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Get Ready For The Summer with Sliding Panel Shades

Enjoy Your Summer with Sliding Door Window Treatment Ideas


Summer is not so far out, so bring on the barbeques and beach days!

It’s that time of the year for vacations or hangouts in your backyard; now that the numbing cold is gone, people just want to be outdoors. So before the season sets in, start getting your grills and patios ready for the summer.

With sunny temperatures comes the drawback of too much exposure to the solar rays. While they might do a bit of good by getting some Vitamin D in your body, you are also vulnerable to the harmful UV rays. UV rays can harm not just yourself, but also your interior furnishings, valuables, and other items.

So just like sunscreen lotion, it’s best to have a window furnishing which offers protection from harmful sun rays, while also allowing adequate lighting and ventilation inside. One of the most significant energy uses in the house is through French doors or sliding panels. With appropriate coverings, you can make the best use of these spaces. We bring you some Sliding Door Window Treatments exclusively from ZebraBlinds, created for this purpose.

Get the Best Sliding Door Window Treatments Ideas:

Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors-


Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors


Vertical Window Blinds are perfect coverings for your patio doors and sliding panels. Available from different materials like vinyl, wood, PVC, and fabric, enrich your indoors with different styles and colors.

  • The Vinyl Blinds for French Doors are moisture-proof, dust-proof and are suitable for houses in humid areas. They are also easily cleaned.
  • Fabric vanes are every designer’s dream with their choices of colors and patterns, while the wood vanes come in high-grade colors and stains.
  • The vanes are vertically placed in an equidistant manner, and with their operation, lets you enjoy privacy and comfort together. The louvers range from sheer to room darkening fabrics, giving you enhanced control over lighting features for the interiors.
  • At the bottom, the slats hang loosely to allow smooth movement.

So give your home an elegant and multi-functional look with subtle colors.

Roman Shades for French Doors-


Roman Shades for French Doors


If you have to point out the best looking shades in the market, Roman Shades would be the one hands down. Artful and sophisticated elegance are synonyms for these shades. They are amazing not just in looks, but you also get various other features like:

1) Excellent privacy.

2) Superior quality fabrics which are long-lasting.

3) Available in a multitude of fabric materials of light-filtering and room-darkening, depending on your privacy needs.

4) Various operation modes like cordless, motorization, continuous loop, bottom up top down, and more.

5) The bottom-up top-down mechanism is a versatile and innovative feature which lets you lower the top half of the shade or raise the bottom half. This mode along with a cordless lift avoids any risk of dangling cords, so they are perfectly safe for homes with pets and kids.

6) Play with the different colors like the standard whites, blacks, and browns, or the vibrant oranges, yellows, and reds.

With these advantages and attractive looks, suit up these beautiful Fabric Roman Shades for your French Doors and make your home the envy of others.

Sliding Panel Blinds and Shades-


Sliding Panel Tracks


Patio doors are unique features in any house, and they require equally unique designs to make efficient use of them. Graber, a premium window furnishing brand in the market known for superior quality products, brings you top-notch Sliding Door Window Treatment Ideas.

    • Sliding Panel Tracks Shades from Graber is one of the best solutions for your open spaces. With their dramatic looks and stylish options, they can transform your home into a sophisticated space.
    • They are available as light filtering fabrics and natural shades depending on the fabric material used.
    • Light Filtering Sliding Panel Tracks come in different openings of 1% to 7% and 10% to 25%, giving the perfect illumination, privacy and coverage tailored to your needs.
    • Natural Sliding Panel Shades make use of natural materials curly jute, bamboo reed, slit bamboo, and more. On top of this, you can add privacy liners like light filtering, room darkening, blackout, and sheer to suit your needs.
    • Excellent mobility and effortless sliding with the wheel track movements.
    • Different options for cordless, wand, and chain control are available. For homes with kids and pets, the former is a safe choice.
    • With their large sizes, they can also serve as room divider solutions, allowing you to make optimum use of your large spaces.


At affordable prices and with Oeko-Tek certification, your sliding panels get the best window coverings in the form of these Graber Sliding Panel Track Shades.

Visit ZebraBlinds and get high-grade window coverings at very competitive prices. We also offer free samples, free shipping, and delivery to your doorstep.

In case of any doubts, you can always contact our readily available customer support team.

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