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Dual Window Shades – Which Rooms Should They Be Used In?

Dual Window Shades - Which Rooms Should They Be Used In?

There are many factors that determine what a good window treatment is and whether or not you might find it to be a perfect match for your home. The decision you make regarding these window treatments are heavily influenced by the rest of your home décor. Based on these factors, you will look for window treatments that are stylish, easy on the eye, and can insulate your home while providing privacy.

Another important factor is the room in which you are looking to add window treatments. For example, bedrooms require a little more privacy and less sunlight, while bathrooms and kitchens require the fabric of the window treatments to be moisture resistant.

Finding a single window treatment that satisfies your functional needs while being aesthetically pleasing is not impossible. But it can be a tall ask. It will take some time and effort to find such window treatments. On the flip side, you can tap into the advantages that dual window privacy shades offer for you, saving you time and energy while giving you what you need.

What are dual window shades?

Dual window shades (which can also be understood as dual roller shades) have a unique, yet consistent and genuine design. They are essentially comprised of two layers. The inner layer (the one facing the room) is usually made out of fabric and reinforcement for the specific purpose of filtering the natural sunlight that can enter your room. The outer layer (the one that faces outside a window) is usually darker and is used for the purpose of blocking the sunlight as much as possible and darkening the room. Essentially, they are two different shades that are attached together with one control mechanism.

What are the advantages of dual window shades?

Now that you’ve been given an idea as to how dual window shades are designed, you will be able to see the relative advantages of such a window treatment. Listed below are the advantages of having dual roller shades to help you weigh out your options.

  • VentilationThe light filtering layer of these dual window shades enables you to gain access to natural sunlight while not having to face issues like overexposure of sunlight on furniture (which can cause rotting), glare and UV rays. Sunlight, in a controlled environment is a great source of Vitamin D, natural source of light, can uplift moods and even help in preventing infestation of germs. The dual shade can give you just the right amount of filtration that you will need to keep your home ventilated without excess sunlight.
  • Darkening of rooms – As an extension of its light filtering feature, the second layer can darken rooms. This means that whenever you’re watching a movie or sleeping in on the weekends, this layer can optimise your recreational or resting experience. Some people work in shifts and for long hours, which means they’re forced to get sleep during the day. The brightness of the daytime can make it quite difficult to get some rest. This makes the second layer quite useful.
  • Convenience in terms of functionality – The point of these shades is that you can switch between the outer layer and inner layer depending on your needs. It’s almost like having two different shades that can be switched amongst each other as often as you want without having to physically dismantle one of them and putting in the other. This is by far, the most unique feature of these dual window shades.
  • Easy to use – Dual window shades are very easy to use. The control mechanism attached is usually one you will be able to pull down by holding on to the fabric or even a chord. Motorized dual roller shades can further reduce your efforts and save time than any other method of control. If you have cheap motorized shades, you are able to control the shades with a remote or your smartphone. You don’t have to disrupt your daily routine to adjust the shades. Furthermore, if they are automated smart shades, you need not go through the trouble of making any decisions on your window shade settings. You can even integrate them to your smart home system and link them up with your thermostat and smart lights.
  • Aesthetic value – You can experiment with different colours and fabric for these dual shades. You can match the walls and the theme of the rooms themselves. You can even figure out a contrasting range to determine the look of your rooms. Most importantly, you can even play around with different colours and patterns for each layer of the dual window shades. This will give your window treatment the added versatility that other window treatments don’t have. The most interesting aspect from an aesthetic point of view is that you can give your room two new looks (because of having to switch between the two layers). It can be a mood setter and reduce any monotony.

In which rooms can dual window shades be used?

The versatile nature of dual window shades makes them dynamic enough to be a good fit for almost any room, maybe with a few exceptions. There are some rooms that specifically depend on the vast skill set of these shades. The first of these is the living room. This living space needs some sunlight with a little bit of filtering as it is a common room for the house, while also needing its window treatments to darken the rooms during movie nights. Alternatively, the den or the room with your home theatre is meant to be darkened. But it could do with some sunlight when it is not being used to keep it clean and ventilated.

Bedrooms stand to benefit the most with dual shades. The darker outer layer makes it easier to sleep while the light filtering has its previously stated advantages. Nurseries also stand to benefit from these dual shades. You will notice that the aesthetic value of the bedrooms, living room, and nursery will make an impact on guests and children. This also makes a great case of dual window shades.

In conclusion, these shades can adapt to all your needs. They offer commendable privacy and insulation as well. While weighing all your options, make sure to remember that dual shades are highly recommended for its functionality.