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Exterior Shades: The Much Needed Window Coverings in Every Home

Exterior Shades

Exterior Shades: The Much Needed Window Coverings

Taking care of the exteriors is as important as looking after the interiors. We tend to spend huge chunks of money on the indoor window treatments and end up neglecting our outdoors. Installing a layer of exterior shades blocks the harsh sunlight and UV radiations from entering the home.

Harsh sunlight can adversely affect the paint, furniture polish, and all the decorative stuff kept inside. Even if you install indoor window treatments such as wooden blinds or faux wood blinds, blocking the UV rays becomes an impossible task.

If you live in places with extreme temperature conditions, it is advisable to install exterior shades and blinds. Available in a number of variants, these shades can prove to be really helpful in blocking heat during summers.

Also available as custom outdoor shades, outdoor window treatments are a must for extra-large windows.

Before introducing you to the options available in motorized outdoor shades, allow us to explain to you the reasons for installing exterior shades.

Why Outdoor Shades?

Exterior Solar Shades

  • Money Saving: Due to high insulation, the solar shades help in cutting down electricity bills to a considerable level. It is believed that 50% of the heat enters the room through clear glass windows and 40% escapes through it. Due to this, there is a lot of heat gain during summers and heat loss during winters. The solar shades block a majority of the heat gain thus maintaining a very comfortable temperature inside.
  • Protection from Ultra Violet Radiation: The solar shades are designed to block the harmful UV rays of the sun. This aids in increasing the life of your furniture and makes it lasts much longer. No warping or wading, solar shades are no less than a layer of protection to your interiors.
  • Aesthetics: Including all the other utilities, solar shades enhance the beauty of the outdoors too. Best if your windows open to a lawn or lobby. With a very neat and tidy look, they uplift the appearance of the entire wall.
  • Privacy control: A very obvious feature of solar shades, this helps you keep your indoor life intact. Their translucent property makes them perfect to block the sight and simultaneously let the diffused light inside. Please note that they only provide privacy during the daytime when it is bright outside and darker on your interiors.

Motorized Exterior Shades and Blinds:

Motorized Exterior Solar Shades

A combination of utility, convenience, and beauty, the motorized variants let you savor luxury in style. Operable with a click of a button or a tap on the remote, they give you the most convenience possible.

Best for locations such as sunroof bedrooms, greenhouses, and skylights, exterior shades give you considerable protection from the outside heat and light.

The solar battery is a very effective way to cut down your electricity bills. It is seamlessly hidden inside the headrail. Totally based on the sun for energy, it stores charge and can function without the sunlight for a considerable time.

Outdoor blinds and shades also give you complete control over privacy. If you live on a busy street or your window faces the neighbor’s house, it is advisable to add an extra layer of coverage to your windows in the form of exterior shades. After all, you want to keep those extra inquisitive eyes away, don’t you?

Outdoor Roller Shades:

Commendable shades when it comes to light blocking, outdoor roller shades give your outdoor windows a very spruce and tidy look. At work all around the year, they are designed to block heat during summers and cold air during the winters. You can pair them up with indoor rollers and savor dual benefits. Outdoor roller shades are available in a number of fabrics, colors, and patterns. Go for pleasant greens or deep browns if your windows face the garden outside. Refrain from picking light colors because the shades outside tend to get dirty more often. Very easy to install, they don’t require a lot of maintenance efforts too. Soak them in soapy water twice a month to keep the mold and dirt free.

Custom Outdoor Shades:

You can either pick a ready-made pair of your outdoor shades or get them custom made. Opulence and luxury guaranteed tailor-made outdoor shades can enhance the look of your garden two-fold. Enjoy a beautiful ambiance sitting in your backyard and thank us later.

Graber Outdoor Solar Shades:

When it comes to investing a large amount of money, one should always go for quality. Save yourself the trouble and pick the most assured seller of them all. Graber has ruled the market for a long time now. Trusted for quality, Graber has made a golden name for itself. From exterior shades, outdoor blinds and outdoor solar shades to outdoor roller shades, roman shades, and exterior sun shades, Graber has it all.

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