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Custom Drapery Valances

Custom Drapery Curtains for Your Smart Home

The Importance of Curtains

Custom Drapery Curtains 

Curtains are one of the most essential and common compositions of any home decor.

Curtains are so much more than just a piece of fabric. They add softness to a room and make any space that has windows look exceedingly beautiful.

Curtains hold a special place in interior designing. For a given room, apart from keeping the heat out and providing privacy, the drapes play a major role in enhancing the overall aesthetics.

A poor selection of curtain can make an immense difference to the overall look and spirit of your room. The right choice of curtains can intensify the decor of your living room, bedroom, dining rooms, or lounge, and blend with other interior design elements of your home to neatly give a complete look. But choosing the right curtains is not that easy. With a wide variety of colors, fabrics, and designs it can be a typically confusing task.


Curtains Offer the Following Benefits to Any Home


Energy Efficiency

Curtains are pretty good in keeping the unrelenting sunlight out of your room. Besides keeping the room cool, they help in protecting your furniture, photographs, flooring, valuables, accessories, etc. During the winters they help preserve the warmth of a room keeping the interiors comfortable. Drapery window treatments are considered to be an effective energy efficient option that leads to significant savings in energy bills.


Light Control

 Light Controlling Curtains

Curtains help in controlling the amount of natural light entering the room. The choice of texture and fabric of the curtains is a major determinant in controlling the light that enters your room. For a better ambiance, you can avoid bright external lights and let dim lights create their charm with the right set of curtains.


Manage Privacy

Curtains are excellent for maintaining privacy in your home. For areas like the living room and bedroom, privacy is especially needed. You can just draw the curtains to create the desired ambiance without prying sights of outsiders.

Especially if you are a resident of an apartment, where you have other occupied buildings in closed spaces, curtains are the ideal choice for managing privacy.



Curtains help in providing security for your home by blocking external sources from peeping into your personal spaces.



Curtains are well known for their flexibility. This is because of the wide range of choices they offer. You can choose from a boundless range of colors, patterns, fabrics, textures, etc. to match with your existing home decor of different rooms. You can also design layered curtains, with two or more layers to bring out your desired look. You can easily design a simple two-layered curtain with one being thick and the other being sheer. They bring immense elegance and sophistication to any space of your home.



Drapes offer excellent customization. You can customize the exact size and shape depending upon your requirement. They can also be used for every and any kind of window in your home, turning your home into your own little paradise.



Curtains come in a wide range of prices depending upon what fabric and texture you choose for your home. There are options befitting of every budget. Another great advantage they offer is that because they are affordable, you can replace them every so often and change between distinct looks without much financial impact.



Curtains of good quality last for a long time if they are well taken care of in the proper manner.


How to Dress up Your Room With the Curtains?

Drapery Window Treatments 

Hang your curtains close to the ceiling if possible. As a rule, you’ll need to leave an inch for access, but that’s it.

You can combine both window blinds and curtains. It’s all about how you want to design your space. If you are going for a more formal look, try combining blinds and curtains.

Don’t ever worry about your windows being too large. It’s like being too pretty — it’s just not possible. If you don’t want curtains to overwhelm a space; choose a piece of fabric that matches the wall color and that doesn’t create contrast.

Make sure your curtains complement the rest of your furniture. In a room, you have four essential components: the floor, ceilings, walls, and furniture, but only one can be the star. The other factors are featured in a supporting role, so if you want a leopard print curtains, you don’t want a leopard print couch and vise versa.

When choosing between wood slat blinds and roman shades to match with your drapes, it all depends on how much daylight and privacy you require. Slatted blinds let you adjust the amount of light a room gets, while roman shades have no tilt, but let in light depending on the type of fabric chosen.

With bay windows, you have two curtain choices. One, you can hang them on the leftmost and rightmost side, and then do a roman shade on the inside of each window. Or, you could do curtains on each window, one on the outside on the left, one in between each window where they meet, and one on the outside on the right.

The length of a curtain is an element of personal preference. Some of their curtains to just barely touch the floor, creating a cleaner look, but some people favor a larger pool of fabric at the bottom. For bedrooms, blackout curtains are perfect. They are made of the denser material that completely blocks light. When hanging drapes, make sure you order the proper fullness. You will want your curtains to be twice or even two and a half times the size of the window so that the fabric is able to layer on itself for an elegant look.


If you’re buying ready-made curtain panels, buy the longest ones you can. Have your dry cleaner hem them for a more custom look.


Things to Know Before You Buy Curtains


*Before you buy your drapes, take a picture of the walls and windows where you want to hang these window treatments.

*Measure the width of the window frame.

*Make a note of the highest measurement.

