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Brian’s restaurant ‘The Canopy’ occupies a vast expanse of the terrace area on one of the tallest buildings in our town. Besides a built up space that houses the restaurant and the sleek, ultra-modern kitchen, the rest of it was designed to cater to its customers in the open air, in attractive sit-outs. Tiny canopies dot the place, with seating arrangements for a romantic date for two or tables for four or even six. All around, the landscaping boasts of rich, luxuriant lawns, flower tubs spilling over with color and topiaries vying with each other for attention. This place is abuzz all the year. Wedding parties, birthday parties and even baby showers. What keeps it going? No one complains about the weather. Whether it is the hot, blazing summer sun or the cold winter. Brian’s business acumen made him invest in proper shading for his restaurant. You can enter “The Canopy” on a hot, humid day or a cold, winter evening and feel happy and cared for all the same. The secret to his success he says are the Exterior Solar Shades he got installed all around the garden area.





Exterior Solar Shades are always installed on the outside of your window or patio to block the sun’s rays before they reach your window or patio. The good thing about exterior solar shades is their ability to diffuse the heat from the sun and providing a comfortable atmosphere. By keeping the sun away from us they prevent the damage that UV rays can do to us, what with the threat of Melanoma, and fading of our furnishings, the paint on our walls, and everything else in our homes. They cut off that blinding glare of the sun before its rays reach the glass panes of our windows and impact the interiors. While doing so, they help in transmitting light into our interiors in a diffused state and help control interior temperature, improving the comfort level of our homes. They do not cut us off completely from the outside view like the conventional roller shade would when rolled down but permit a significant view of it. This was the advantage Brian could foresee. It works splendidly for him as well as his patrons. It has cut down tremendously on the electric power bill. Keeping a control on the temperature inside his restaurant has reduced the burden on the AC’s and other cooling systems which in turn reduces unnecessary consumption of electric power, not forgetting that commercial rates exceed domestic rates by a wide margin.
Numerous studies measuring energy transmission and efficiency have been conducted throughout the U.S, which in both simulated and real-life situations clearly demonstrate that solar screen fabrics effectively reduce the temperature of a room without the use of an A.C. The technical characteristics of solar screen fabrics facilitate cost-effective temperature control, optimal use of natural light and year-round comfort in the workplace or home. All this is achieved while enhancing aesthetics and reducing energy usage. Further energy savings may be accrued by using systems that regulate the position of the shades, according to the time of the day and the weather conditions.
To block out the Sun’s rays, consider the Shading Coefficient of Exterior Solar Shades. The Shading Coefficient means the ability of a window treatment to reduce heat gain. The lower the number, the less the solar heat that enters your location, and the lower the cooling and heating bills. Exterior solar shades offer some of the lowest shading coefficients for windows.





Exterior Roller Shades are roller shades especially engineered for managing sunlight. They are made of PVC coated fiberglass or PVC coated Polyester, which contributes to their thickness and durability. The metallized PVC material which is also used consists of fiberglass with a reflective metal finish on one side. The PVC coating allows for a wide variation in the optical properties and aesthetics, particularly due to color variation.




Openness refers to the density of the fabric weave. The higher the percentage (%) of openness, the less dense the weave, making for a total view, less shading, and higher solar heat gain. The openness factor ranges from as high as 25% to as low as 1%. The screen color changes the portions of sunlight reflected, absorbed and transmitted. Color affects glare and solar heat gain reduction as well. Color can range from black to white. For the same color screen, the openness factor can change the shading performance between 5% – 25%. Color can change the shading performance as little as 5% or as much as 100%. Darker colors generally provide the best combination of solar heat gain/glare reduction and visibility. They absorb light making them ideal for viewing computers and televisions. Light colored fabrics reflect the sunlight and illuminate the interiors with just the right amount of light.


The Crown Exterior Solar Shade and the Crown Blackout Exterior Solar Shade are the ultimate solutions for outdoor activities in summer. Who would not love to enjoy the sun this summer and not have too much of it at the same time?
The Crown Exterior Solar Shade comes in varying percentage of Openness like the 10% Openness Tabby, 14% Openness Leno, 5% Openness Tabby, 10% Openness Tabby and 3% Openness Tabby. They are provided with the continuous cord loop, with the Roll chain. The Roll chain is available either as a plastic bead chain or a stainless steel bead chain with chain guides for safety. This sunscreen material blocks 80 – 97% of UV rays while maintaining the natural light. Only with External Hem Bar the stronger Plastic Hold Down Brackets available with 5 color options: Black, White, Vanilla, Silver & Chocolate.Suitable for outdoor use.
The Crown Blackout Exterior Solar Shade is made of high quality, heavy duty solar blackout material. It is a 100% filament polyester with an acrylic foam blackout coating. It has a matching face color to the street.





Porches, patios, and decks allow us to connect with the natural beauty of the outdoors and extend the living areas of our homes. With the addition of the Graber Light Weaves Exterior Solar Shades, these areas can be comfortably protected from the intense sun and the excessive heat. Since these shades tend to be larger and installed in higher, harder to access areas they pair perfectly with a motorized lift. The light streaming into your patio can be controlled by the touch of a button.
The 3%, 5% and the 10% Exterior Solar shades by Graber are the perfect coverings to make our outdoors comfortable to sit in and relax, and enjoy the summer. The 3% transparency ensures that these shades block 97% of harmful UV rays to give us optimum UV protection and a sustainable level of diffused light and privacy. The 5% Openness allows us to have safely diffused sunlight by blocking 95% of harmful UV rays. The 10% Openness gives ultimate UV protection with a pleasant outside view. Expanding your indoor space into the outdoors is possible with these shades.
Exterior Solar Shades are the most economical solution to solar shading. Enjoy this summer with these energy savers both in the outdoors and in the indoors by blocking the sun away.




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