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Easy to use and comfortable skylights shades and blinds

The presence of Skylights brightens any room with daylight and offers a fresh and lively feel to the room. During scalding long summers, covering this skylight with energy efficient skylight blinds and shades benefits a home by making it more comfortable and blocking direct sunlight exposure. These skylight blinds or shades help to protect from UV-Rays damages and save your energy bill. There are countless collections of elegant colors of Skylight one inch Aluminum Blinds and Skylight Crystal Pleat Cellular Shades with sky poles provided by Graber available on Crown offers Hi-Tech Motorized Skylight Shades with extensive selections of brilliant colors. These top of the line Skylight Blinds and Skylight Shades with affordable price can be customized and bought from the online window treatment store. Get the extra benefits of Life Time Limited Warranty offered by all Graber products and the Five years limited Warranty provided by Somfy Motors.

Skylight Blinds

Skylight-Aluminum-Blinds -
Custom Graber one-inch Aluminum Skylight Blinds are available in lovely colors can be controlled with the help of sky poles. It can be customized to the size of the skylight according to the need. This quality aluminum skylight blinds helps block and control the direct sunlight by closing entirely or partially by tilting the slats with the sky poles. The skypoles are easy to use and is available on six feet and nine feet lengths. These lightweight skylight Aluminum blinds are easy to maintain and very simple to install. The color coordinated components that come with the aluminum skylight blinds provide a more elegant look and ensure reliability.

Skylight Shades

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A custom Crystal Pleat skylight cellular shade is one of the most insulated window coverings available and protects your home from the sweltering summer and a freezing winter. Graber provides this skylight shade in single cellular and double cellular options with light filtering, room darkening features or blackout. The light filtering cellular fabric allows a moderate daylight into the room but blocks UV- rays. A room darkening cellular fabric allows only one percentage of sunlight into the room and protects the home from UV-Rays. The blackout cellular fabrics have a Mylar coating which also helps provide the best level of insulation and blocks a hundred percent of light and UV-rays. The skylight cellular shades come in a large selection of colors that you will love and also include color coordinated accessories. These shades can open and close with the help of a sky pole. These Skylight Cellular Shades can customize to any size of the skylights and very useful to any extreme weather in the USA.

Motorized Skylight Shades

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Crown provides Smart Motorized Skylight blackout shades with excellent quality and a range of honeycomb fabrics; the difference is that these come with motorized remote controls. Like Graber, Crown also makes these shades in light filtering, room darkening, and blackout fabrics. These super fine insulated skylight cellular shades can be customized to any size and are available in a vast variety of colors. There is no need for a wand, skypole or cords; you simply use a remote to open and close them, you can even use your smartphone. The shades functions using small tubular motors concealed in the headrails and are powered in 3 different ways:

1. Battery Wand – twelve Volt batteries that can mount on the wall or the Ceiling with wand clips coming in white color and this battery can be replaced whenever we need.

2. DC Power Supply – The DC Power Supply, which comes in a white color and is composed of a wire upto eighty inches that can be connected to a standard power outlet. This twelve-volt power supply can operate a single skylight shade.

3. Mezzo Solar Recharger – This simple Solar Panel converts the sunlight into electrical energy, utilizing the solar power for recharging its batteries. Somfy claims this rechargeable battery system is maintenance free up to seven and half years as per the usage data they have.

Somfy provides all these motors and the high-tech control systems ensure its high quality and durability. The radio frequency MyLink motor system integrates with Smartphones, I-Pad’s or Laptops, etc. and can be used to control the shades from anywhere in the world. The five- channel remote system is priced lower than the Mylink control system and can be used to control more than one shade. These Smart Motorized Skylight Cellular Shades are very convenient and energy efficient. These stylish skylight shades are ideal for all styles of skylight windows.

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