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Environmental-Friendly Window Shades That Are Superior in Quality & Construction

Eco Friendly Window Coverings

Eco-Friendly Window Coverings – Superior in Quality & Construction


How many of us are responsible when it comes to preserving the environment? While we do our best to keep our houses clean, we do not realize how certain everyday things we do can hamper the environment in a big way. Noise, air, and water pollution are created due to substances that we use every day. Some materials used in constructing our houses can be detrimental to health and can carry dirt and dust that may cause allergies and skin-related defects.

The arena of window treatments is no different. Even as we choose window coverings that are the best in terms of quality and looks, we sometimes don’t know the effects they have on the environment. If you are concerned about the well-being of society in general, and most notably the environment, you should go for eco-friendly window shades that can be installed in your room and still retain its beauty and attractiveness.


Eco-Friendly Window Coverings


Eco-friendly window coverings are made of natural products that are renewable and hence more beneficial to the environment. These are made of materials such as bamboo, wood, grass, and jute. Giving your home an essence of nature and giving it a peaceful vibe, these window coverings make your home a lovely place to be in. You can go choose to go green with the following window coverings:


1) Natural Woven Blinds

Natural Woven Blinds

The world is shifting to modern blinds and shades employing state of the art technology that serves to make things simpler for owners who can adjust the window settings and have everything at their disposal from the comfort of their bed or couch. In such a scenario, you do not even have to move an inch if you have a remote-controlled device to control your blinds and shades. However, do we ever stop to think and ponder over the materials used in the construction of these blinds? While they serve us the best with their redeeming features, this is usually done at the cost of the environment.

You can do your bit by opting for natural woven blinds, shades that are pleasant to look at and with such smooth texture that they can be set up and be suitable for any kind of room.

Natural woven blinds come in a variety of colors such as Ashbury Camel, Bayhead White, Sarasota Camel, and Hatteras Cocoa. When they are open, they form neat folds rather than an uneasy and cluttered appearance, retaining their charm whether they are open or closed. They are also designed to withstand and prevent against moisture, which makes them long lasting and durable. Practical and smooth, they are window essentials that can liven up any kind of room.

2) Graber Wood Shutters

Graber Wood Shutters

Graber wood shutters are one of the high-quality blinds that are made especially from North American hardwood. With slats with a thickness of 2”, the blinds are lightweight and can block out a major portion of sunlight when closed. These are amazing energy efficient options which can also let in sunlight and make your rooms brighter when you want them to. They are available in a variety of colors, such as Allspice, Angora, Honey Maple, Knotty Pine, Medium Grey, and True Taupe. They are also available in multiple design options and valance detailing, making you choose the best ones according to the size, shape, and design of your room.

Being naturally textured and grainy, Traditions Wood Blinds from Graber is also available in different slat sizes such as 1”, 2”, 3/8” and 2 ½”. Installing them is an easy and simple process, and they can be easily cleaned by way of dusting, vacuuming, and soil removal. As they are specifically designed to withstand moisture effects, they are water immersible too.

3) Graber Elite Wood Blinds

Graber Elite Wood Blinds

Traditional window coverings with a smooth and lustrous look of elegance and natural charm, Graber Elite Wood Blinds are a shining example of the exemplary quality the best brand in window shades provides. To make things more convenient, they come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty option. These blinds are known for their effectiveness, durability, and irresistible style.

From the Michigan wood processing plant of Springs Window Fashions, these blinds are firm and study. They give the luxury of hand-finished material where the texture of every blind is such that no two blinds look the same. With these unique methods of manufacturing them, you can have your own blinds customized which makes them ideal window coverings for your contemporary home.

The blinds also come in both cordless and corded systems; you can use the former for a user-friendly operation that also makes them safe to use and create a minimal yet chic look.

4) Graber Light Filtering Natural Shades

Graber Light Filtering Natural Shades

Lending their shape a raw, unfinished, and natural look, these light filtering natural shades from Graber will be a great artistic addition to your home.

With a pure earthy essence, these are made of natural materials such as sisal bamboo and bamboo reeds. They are available in colors such as Lipo Ambrosia, Lipo Java, Chencun White, and Amour Radiant. They are also known as natural or Roman blinds because of their texture and look.

Available in varied lift styles such as Standard cord control, continuous loop-lift system and cordless, they offer plenty of customizable options that you can go for. The seamless appearance goes well with their light filtering capabilities, and when pulled down during the daytime, they ensure you save on your electricity costs by filling the room with natural sunlight.


What Makes Eco-friendly Blinds Special


If elucidating every single feature of natural blinds wasn’t specific and clear enough, we will hereby point out the various benefits associated with them.

1) Environment-friendly: “Eco-friendly” and “environmentally friendly” is essentially the same thing. You can pick and choose your favorite among them as they are available in stores all over the country at prices according to your affordability. Environmentally friendly blinds are made using sustainable methods, are recyclable, and are made with natural and renewable materials. Do your bit for the environment.

2) A natural look: A natural and smooth texture makes them appear raw and unfinished in their texture, thereby lending a natural appeal that is a solid contrast to your contemporary setting. It makes them essential scene stealers in your home, threatening to overshadow every other positive aspect of your house.

3) Versatility: Coming in customizable patterns, they can be set up on the window of any kind and size, in slats of varied sizes.

4) Heat Blocking and Light Filtering: Made from premium natural materials and thereafter crafted to perfection, they do all the work of controlling the inside temperature and letting you enjoy your peace and solitude. This additional makes them excellent blockers against UV radiation, and ensure the place is also filled with natural light with the slats open or tiled just slightly.

You can certainly do your part for the environment in the most minimal of ways. You can start by getting blinds made from natural fibers rather than harmful materials. They will not only make your house look good with their earthy appearance but will be a small step towards a safer and cleaner environment.

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