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Easiest Ways to Get Powered Window Blinds

Powered Window Blinds

Like any modern home equipment, window blinds are designed to make lives easier and simpler for us. And when these blinds are motorized or automated, that is the icing on the cake.

The traditional blinds entailed a cord-like or continuous loop system where manual intervention was necessary to function them. However, the past decade has led to a major technological transformation in the way we operate these window treatments.

This section is dedicated to the layman who is new to the arena of window blinds. For you, we present a mini-guide that will present to you the ways in which you can get powered window blinds to make things easier for you. With the help of these modern window treatments, you will be operated to operate them without a lot of strain or hard work.

Z Wave Enabled Smart Motorized Shades

Unless you’re living under a rock, you might have heard about Google Home and Amazon Alexa. These technologies in home automation have lives much easier for owners who rely on them for a variety of tasks. Whether you want the lights of a room switched off, the television turned on, or the blinds adjusted to a certain degree, all you need to do is give voice instructions. For instance, a simple “OK Google, switch off the lights in the bedroom” is all you need to say to operate your blinds in an instant.

To get this functionality with your window treatments, you need Z-wave smart shades connected to a compatible hub. With the Z-wave enabled motorized shades, you can control the movement of your shades and blinds with your fingertips on a smartphone, set automation, and more.

A few benefits of these powered window blinds are as follows.

1. Convenience and effectiveness: When you are running your shades using a smartphone, you can operate them from any corner of the house. Once you have the app installed, you can segregate the products in your home as well as the different window treatments installed in any room.

2. Suitable for Hard-to-Reach Windows: Even with simple remote control, the operation for window shades that are at a certain height can be difficult. You’re then left with a trial-and-error method of pressing the buttons again and again until the remote works. With Z-wave shades, however, it doesn’t matter. You may well operate skylight blinds with smartphones and they will operate as well as blinds that are within reach.

3. Security: With scheduled timers set off to go at different times of the day, the shades can operate themselves even when the home is unoccupied. This keeps the place secure from potential intruders who are always on the lookout for an opportunity to barge into the house.

4. Safety From/For Kids: Kids are naturally curious, and anything within their reach has the danger of being twisted out of proportions, the cords of window blinds being no exception. But when you have automated power blinds, you can be assured that your window treatments remain safe in your absence.
Z-Wave Smart Sheer Shades

Virtual Cord Z-wave Graber Cellular Shades

Compatible with all modern home automation such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Amazon Echo, these shades can be controlled with your voice and your smartphone. Modern technology has ensured that they automatically adjust themselves according to the position of the sun or when the room heats up or cools down more than necessary. Meanwhile, the cellular feature ensures that they provide you the necessary privacy besides offering light filtering capabilities.
Z- Wave Smart Cellular Shades

Virtual Cord Graber Solar Shades

Coupled with customized transparency features, these solar shades are great for reducing heat from direct sunlight while preserving your view. You can use smart features to have them adjust according to the level of sunlight and the heat inside and outside the room. An additional feature is a prevention from the harmful ultraviolet glare that might lead to skin-related diseases and cause damage to the flooring of the interiors. These shades will help you retain the outside view, thanks to a special fabric that goes into their construction.
Z-Wave Enabled Solar Shades
Powered window blinds are the future of home window treatments, and are here to stay. You might get an existing home window treatment upgraded to a motorized one, and get the Z-wave automation feature installed via a smartphone. You can get the Google Home/Amazon Alexa device installed after talking to the manufacturer for instructions. However, before you get the power blinds installed, it is always a good idea to seek professional help rather than assuming things on your own.