesn’t shine in. Natural light enhances the indoor beauty of your home with unique illumination that cannot be created artificially. We have also realized that direct sunlight can be harmful to our skin and also our interiors, causing damage and fading. Exterior solar shades give us the best of both worlds. They allow illumination of interiors but form a barrier to direct sun glare in your indoors. They effectively filter UV rays before they hit your home. It is easy for you to enjoy a sunbath, get tanned under the shade of outdoor solar blinds without giving a second thought to carcinogenic UV rays or compromising your privacy.

When you install the 5% exterior solar shades from Graber, you can successfully block 95% of the harmful UV rays, the 5% openness factor allowing you to relax in diffused sunlight.

Do Not Feel Confined.

Unlike many other shades, solar shades provide an excellent view of the outdoors while blocking the view from outside. Sound great, doesn’t it? The view is proportional to the openness factor you choose for your exterior solar shades. The solar shade fabric Openness ranges between 3 to 10%, giving you various levels of light filtering, privacy and background views. The 3% openness will give you better UV blockage and privacy, whereas 10% openness provides you a better view of the outdoors.

Solar shade fabrics allow light to pass through its weave, making objects visible in the background. You have to keep in mind that when darkness falls outside, and your interiors are illuminated they do not offer the privacy that they do during the day. You may need some cover accessory added privacy during the night.

Choices Galore.

We now know that the lower the openness, the better the blocking of sunlight, and the higher the privacy level. Color plays a crucial role in determining the transparency, opacity and performance of exterior solar shades. You can have the best view with dark colors since they absorb more solar radiation and transmit less light.

The 10% Motorized Exterior Solar Shades from Graber can revolutionize your home with their dashing looks and performance. Motorization makes your job of controlling spaces out of your reach easy. With an openness of 10%, you can be assured of an excellent view of outdoors and a sustainable amount of privacy. They fit into your patios, decks, and gazebos perfectly. No more fear of harmful UV radiation nor allergy causing insect bites!

They are available in Ebony, Alabaster, Ash, Chalk, Granite, Greystone, Pebblestone, Pewter and Tobacco color options, which will either complement or highlight your decor.

These exterior shades are armed with Microban and GreenGuard certifications that provide protection from mold and mildew while being environment-friendly. They insulate your interiors from extreme cold or hot weather outside by effectively reflecting it. When you include wind sensors to your Graber exterior solar shades, they retract during high winds preventing damage. Moreover, your remote control for operating the shades is shockproof, providing intrinsic safety to all.

A Purchase You Will Not Regret.

Exterior solar shades stop heat and sun glare more effectively than interior shades, efficiently reducing your energy costs. They are a highly functional and decorative solution to your outdoor living spaces, allowing great outward visibility. Lesser openness factors can give you complete sun protection with increased privacy protection.

They are manufactured keeping the extreme conditions in mind, with components that are rust and weather resistant. Modern retractable exterior shades can roll up to provide you with maximum heat gain when desired or lowered to prevent heat gain during hot summer days. Armed with such flexibility, you can save on big on energy bills. When you install exterior solar shades, they will save you enough energy to pay for themselves in the coming years.

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