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Energy Conservation Starts From Your Home, and It’s Time You Start!

Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Energy Efficient Window Treatment Ideas


Many of today’s window treatments are for more than just looks – they help make a room feel comfortable while turning your home green by reducing your heating and cooling bills.

When people think about energy-saving improvements to their house, the first thing they think of is their windows. While it’s true that windows are a source of heat or cold entering your home they are also significant sources of heat or cold loss. During the summer, our windows can sometimes serve as a magnifying glass when the sun is radiating directly into our home. Window treatments can make a hot summer pleasant and comfortable by reducing glare and blocking unwanted sunlight, and even by preventing the cold from escaping through our windows.

We all need to have energy efficient homes, whether its to benefit the environment or to just reduce energy costs. Energy efficiency is no longer just a luxury or a movement, it is attainable and affordable, and a necessity. Window coverings can reduce your cooling costs all over the summer and decrease heating expenses by keeping your room warm during a frigid winter.

Here are a few different Energy Efficient Window Treatment Ideas

Cellular Shades with Drapery

 Custom Cellular Shades

If you would like to achieve privacy and energy efficiency with a single window treatment, cellular shades are a great option. These shades feature a layered pattern that holds air in individual cells, thus these shades are also known as honeycomb shades. Because dormant air is a poor conductor of heat, a cellular shade creates an efficient temperature-transfer wall between the window and your home.


A double-pleated cellular shade obstructs energy loss as effectively as a ⅛-inch sheet of stiff foam insulation. Most cellular shades possess R-values between R-2 and R-5, whereas some manufacturers maintain up to R-7.8. R-value refers to the resistance power of the window towards the outside temperature.


The main disadvantage to most cellular shades and other energy efficient shades is that when the window treatments are closed and insulating your house, they also block light and hinder you from viewing out. One solution is to purchase transparent shades that let light inside – but if you turn on the lights inside your home, the outside world can see the inside of your home even though your window treatments. So a great solution is to combine these shades with drapes for more light filtering and privacy options.

Attractive Draperies 

When you are combining Cellular Shades with Drapery, get drapes with lining based on your needs — blackout lining protects from summer sun and heat and blocks out light, while thermally lined drapes which possess interlining made of thick fabric or other dense material shut out the cold. If you live in a climate that doesn’t often fall below freezing temperature, you can skip the interlining since the drapes and lining alone should insulate efficiently. Drapes may appear old-fashioned, yet they are quite effective at preventing heat from entering your home and keeping your room safe and comfortable. Closing dense drapes during the day serve as an efficient way of keeping warmth out, and closing them at night during the winter months keeps the warmth in.


Graber Plantation Shutters

Graber Plantation Shutters 

The plantation shutters from Graber are one of the most enduring styles to beautify and enhance your regular windows. These shutters are made of superior quality wood that assure a long-lasting charm to the overall aspect of your window treatments. Graber, a famous brand with more than seven decades of business in window treatments have transformed the market with their new product line of Shutters that offer excellence and function all at once.


Plantation shutters are fixed on the interior side of any window and are preferred for their artistic charm. The Graber’s Plantation Shutters offer effective privacy, light control, and protection from UV rays.

As the shutters fit perfectly in windows, they also block the transfer of heat through air movement or convection, creating a barrier between the outside heat and your home’s interior.


Energy Efficient Roman Shades

Energy Efficient Roman Shades 

Every homeowner should attempt to save energy bills wherever possible, and Roman window shades offer you the perfect solution. Roman shades are excellent insulators, which means the conditioned air in your room stays cool. This saves you money on your energy bills and can also keep your appliances in better shape for a longer period, as they don’t have to work as hard.


These shades provide your home with energy efficiency without compromising on your home decor. There are different varieties to choose from with respect to the pattern, style, color, and thickness. The Energy Efficient Roman Shades offer a specific ornamental look that can bring your whole room together. They are made of fabrics that have the elegance and formality of drapery with the modern look of a shade.


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