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Window Treatments for Street Facing Windows

Window Treatments for Street Facing

Energy Saving Window Coverings – Interior and Exterior

Living close to the Jeff Park area in Chicago has encouraged me to be on track with my routine jog and a brisk walk. This summer has been pretty challenging for me, not because of low energy levels or low stamina. It is the picturesque details of every residential home set up there that has been a distraction for me or rather a slowing down of my space. I cherish every view I could get off those large, well – manicured lawns incomplete summer vigor. Sprinklers making a full 360-degree turn to moisten them, glisten as they catch the early morning rays. There are pops of color all over the gardens and street sides as tubs spill over with fresh blooms. Freshly painted walls, the glistening mailbox, the paved driveways, gardens boasting of endless curved pathways, with garden accessories in all shapes and sizes adorning them. It’s all about being a house proud owner, an impression they create of themselves in their neighborhood.


Energy Saving Window Coverings


They have to make a choice between keeping up with the Jones’ or out beating them at it. It’s about stepping out onto the other side of the street and having to know if anything is lacking. It’s about satiating that desire that a passer-by should cast that second glance or that a car slows down to catch a second glimpse. Simply said, it is all about curb appeal. Just have a look at Energy Efficient Window Treatments.


Energy Saving Window Coverings – Curb Appeal


Curb Appeal Window Treatments

Curb Appeal Window Treatments for Attractive Home Exteriors

Enhancing the Curb Appeal of our homes becomes a gratifying job when one is changing all those dreams of an ideal home into a reality. There is no pressure felt about creating this picture perfect setup. When the whole family is involved in the effort, and each ones’ desires and demands are considered, the collective experience bears fruitful rewards of strong family bonding and this labor of love is reflected in the aesthetics of the home itself.

Curb Appeal can become a challenging task when your house is put up for sale on the market, and there is that nagging thought of wanting to please any potential buyer by creating a good first impression. The competition is so fierce that some buyers will not even step out of their cars if they find that your home’s curb appeal is not visually attractive. With more and more home sales happening online, potential buyers could be turned off by viewing a property, just based on the listing photographs alone. Curb appeal sets the tone for your entire home and is critical in its marketing and selling. It should be enjoyable to view for all who pass by.

Fabric Roman Shades Can Enhance Curb Appeal of a Home


 Fabric Roman Shades


Linda Durbano, Marnie Kissel and Michelle Christian in their book, Two-Hour Window Treatment, address this issue aptly. Reminding us that windows have two sides, it says that the first and foremost thing to remember when designing and placing a window covering is that it is visible from two sides, inside your home, and outside your home. Especially when a house has multiple windows visible from the same side, it is essential that all windows reflect a camaraderie of design. Always be conscious of the external look of the window dressing as well as how it plays indoors.

How you dress or treat this fundamental feature of our homes- Fabric Roman Shades have a significant effect on the look of the property both from the inside and outside whatever may be their sizes.
Window treatments are not just on the inside of our homes. They need to look good on the outside too. Soiled and unkept window panes with broken blinds or dangling cords or sheets just thrown over windows can kill the curb appeal of a house.

There is plenty to browse through on the internet about how window treatments can affect the curb appeal of a home. All good advice and suggestions can be summed up in a single word – UNIFORMITY.
Many people like the front of the house window coverings to have the same uniform look. It is a widespread practice to have all them in a white or off-white color on the street facing side. Lining window coverings that face the street with either a white or off-white lining fabric gives a neat, finished look. Shades of all kinds and textures will thus have color on the inside facing sides with white backings facing the window towards the outside.

If maintaining symmetry to the look of your home is important, using similar window treatments across the front is necessary to create that uniform effect. Another way of achieving a symmetrical look is to use one type of window treatment for the first floor and another for the second.

Drapery looks classy in front facing windows. When closed drapery linings in off-white cotton give a symmetrical look to the exterior of the house. Always line them to keep them neutral from the outside of the house so that the colors and textures used in different rooms do not clash on the exterior. Decorative drapes with drawback ties and a layer of sheers below present a picture-perfect effect on the outside. Do not use colored sheers if windows face the street. With proper indoor lighting positioning, the effect of a drapery or curtain can look attractive from the exterior of the house even at night.

Shutters dress up boring windows by adding a touch of refinement and a blast of color to the exteriors. Besides giving the home a vintage look, these unique and attractive window treatments are good insulators against the summer heat and winter cold.
An opaque roller blind looks elegant from the inside and outside. Using them on all the front facing windows will complete the sleek effect while catering to our privacy and light control needs.
Wooden slat blinds give a uniform look to the exterior if kept drawn or raised at the same time with slats angled to the same degree. Using wooden blinds instead of vinyl ones gives a luxe look to the front side of the house.


Window Treatments Specified for Street Side Colors


With so much emphasis laid on creating the right curb appeal for our homes, many window treatment products have the street side color specified in their product descriptions. So is it on
The SlideVue Graber Blackout Cellular Vertical Shades are available in a broad spectrum of on-trend colors to enhance any room. They are all provided with a white metallic liner on the street facing side. Its purpose is two-fold. Not only is it deflecting sun rays by virtue of it being metallic, but the white color by itself is also a good reflector of the sunlight. Uniformity in the street side view is a secondary benefit.


Room Darkening Roller Shades


Room Darkening Roller Shades


Room Darkening Roller Shades offer a variety of colors, textures and opacity level. The Solar fabrics provide an excellent outward visibility in a variety of solid colors and beautiful jacquard weaves. Allure, a roller shade fabric, has a shiny version of the font color for the street-facing side. Each of these fabrics has a different street facing colors ranging from neutral and white to the same color on the front and back.


  • Centerpiece roman shades room darkening and light filtering have a white street side color for all its products
  • The Graber crystalpleat vertical cellular shades are made from a variety of luxurious spun-lace or light filtering point-bond woven fabrics.
  • The light filtering fabric of 100% polyester point bond woven fabric has the same color on both sides.
  • All artisan drapery is lined with cotton or cotton-polyester blends in a white color, the standard liner provided with drapes that are best suited for a uniform street side effect.
  • One of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve curb appeal is with interior and exterior window treatment.
  • So, make sure they look good from the inside as well as outside.
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