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Easy Tips For Color Matching With Light Grey Walls

Easy Tips For Color Matching With Light Grey Walls

The beauty and versatility of the color grey cannot be stated enough. This hue lies somewhere between white and black colors and has neutral properties. Grey color comes in multiple shades and can be used in almost any room be it a kitchen, bedroom, dining area, or bathroom- which is why the trend for getting light grey walls is only skyrocketing with time.

Grey adds an element of sophistication, depth, and elegance to your house. Gone are the days when people used to be reluctant about choosing this color for their walls because they considered grey to be associated with sadness. On the contrary, nowadays, grey is considered to be a classy, rich, and soothing color all over the world.

Popular Hues That Complement Light Grey Walls

When paired with the right furnishings and statement pieces, grey walls can make your home look simply stunning. Light grey color is associated with an extensive color palette that includes hues such as fossil, mink, pewter, Rhino, trout, cloud, silver, etc. These colors can be used in a myriad of ways to enhance and beautify one’s interior decoration. Having said that, here are some of the tips to make color matching with light grey walls convenient, stylish, and hassle-free:

  • Grey Living Room Walls

By pairing three light grey-colored walls with a fourth “accent wall” that is painted in a slightly darker shade of grey, the overall achieved effect can be mesmerizing and captivating. Especially, in living rooms, light grey walls can be paired with fuchsia or beige sofa sets. Moreover, the aesthetics can be further elevated by adding colorful cushions to the mix. Rugs with grey stripes also go a long way in contributing to the depth of the room.

Neon accent chairs or yellow accessories also help immensely in bringing out the beauty of light grey walls. The right color furniture and rugs can create that patterned and layered look which provides a sense of intricacy to this color that is wrongly considered to be monotonous.

  • Bright Colors To Beautify The Bedroom

A bedroom stylized with colors that are predominantly grey can create an incredibly soothing and sophisticated ambiance.  In this scenario, even bedding with charcoal grey hues can work wonders in adding a dynamic vibe. However, to create a sense of contrast, one can either go for white linen bed sheets or use bed sheets with bright patterns that sport pops of uplifting colors such as bright yellow, pink, coral, etc.

Additionally, it is also a great idea to opt for patterned footstools and bright-colored side tables to create a mix and match kind of cohesive look. Bare walls can dampen the look of the rooms so make sure to adorn it with a beautiful piece of art that is meaningful for you.

  • Ideas for Grey Kitchen Colors

Grey works best in kitchens when the aspect of contrast is kept in mind to create layers and visual interest. Stainless steel appliances and marble countertops work in synchronicity with the grey elements as they blend well to form a balanced yet inviting appeal.

Moreover, the grey color looks even more attractive when it is paired strategically with shades of white. For example, in a kitchen with white drawers and cabinetry, a kitchen island with lightly-toned grey offers just the right amount of contrast that also goes along well with the wooden flooring. This play of light grey, white, and metallic hues are bound to add a splash of personality to any kitchen.

  • Dining Area and Entry Way Decor

Dining areas with neutral grey walls look chic and cosy. The combination of hardwood floors and modern wood furniture can help in drawing the warm undertones of the grey walls; thereby, creating a polished and urban appeal. Make sure to let in ample sunlight to make the dining area brighter and more open, in general. If you are looking for a more organic and nature-oriented ambiance, you can never go wrong with a rustic dining table combined with a vintage chandelier and classic chairs.

Quite like the dining room, the entrance of a house sets the tone for the overall style and beauty of a place, which is why it is integral to decorate the entryway. If your fourier encompasses grey walls, you can make use of decorative items such as crystal showpieces or a sunburst mirror to serve as a focal point of the place. In this scenario, minimalistic accessories can provide a highly suave look and also blend well with the grey walls.

  • Ideal Color Curtains for Grey Walls

If you are looking to revamp and decorate your house, you cannot afford to dress your windows poorly, or worse, leave them bare. After all, the fabric and color of drapes are a must if you want to increase the aesthetic beauty of the windows.

If you have grey walls in your house, then curtains with coral, scarlet, or orange colors should be picked if you want to make a bold statement. On the other hand, if creating a more refined ambiance is your goal, then you can never go wrong with cream and navy blue curtains.

Additionally, white and grey colors blend perfectly with each other. That is why, even if you add plain white colored curtains to such a room, the results can be elegant, refreshing, and stunning. If you want to take your interior decor up a notch, consider getting white curtains with floral patterns and elements of olive green or yellow hues.

Final Thoughts

White and grey walls may come across as too simplistic at first. However, when paired with the right kind of window treatments as well as furnishings, they can turn the look of any place around and create a sense of modern and polished appeal. So if you are perplexed about the decoration options for your house having grey walls, you can be assured that there are plenty of wonderful options to choose from!

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