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The Essence of Real Wood to Enhance Home Décor

The Unique and Beautiful Appeal Of Wood

I like making things. I have a wood shop at home. I am a terrible carpenter but I love doing it.
P. J. O’Rourke
For a minute there I thought it was my better-half Judy talking. She is one of those people who loves wood and carpentry and like O’Rourke, she enjoys creating things at home. When I am tinkering with my car or lawnmower on weekends, she spends time with me in the Garage, where she has her tiny woodworking corner. She loves creating boxes, artifacts and other wooden decorative pieces on her own. At times, I have been interested and worked on some projects with her.
When we set up our home after our simple and quiet wedding, the first thing she did was to change everything plastic to wooden or natural products. My old window treatments that looked shabby and old were the first to go. I have to admire her artistic talent, which turned my home into a beautiful exotic place in just a few months.
One of the most attractive features of our décor was the exquisite  Traditions 2 inch Wood Blinds by Graber, which changed the aesthetic appeal of my home significantly. Initially, I argued with Judy that we should not opt for wood since it would contribute to the destruction of forests. But Judy explained that these blinds were made from North American hardwoods that were harvested with foresters who practice sustained yield forest management ensuring the production of eco-friendly blinds. Graber ensured that they did not contribute to the destruction of the planet by minimizing the harmful effects of the production of mass window treatments. Once the blinds were installed, I had nothing to complain about since I was enthralled and overwhelmed by their majestic beauty. What enhanced the beauty of our windows was the unique stain and paint highlighting the natural appearance of the blinds. This is made possible by the PureGrain Finish, which is a vibrant staining process that showcases the natural grain of the wood. Wood used to manufacture Graber wood blinds has many natural characteristics that make it truly unique as no two pieces of hardwood are alike, which in turn made our window treatment unique as well.
Practically they were much better than my previous window treatment with the SureClose steel head rail providing optimum closure and light control. It also had additional attractive features like color-coordinated ladders, cords and tassels, Cord tilt standard, Trapezoid bottom rail for superior closure. We decided to opt for the motorized option since we planned on having children and wanted our home to be safe for them. Moreover, the RF motorization allows blind operation from virtually anywhere in the house without direct line of sight which was convenient for us as well. Though I had to shell out few more bucks than I had planned initially, the final result was worth every penny I’d spent on them.
Next in Judy’s agenda was the replacement of the dining table that was a good riddance for me as well. She had inherited a gorgeous dining table and six chairs from her mother, which she brought to replace the old, weary plastic one. The intricately crafted furniture added to the already present warm and striking appearance of our home. There was more expenditure to come, but Judy had a budget of her own to set up that eased the burden on my bank balance.



Window Top Decor the aesthetic Wood Valances

Once the wooden furniture and a few of her favorite art pieces were brought into the home, the blinds looked a bit simple and dull. After some contemplation and planning, we decided to install 4 1/2 Symphony Wood Valances by Graber to complement the blinds. With the broad range of color options available for the valance, we had no trouble finding the right one that blended well with our wood blinds. The window treatment was back in action with the installation of the valance that gave our home a very earthy feeling, and the undertone stain in the brown of the valance gave a very posh and classic look to our home. Surprisingly the valance was very sturdy in nature, and I had no trouble fitting them on our windows. I was pleased to know that the wood for this valance came from American Hardwood grown in Michigan and processed in Grayling Plant of Springs Window Fashions. The outside mount of the valance not only dressed up our windows but also gave an enlarged appearance to them. The overall visual appeal of the window treatment was just stunning.
All my life, I had never cared for wooden furniture because I was worried about the depleting forest area on our planet. I felt a sense of responsibility to refrain from using wood. But now I realized that wood can be used smartly, without destroying the forests. For the first time, I was enjoying the majestic feeling with the aesthetic beauty of real wood, which was quite astounding and remarkable to say the least. Real wood furniture and blinds are regal, noble, pure and excellent in terms of beauty, hardness, looks and durability. In no time, I began to cherish our home through the lustrous looks and essence of purity brought by the new real wood furniture, antique decorative artifacts, and other collections Judy set up to complete the interior decoration.
Thanks to my beautiful wife Judy, I am just looking for a reason to invite my friends and family over for a cup of coffee, lunch or dinner. I am so proud to show off the difference Judy has made to my life and my home.




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