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Take Advantage of the Durability of Faux Wood Valances

Faux Wood Valances 

Take Advantage of the Durability of Faux Wood Valances


Come summer, and you will be prepping up your windows to sparkle and shine throughout your home. Adding decorative valances has never been as easy; Valances give your window treatment a finished look and help conceal the headrail and mounting brackets of your window coverings. And if you are one of those who swears by the effects of wood, then faux wood valances are a must have in your home. Complimenting the decor of your existing furnishings and window treatments, they add the right kind of gleam whether it is combining them with wood blinds or cellular shades, they blend in beautifully.

Faux wood valances are an elegant addition to any decor. Available in a vast range of colors and textures, they add a touch of traditionalism to your room. The natural grains reflect the wood styles and up the fashion quotient drastically. This season if you are looking at layering your window treatments with valances, then here are some advantages you should know about them.


What is Faux Wood?


Wood that has been chemically engineered is called faux wood. It is a combination of vinyl polymers that adds durability to the product. The usage of alternative material makes it maintenance free. You can easily clean them with the swap of a soft wet cloth without the fear of scratching, warping or denting them. Faux wood is so perfectly crafted that you can easily mistake them for real wood. With innovations, faux wood is clearly for anyone who prefers an alternative to wood. If you have multiple windows in your home and are yearning for a real wood feel, then clearly faux wood is the way to go. It not only is light on your pocket but also adds an ageless beauty on a shoestring budget.


Moisture Resistant


Faux wood is made to work well in rooms that need to stand up to excessive moisture. The vinyl materials used to engineer this product makes them moisture resistant and prevents warping and yellowing thereby ensuring they are an ideal product for all weathers.


Anti Static in Nature


The chemical treatment done to faux wood ensures they are anti-static thereby ensuring they are free from dust, which means they are very low on maintenance.


Wood Look-Alike


Faux wood has the same characteristics as real wood shades and sometimes looks almost identical to them. The vast range of colors and textures make them a perfect choice while combining them with other treatments.


Beauty on a Budget


The craving for the warmth of real wood in your home is an added advantage of faux wood. If you are on a budget yet want the majestic appearance of wood, then faux wood is the answer. Available in a range of solid and wood grains colors, Valances give a distinctive and thoughtful character to your home.


Layering Appropriately


Adding valances with faux wood has never been easier. Available in any color of your choice they can be combined with any treatment. Here are some popular layering options;

Motorized Wood Blinds

  • Wood Blinds – Layering wood blinds with valances has always been an extremely popular combination. Add a pop of color to your wood blinds with valances to highlight your style statement. Motorized wood blinds are a great option and can be easily layered with valances for extra convenience and elegance that exceeds normal visual appeal.


Sheer Layered Shades


  • Sheer layered shades – If you are crazy about sheer layered shades and still want a touch of wood, then adding valance will complete the picture. The free-flowing sheers gel well with the subtle grains of wood to make a daring and realistic picture in your home. Add vibrant colors to highlight the sheers and your mood accordingly.


Plain Roman Shades


  • Plain Roman Shades – If you have plain roman shades and are wondering how to jazz them up, then wood valances come right to your rescue. Highlighting these roman shades with textures of faux wood can be a delightful treat for any room.


Graber Solar Shades


  • Graber Solar Shades – Add a layer of cheerfulness with faux wood valances to your solar shades. Keep the heat out by adding an elegance of faux wood to your magical solar shades. The openness of solar shades from Graber ensures complete envy of your neighbors when you add valances with faux wood to your windows.

With the moisture tolerance, versatility, durability and economic benefits of these wood valances there cannot be any reason that you might not want to install this in your rooms. Highlight your window treatments with the best, after all only the best deserves the best. So go ahead and transform your rooms into a beautiful setting from the old world with our range of faux wood valances.

If you have any more queries, do call our experts for some treatment ideas or simply to brainstorm with us. You can also call in for a free quotation today. Our stupendous offers will ensure any kind of treatment fits into your budget. We would love to hear from you.

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