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The Economy and Value of Roller Shades

Debunking Myths about PVC or Vinyl.

“There are few construction products or raw materials that generate as much unnecessary controversy as polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as PVC. However, the “controversy” over PVC comes in the form of misconceptions and myths that have proliferated over its decades of use. Like most myths, the ones about PVC are often sourceless or based on a lack of understanding; yet, they gain a false credibility through repetition.”Building Design and Construction, March 30, 2015.

Have you ever wondered why there’s PVC in almost all products that we use every day if it’s so toxic? Even wooden furniture is made of some elements of PVC, e.g., the plug used to seat screws, anti-skid elements, etc. PVC is hugely relevant to making affordable, durable, sustainable products – we would be paying out massive amounts in costs if someone hadn’t discovered it eons ago! Let’s look at the argument of plastic vs. paper: two plastic bags use 13% less total energy to produce than one paper bag; paper bags need a recycling rate of at least 50% to be more energy efficient than twice the number of plasticsRick Lingle, Technical Editor, Packaging World.

That would explain why the so-called eco-friendly products cost us an arm and a leg, with a finish that could be improved upon!

Some of the facts that go a long way in dispelling long-held myths about PVC are:

Myth 1- PVC can’t be recycled
PVC compounds are a hundred percent recyclable, and can be subjected to recycling time and again.

Myth 2 – PVC is dangerous
The WHO has undertaken numerous studies that have repeatedly proved that the material is safe.

Myth 3 – Manufacturing PVC harms the environment
A typical PVC production plant would have to function 30,000 years in order to produce the same amount of dioxins (toxic product released as a by-product of some manufacturing processes) released into the atmosphere during a bonfire night.

Myth 4 – PVC offers inadequate energy savings and durability.
PVC is far more efficient than alternative materials, with interminable life spans.

The Benefits of Roller Shades.

I thank chemists every day when I consider that the comfortable slippers we wear, bath mats and shower curtains, a host of electrical and electronic equipment are made with PVC components. I have been an advocate of the use of Roller Shades for years now and have made converts of a vast number of homeowners in the use of roller shades. People like those who run the Springs Window Fashions couldn’t have become giants in the window shading industry by fooling people. They know their business and continually evaluate production techniques in order to bring to the people useful and innovative products. Like their roller blinds that have produced functional window dressings to those wanting stylish products on the cheap. It is said that PVC roller shades and PVC Vertical blinds remain the hot favorites of the American population because 99% of the Americans would just as soon avoid dusting, and PVC window dressings are so easily maintained while being ideal for any number of window and door shading. They are easily installed with clip on brackets and are available in standard window sizes and customized options. Draperies can be expensive to obtain and just as costly to maintain. Roller shades in PVC and polyester blends offer the ideal economical solution.

The range of colors and patterns the roller shades are available in boggle! They find a place in practically every commercial and residential space, providing modern simplicity and allure. Graber Roller Shades and Crown offer different light diffusion options from light filtering to room darkening and blackout in a variety of lift options like the traditional cord lift, the cordless and smart pull for homes with children and pets, and the motorized options for trouble-free control and energy savings as per government norms. It pays to understand the utility of motorization in window shading – motorization costs have reduced by more than 50% in recent years, and the U.S. Department of Energy advocates the use of cheap motorized shades programmed to integrate with lighting and other equipment like the av system for optimal energy savings. When homeowners are out of town, the window shades can be programmed to function as if the owners are home, maintaining an illusion of occupancy.

An interesting option available among roller shades is the dual option that allows you to combine light filtering and blackout shades on the same cassette valance but on two rollers, providing the convenience of lowering the light filtering shade during the day to cut out the glare and the UV rays, and lowering the blackout shade at night for privacy and a measure of insulation. They are even available in motorized dual roller shades styles that operate with a remote control. You can also play around with shade material, textures and design to create aesthetic appeal for interiors. You could even combine the regular PVC/polyester fabric blends with the LightWeaves Solar fabric to excellent climate control during the day.

Roller shades also come with options for a range of scallops and hem bars that help alleviate plainness for those who prefer dressier designs. You can also opt for a variety of valances, cassettes and fascias to cover the head rails and add a designer element to your windows.
Don’t sneeze at Vinyl. The experts have put in a lot of R&D to bring to you stylish and economical roller shades that are trouble-free and endlessly functional.

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