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What Makes a Blind a Blind? Essential Blind Features to Look For

Essential Blind Features To Look For

Can you believe that there are window treatments for almost every season? A window is a small outlet that regulates the indoor atmosphere. If it’s cold outside, then cool air will enter your space through the window. If it’s hot outside, then hot air will enter your space. Won’t it be nice to invest in window treatments that’s regulate your indoor space? What if you could choose window accents that help you create the right indoor temperature? It may sound too good to be true, but there are window accents for every season. This is especially true for window blinds. There are variety of window blinds to pick from – a blind to accent the outdoor atmosphere. Plantation shutters, Venetian blinds or Roman blinds are perfect solutions for spaces in a humid climate. Whereas, roller blinds and cellular shades are perfect solutions for cold climate. These functional blinds sport a clean and minimalistic design that will look simply timeless wherever it’s placed. But what makes a blind so unique and different from other types of window coverings? You choose blinds with a certain purpose. Here is what makes blinds so unique.

What are Blinds?

Window blinds are popular window treatments that sport a clean and simple design. Their compact nature allows them to be fitted in almost any room. All you need to do is install it on your window and regulate the amount of sunlight you allow inside. Window blinds come with slats that can vertical or horizontal. They need to be affixed to the top and bottom of the window. The instructions and ways of fixing them depend from blind to blind. There are many different types of blinds. Each design comes in different ways to modulate light, fixing instruction, maintenance, etc.

Window blinds are a great alternative to curtains and drapery. They come made of different materials and fabric. When it comes to picking window blinds, it is important to pick ones that are easy for you to clean and maintain. In places with more human traffic, using sturdy blinds over fabric blinds is recommended. While choosing blinds, it is important to keep in mind the measurements of the window. The blinds measurements will be based on the window measurement. There are blinds for different types of windows too! When purchasing blinds, it is important to keep in mind the type of windows you have and pick window blinds accordingly.
Aluminum Metal Blinds

What are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Blinds?

Window blinds come with different functionalities and designs. They aim to provide a bit more flexibility compared to other types of window accents. Each blind is created distinctly and operates distinctly too. Here are reasons why you should have window blinds:

1) Blinds are budget-friendly:
No matter what type of blinds you’re looking for, you can easily find one that matches your budget. You can even find them within your specifications and budget. You can also get them to cover the length and breadth of the window.

2) Choose Properties You Like Best:
Everyone loves options, the same applies to window blinds! You can pick from a wide range of sizes, measurements, fabrics, colors and other specifications. Some blinds come with extra features, so you can choose amongst them too.

3) Operate with Ease:
Cord, wand or motorized. You can pick the way you would like to operate the blinds. They’re not only easy to use but come with various ways to handling them too!
Cordless Wooden Blinds
4) Flexible nature:
What’s great about blinds is that you can adjust the length and the panels to allow the amount of natural light you like! Set the mood for any occasion with great ease.

5) Done & Dusted:
Blinds are super easy to maintain. All you need to do is regularly dust and clean it, your blinds will never lose their timeless charm. All you need is a feather duster or clean cloth and you’re good to go.
Cleaning Wood Blinds
But blinds also have their fair set of cons. It is important to know about their disadvantages before purchasing them. They are as follows:

1) Technical Nature:
Blinds seem technical. The require mounts and other tools to get them fixed. This nature can intimidate people and sway them into not buying blinds.

2) Fixes and Repairs:
Since blinds function on a particular mechanism, if there is a glitch then repairs can be a bit tricky. Repairing or fixing blinds requires a bit of trick, techniques and a toolbox.

3) Style paring:
While window blinds are versatile, it is extremely difficult to pair them with a particular theme or decor scheme. Finding the right blinds that match your overall decor needs requires a bit of time and research. You’ll have to use a lot of your imaginations, a bit of logic and pick the right blinds for your setup.