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Easter Eggs and More, this spring!

Easter decorations

Festivity knows no bounds; this especially stands true for Easter that is celebrated across the globe with much vigor and pomp. Some of the most prevalent customs like the tradition of painting Easter eggs dates back nearly 2,500 years ago is a highlight for children. Then began the donning of floral wreaths for the occasion, around the late 1700s, followed by the beginning of parades with Easter candles, fancy headgear and costumes. In the 19th century, the German immigrants brought the tradition of adorning baskets and hiding sweet treats around the home as a fun activity for children. This later gave rise to the ever-popular Easter Egg Hunt. And in America, as we all know, there’s a whole array of vibrant celebration, from parades in New York, to train rides with the Easter bunny, to festive processions in New Orleans. So what’ve you planned this Easter? Getting the lovely Pearlized egg wreaths, stained glass Easter decorations, the Easter Cross wreaths, or the light colored Table cloths and curtains?! I’m sure most of us have planned our Easter family get-together too! Besides deciding the menu for the day, cleaning your favorite cutlery, and arranging for those Easter bunny cookies and yummy Easter eggs, there’s more you could do this time around.

As Christ ascends, and we celebrate this great Mystery of Faith, how about remaking it with something as joyful, colorful and beautiful? Your quest for some new Easter decoration ends with our exclusively designed Natural Shades, giving you ultimate protection from the sun, and arresting looks too. Today, as the world seeks to pioneer a Sustainable Environment, we too initiate to design the safest and the sustainable shades for you. Whether providing a warm and secure napping environment for children or the perfect feel for a family gathering, conserving energy or controlling the afternoon glare at work, our natural shades made in cooperation with nature are truly your best take away home product. The renew-ability aspect of these shades is its very ‘eco’ feature. Getting those lovely shaded window coverings along with your colorful balloons, Easter bunny garlands, wreaths and matching drapes with table napkins would just about put together a perfect festive look. Imagine the beautiful Easter Lilies you’ve placed in the vase – how picturesquely the natural soft hues complement them! Soft, subtle, eye catching yet sober- just what Easter and spring themes underline.

Natural and eco-friendly blinds, shades and drapes.

The textural fabrics blended with natural elements such as bamboo, wood, jute, and other grasses create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The unevenly shaped bamboo sections, naturally shaped reeds, different thickness of the grass used bestow natural splendor. Being light colored, they filter the harsh light into your rooms, dispersing darkness and welcoming the warm spring rays. An aunt of mine always organized an Easter treasure hunt for us cousins. She’d do it year after year and would keep an eye on us children to make sure we didn’t cheat or create havoc. But the poor thing would have to leave her cooking and keep running to the backyard door to see us. However, my aunt, who is now a grandma won’t have to run to and fro to look over her grandchildren. All she needs to do it raise the shades, and she’ll know who’s up to mischief! Again, she also need not worry about permanently getting the warm glare inside her kitchen, making it hotter.

Since the shades insulate your home from the warm rays, don’t you worry about having to think of ways to keep your kids indoors. They’ll want to stay indoors to enjoy the coolness! With these eco-safe, energy efficient, durable, high quality, and versatile bamboo window shades, it’s definitely going to be a great season! What more would you ask for. Order them now, and they’ll surely become the centerpiece of your home. With the fashion-forward design, endowed with rich materials, they rightly fit into today’s color pallet.
Our most reliable brands like Crown and Graber offer unsurpassable dimensions to your windows while helping to create the comfortable atmosphere of casual sophistication. Crown shades are moisture controlled to prevent warping and rotting and offers in its range the Woven Wooden Shades, whose smooth appearance is an added bonus. Graber’s natural shades are known for the precision in manufacture. They are available in Old Style Roman Shades, Standard Roman Shades and Looped or Relaxed Roman Shades styles.

Natural Shades can be easily operated, even by children, with cordless and motorized lift options, without any hanging cords that may be strangulation hazards. Decorators of this age have thus brought the unspoiled beauty of natural accents to your doorstep. This gentle, pure aesthetic and unfathomable collection strikes the right balance of the natural world of your Homes. I’m sure these earthy colors and soft hues have already made it to your Easter decor list. Surf through the Zebrablinds site for a proper perusal of other exciting features and the offers we have in store for you this season. Celebrate this magical season with friends, family and Zebrablinds. Have a blessed Easter folks!

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