*Also, mark nearby switchboards and electrical outlets which you do not want to cover.


Measurements of Your Curtains

 Measurements of Your Curtains

The size of your curtains makes a massive difference in the look of the room.


You may want longer curtains if you are installing the curtain rod nearby the ceiling. When you measure the width, the total width of the curtains should be at least twice the width of the window and trim.


After deciding the type of curtains you want for your home, the next step is selecting the right curtain rod. The curtain rods lend to the intensity to your room. They should not demand total attention but only frame your window. With plenty of options, deciding on the window curtain rod’s color, measurement, and finials is never easy.


How to Choose the Right Curtain Rods?

Curtain Rods 

Besides the certain size, the rod size and placement can make a difference too. Curtain rods extended 2-3 inches past the frame give a traditional look, allowing the curtains to partially mask the window when you open them.


If we extend the rod 10-15 inches past the window trim, the entire window will be revealed when the drapes are drawn open, making the window look broader and larger.

For a standard look, hang the curtain rod 5-6 inches above the window frame. You can also use extra-long curtains, and the rod can be hung near the ceiling to make the room look taller. When you are deciding the curtain and rod placement, remember to account for how the curtain hangs on the rod (hooks, rings, tabs, grommets or pockets). If you are layering curtains, make sure that double-rod brackets might extend from the wall.


Size: The size of the curtain rod doesn’t need to be so particular. It should match up with the curtain. It shouldn’t be either too thick or too thin. Thinner ones end up giving a compromised look and enhance the beauty of your curtains. They blend well with your drapery making your room look beautiful.


Color: Choose a darker color when it comes to the selection of a curtain rod. If you’re more daring, you can also choose a color contrasting your drapes. Otherwise, consider your interiors and choose something suitable and not too attention-grabbing. For an incredibly classy look, you can choose stainless steel curtain rods or brass finished ones that look great for a room with the golden touch.


Length: The length of the window rod must be chosen based on the length of the window. If you want to cover the other parts of your home with your curtains apart from the window, make sure you get the right size. Most curtain rods are extendable and can be adjusted to a range of sizes. Proper sizing is the most important task of installing and choosing curtain rods.


Finials for Your Curtains

Finials for Curtains 

When it comes to selecting the finials for your curtains, it totally depends on your home interior design and your personal liking. If you have an optimistic or modern decor, then go for simple finials that will not draw much attention. If you wish the finials to add charm to your room, then you can try designer or crystal finials for your curtain rods.


Curtains for Your Bedroom


Bedroom curtains not only create a private space, but they also add a unique style to your bedroom. It doesn’t matter what kind of fabric and color you’re looking for, you can find a specific look that is perfect for you.

An excellent choice of curtains can make all the difference to your bedroom and convert it into a sleeping sanctuary. Curtains in a bedroom can make a stunning statement when combined with the rest of your bedroom’s decor.

Minimal, light and brightly colored curtains provide a striking contrast to your bed, walls, and side lamp or another decor element of your room.


Curtains for Your Living Room


Decorating the windows with curtains is a great way to supplement your style, and to bring your personality to the living room.

Curtains come in a wide variety of styles. Decide what suits the behavior of your room, and the window itself. Consider hanging bright curtains in the living room to create a pleasant ambiance, as you spend time there with your family and friends.


Custom Drapery Valances


One of the significant components of drapery window treatments is a valance. A valance is installed at the top of a window curtain which adds an aesthetic charm to your room.

Valances play an essential role in taking your window treatment’s beauty to the next level. Valances are available in a wide range of colors, designs, and styles. They are a perfect piece to highlight any curtain or drape.

Valances make your room look trim by serving as a veil to cover drapery hardware such as curtain rods. This gives the room a smooth and more organized look.


The Following are the Various Benefits Drapery Valances Offer:

Custom Drapery Valances 

Adds Softness to Windows

Bare windows give an unpleasant and empty look to your room. Valances are the best players to add softness to your bare windows. They let you have natural light in a room without covering the window entirely.

Give a Finished Look

If you have many windows within a single room, they can become the central focus of the room, making it look more cluttered. Valances add a finishing touch to your window treatments. They balance the room design against the other items in the room and can make your windows more subtle or softer as needed. 

Adds Artistic Appeal

Valances can renovate the look of your room. Perfectly customized valances with beautiful patterns add style and aesthetic attraction to your room. They also magnify the décor by matching your color theme.

Decorate your room with the perfect drapery valances that match your existing curtains and enhance the beauty of your drapery window treatments. They can combine with various window designs and add indescribable beauty to your window treatments.

And now, it’s time to shop these amazing drapery window treatments for your home at and make it look incredibly beautiful. Do not miss out the offers on these crazy products.

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