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Elevate and Energize Your Bedroom With Colourful Blinds


A bedroom is one place a person wants comfort, privacy and a certain amount of grandeur to make them feel at ease. The selection of the colour of the blinds can uplift a person, so it becomes essential to select a bright and colourful blind that can elevate and energize the bedroom. If one chooses the wrong blind, it can impact the psyche of an individual. When combined with contrasting or matching blinds, particular wall colours can help develop a more balanced and rounded personality of an individual. If one has the general feeling of being drained when one steps into the bedroom, it might very well be the time to change the room’s ambience with colourful blinds to elevate and energize it.

Ways in which one can elevate and energize the bedroom with colourful blinds

The bedroom in a house is where bright textured fabrics and rich colour for the blinds are typically preferred. Some of how one can achieve it as are shown below:

  • Opting for Matching Blinds and Walls:

If one favours the monochromatic feel to the room, one can match the colour of the blinds with the colour of the walls. The only variation can be by opting for a slightly brighter tone than the walls to create a warm and calming hue. Further, by choosing an unicolored approach, one ensures that the other décor of the bedroom is not overshadowed, and still, it showcases a sense of style and exclusiveness.

  • Opting for a Contrasting Blind and Walls:

If one has a dynamic and daring personality, then opting for bright coloured contrasting blind to the wall’s colours is a good option. The window treatment will become the room’s focal point and give a vibrant look to the bedroom.

Further, one should remember that if the furniture in the bedroom is patterned, then the blinds should be bold and solid coloured. In the same vein, if the furniture is more or less the same in terms of colour choice, patterned window treatments can indeed elevate the bedroom’s overall ambience.

  • Opting for contrasting Blinds and Curtains:

The other way to elevate the bedroom’s overall feel is to opt for bright coloured contrasting blinds with curtains. It will provide more privacy but at the same time energize the atmosphere in the room. It will also attract attention to the window and the view which is outside.

Effect that the choice of blinds has on the psyche of an individual

The choice of colour of the blind has an indelible impression on the psyche of an individual. The intensity of the shade and the person’s style go a long way in selecting the suitable blind for the bedroom window. One should keep in mind the effects of the following colours while finalizing the shade of the blind:

  • Powerful and calm Blue Blinds: Blue shades are known to have a calming and relaxing influence on an individual’s mind. If one opts for a blue shaded blind in the bedroom, it should complement the colour on the walls and is one of the most recommended shades. Blue can bring a sense of calm and ease. To attain a cosy and peaceful ambience, one should opt for warmer shades of blue like cobalt and periwinkle.
  • Spirited Red Blinds: Out of almost all the colour options available, red is perhaps the most suited to energize the bedroom’s ambience. The colour is very intense and can drain an individual quickly if used in excess. So the recommendation is to use the colour sparingly in the bedroom. Accent walls with complimentary red-coloured blinds are more than sufficient to energize a person in the morning. It has been observed that the red colour enhances creativity. If the bedroom has a desk or a table to study, then the red coloured blinds might stimulate ingenuity and help one bring out the best ideas.
  • Elevating Yellow Blinds: Yellow colour uplifts the overall persona of the room. Suppose one is a morning person and is in the habit of opening up the blinds to let the sunlight in the room yellow-coloured blinds will match the welcoming sun’s morning mood. It will lead to a bright start to the day. When the blinds are drawn, the yellow colour will help brighten the room and make the ambience more energetic. But one should keep in mind that excessive use of yellow can create frustration and uneasiness. If one wants the entire room with a yellow ambience, then the blinds should be of softer pastel yellow.
  • Comforting Green Blinds: Shades of green are suitable for every room of the house, especially the bedroom. Green blinds together with walls that compliment them can make the bedroom look suave and trendier. They make people calm and soothed. People in many cultures believe that green attracts prosperity and fertility while encouraging togetherness and comfort. The room’s overall ambience created with green- blinds bodes well for couples with kids as it fosters unity, warmth, and well-being. Further, green blinds can elevate the bedroom’s importance as they can have a mind-clearing and therapeutic effect on people’s mental well-being.
  • Soothing Purple Blinds:  Blinds with lighter shades of purple like lilac, lavender contribute to creating a relaxing ambience of the bedroom. These shades make people calm, well-rested and at ease. Blinds with lighter shades of purple work well for both early and later risers as the hade has soothing and refreshing qualities. Blinds with darker shades of purple like wine help create a more luxuriant feel but can lower the energy levels quite quickly. We should use darker shades of purple, sparingly, in a bedroom.
  • Exhilarating Orange Blinds: Blinds with different hues of orange can have a surprisingly purifying impact on the dweller’s overall personality. The colour orange, by its very nature, does not help people unwind or get relaxed. Hence orange blinds should only be opted by people who are comfortable getting up early in the morning. Blinds that contribute to creating a bright orange hue in the bedroom can stimulate the mind and make the person excited at the beginning of the day. Still, overuse of colour can quickly drain away the energy.
  • Restful Pink Blinds: Blinds with soft pink colour in a bedroom can create a mood that relaxes people. It helps them remain calm and relieves them of any anger or frustrations. It is commonly known as the “pink effect”, and bedrooms can be made to look stylish yet calm. Blinds with a pink colour are also known to encourage playfulness and kindness.

The type of colour for window treatment one uses in the bedroom tells a complete story about an individual’s personality. Ultimately it depends upon individual choices. But one may keep the above indicators in mind before selecting the blinds to create the perfect mood and ambience in the bedroom