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Top Dust-Resistant Window Blinds for Beach Homes

Dust-Resistant Blinds

Dust-Resistant Blinds for Beach Homes

It is a dream come true for many to have their homes set up next to the beach. Who wouldn’t love to have an abode in such an exclusive environment, where you can see the horizon, hear the sounds of waves and be close to home while you vacation in your own backyard? That does sound like fun. However, staying in a beach home comes with its own set of challenges, the tropical weather being one of them, and being exposed to sand that may find its way into your home is another.


When you are staying in a beach home, you may try to set up your home and give it more of a natural look than a standard city apartment. When it comes to having window treatments, you better have something that will resist heat and moisture. What you need is specifically dust-resistant blinds that will make staying there amazing and worth it.


Dust-Resistant Blinds for Living Room

There is no shortage of the right blinds in the market as everyone of them comes with their own set of features. You just need to decide which would be the best fit. To be able to repel dust, what we are looking for, however, are blinds that are sturdy and long-lasting, and are comparatively easier to clean without developing stains and spots that are hard to rub off. Let us hereby look at some tried-and-tested dressing options that are best installed in the living room. Why, you ask? They are the ones under direct exposure to the beach and the hot and cool breezes, and where guests may come in and lounge around after playing outside. So you better get yourself prepared.

 Dust Resistant Blinds for Living Room


1-inch Aluminum Blinds

Dirt and fire retardant, moisture-wicking, sturdy and reliable: these are some of the features most commonly associated with these beauties. Their versatility in construction and sleek design make them suitable for rooms of all kind, including your bathroom windows. Their thin slat sizes ensure maximum privacy and protection against the humid beach weather, and they allow no light to pass through them as they are devoid of any crevices or holes. Being moisture-resistant, they are a good fit for your kitchen sink windows too, where most blinds usually fail to last.

 1-inch Aluminum Classic Graber Blinds


1-inch Designer Vinyl Blinds

We are presenting another thin-sized blind for you. Why, you ask? We can’t help it, to be true! The construction allows them to be easily managed and cleaned as dust settles evenly among them. It is easier to wipe than, say, draperies where cleanliness is a tough and time-consuming task, costing money for dry-cleaning stuff which cannot be washed. These blinds offer you a robust as well as an economic solution for your beach home. They can lend as much privacy as their light diffusing capabilities and are available in colors as diverse as Alabaster, Black, Cornflower Blue and Light Gray.

 1-inch Designer Vinyl Blinds


2-inch Faux Wood Blinds by Graber

When you are exploring options, you must look no further than the ever-reliable and trustworthy brand of Graber that constructs solid and hard blinds with specially made materials to set them apart from the brand’s counterparts. Their range in shutters is equally amazing. So what better than going for high-quality blinds that give all the benefits of real wood at a much more reasonable price? These blinds work well in a variety of rooms. And when you have a beach home to show off your superior taste to peers and relatives, these shadings on any kind of beach home window will serve as an icing on the cake to your class.

 2-inch Faux Wood Blinds


To sum up, dust-resistant window blinds are important not only in lending your home true character but are also made of sturdy material to last you decades. Naturally, in beach homes, we expect blinds that can keep the hot and humid weather at bay, and also the sand from entering our home. Go for the options listed above, or you can do your own research before coming up with a suitable choice.

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