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Top 10 Advantages of Using Cordless Blinds

Energy Efficient Cordless Window Blinds

Energy Efficient Cordless Window Blinds – Top 10 Advantages

Advances in technology have made many modern user-friendly homes and personal devices sleek and light to use. Consider the computers that we used back in the day. Back in the 1960s, they were big bulky hardware systems that were accompanied by wires and took a big room to fit them in. Cut to fifty years later, and now we have all the latest technology you could ask for in a machine that easily fits our pockets. How did we reach here, specifically?

Every new made of a product has its own benefits and flaws. Over time, products ideally become better every single iteration to give the consumers an inclusive, all-in-one experience and to always stay a step ahead of the competition.

Similarly, early window shades and blinds were bulky window curtains that would be pulled up and down with the help of cords. They took such an effort that opening and closing them could sometimes not be possible by one man alone. With changing times, however, sleek and minimal window treatments have taken their place. And now we have not only easy installed items that can fit in the window according to their exact size but can also be operated without the use of cords.

Cordless Blinds for Kids and Pets

Energy Efficient Cordless Window Blinds

There are multiple energy efficient cordless window blinds in the market, as they have practically been introduced in every category of blinds. These window blinds that are an absolute must for every home, and they are available with ZebraBlinds in varied colors, textures and sizes.

One Touch Cordless Aluminum Blinds by Crown

Boasting of high functionality, elegant looks and an affordable price, these aluminum blinds from one of the pioneers of high quality are extremely practical window coverings that will last you years to come. The sturdy material makes them equally applicable for domestic as well as commercial use, and their 1-inch semi-curved slats ensure they do not develop any cracks or dents. At the same time, the One Touch feature ensures that they are safe to use in houses with pets and children.

Cordless Aluminum Blinds

Cordless Cellular Shades by Crown

Coming in both ⅜ and ¾-inch cell sizes, these cellular shades also come in both light filtering and blackout fabrics. Offering a sleek and minimal design, these shades are versatile enough to be applicable in any kind of setting. Cellular shades are known for their moisture and dust-resistant properties, being made from high-quality polyester fabric. The light filtering fabrics trap heat into its cell pockets while diffusing light to give the room a soft and soothing glow. The blackout fabrics create a room darkening effect that lends privacy and greater light control to your space. This makes them suitable for study rooms and bedrooms where you need solitude from the outside world.

Cordless Cellular Shades

Cordless Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are reliable window coverings that are found in most homes as they can let in light without compromising on the level of privacy. As they come in thick material made of composite wood material, cordless faux wood blinds are extremely effective energy savers that are as useful in summers as they are in winters, and can be operated easily from anywhere in the house as long as you are within the range of the blinds. Giving out an incredible look and a seemingly natural texture, these blinds are a “polished” version of their wooden counterparts and are often preferred by homeowners.

Cordless Faux Wood Blinds

Benefits of Cordless Blinds

The benefits of cordless blinds are aplenty, which is why they have found a footing with households across the world. The world is slowly shifting towards discarding corded blinds altogether, although they are still in vogue and kept as a backup option for those who do not trust cordless and motorized blinds completely.

Here are a few advantages of cordless blinds that you must know of, that will help you decide if you want to go for them or not.

1) Easy to Use

Corded blinds over time develop loose and dangling cords and loops that are difficult to operate over time. Pulling them becomes all the more difficult after time. Cordless blinds, on the other hand, require just a mere pull or push to close or open them. This saves effort as well as time.

2) Safe for Children and Pets

The risk that kids and pets, if you have any in the house, face of getting entangled in the cords and strangling themselves in the process is too high to be ignored, especially when they are left unattended. Think no further than buying child proof blinds when you have these tiny tots in your house who don’t know any better.

3) Clean Look

In the absence of dangling cords, the focus is clearly on the window blinds which offer a pretty and uncluttered look. In the case of cords, however, they will develop a messy look over time which is hard to fix.

4) Choices Available

With cordless blinds, you can go for blinds that are motorized, which have buttons on the side, or come in remote controls to adjust their movements throughout the day. Yet some are synchronized through the use of smartphones or tablets, while others come with wands to push their slats open or closed.

5) Up-to-date Technology

Motorized blinds are upgraded on the basis of the state-of-the-art technology that is currently in use. New age products like Google Home and Samsung’s Alexa are very much in demand for operating your window treatments which wouldn’t have otherwise been possible in case of corded blinds.

6) Features Installed in All Modern Blinds

From old-school draperies and curtains and honeycomb shades to Roman and Vinyl shutters, all traditional and modern coverings use the cordless feature to decorate your homes.

7) Adjust Their Movements Even When You’re Asleep

If you choose motorized lifts, you can time their movement for the entire day, and have them open or closed even when you are sleeping.

8) Applicability in Difficult-to-Reach Window Blinds

When you have corded blinds for high and difficult-to-reach windows, reaching for them may require the support of a ladder. In case of remote-controlled blinds, such a situation never arises.

9) Easy to Fix

Cordless blinds come with an internal spring mechanism, which makes them easy to tend to without the need of calling your manufacturer.

10) Practicality

It’s not just their obvious advantages of comfort and convenience that cordless blinds provide. You get all the major benefits of room darkening, privacy, safety against intruders, sound absorption and good looks that come in cordless blinds. All you need to do is pick the ones of your choice and let them do the talking.

Energy efficient cordless window blinds, without any doubt, add the perfect finishing touch to your home. In this situation, you can have your children or pets running around without you stressing over their safety and have the convenience of operating them from a chair or a sofa where can relax lazily. If you want to upgrade your home with cordless or motorized shades, you can log in to ZebraBlinds and choose from among a wide range of style and affordability options.

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