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Make Your Home More Private with Window Treatments


Window Treatments for Privacy in the Living Room

Everyone enjoys natural light from windows, but it’s also important to make your home a private haven. Since windows control light and can help create the right ambiance, paying attention to window treatments is the perfect way to control the amount of privacy for each room. You can create the perfect setting with these tips:

1) Look for luxurious fabrics.

Curtains rich textures lend a sophisticated look to any room. Texture can create a softer look, while thicker panels and curtains help to block out the outside world.

2) Layer window treatments for a luxurious touch.

Layering window treatments gives you more control over the lighting and privacy in each room, and are a great style choice. Blinds and sheer shades under thicker curtains, for example, they can let in some light while helping you block out all light at night.

3) Control privacy with remote-controlled screens.

If you want to relax and get a good night’s sleep, it helps if you can block out the rest of the world. If you live in a city, especially, blackout shades or thicker shades offer privacy and help you block out street lights or your neighbor’s porch lights. Remote-controlled shades mean you can open and close your shades as you need to, with just the touch of a button.

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7 thoughts on “Make Your Home More Private with Window Treatments

  1. I agree that everyone enjoys natural light from windows. My mom wants to have a well-lighted living room. My aunt suggested having window treatments and shared this article with her. It says that layering window treatments gives you more control over the lighting and privacy in each room, and are a great style choice.

  2. The best part of your article for me is when you talked about how window treatments can be a big help for you to get a good sleep because of how it offers privacy and block out street lights. My husband usually works at night and sleeps during the day. it’s important for me to make sure that he’ll be able to get the rest and a good sleep that he deserves after working non-stop at night. It will be ideal for me to have window treatments installed in our room to prevent him from getting disturbed because of too much sunlight that enters our room. I will make sure to consider installing window treatments as soon as possible.

  3. I do like how you mentioned that I could window coverings to make my home look more luxurious as curtains rich in textures can give out a sophisticated look. That is perfect to have learned as we are going to do a home remodeling soon. Having some window covers that could boost our home’s aesthetics and elegance should help make it more homely to be in. Thanks!

  4. I really like your advice to city folks about how blackout shades or thicker shades offer privacy and how they are effective in blocking out street lights. My daughter is looking to move to the city after she gets her degree in design. I know she’s not too fond of the sun getting into her living space so I think getting the proper wedding covering such as a remote-controlled screen will do wonders for her.

  5. My sister is a very private person, but she has recently moved into a room with a lot of windows. She doesn’t feel comfortable in the house because she feels like she is always being watched. Your information that if she invests in window treatments, and specifically remote-controlled blackout shades, she will have more privacy and be able to relax makes me think that she should look into window treatment providers in her area.

  6. My wife and I have wanted to make our flat a little more private to the outside world. We live on the third floor of our apartment and wanted to block out the outside light so it is darker at night. One of the questions I have is about how well different window treatment designs can block out noise also?

  7. I never thought of window treatments being able to give you more privacy. Thank you for pointing this out. My husband and I have large windows in our home and I am wanting to get the right windows treatments. I’ll have to do some research and find the best company in my area.

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