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The Key Takeaways of Having Dual Shades in Your Home

Double Window Blinds

The Key Takeaways of Having Dual Shades in Your Home

We all love to own things that give us more value than their cost. A mobile phone with an additional feature would be more in demand than one with no surprises in store. Similarly, when we are looking for blinds or shades in the market to line up our windows, we look for features that are beyond our need for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of our home.

When we set our windows, there are several important considerations to be made in terms of privacy, comfort, temperature control, aesthetic appeal, and window size. More often than not, the perfect shades that are customized according to our needs are hard to find, but what if you could get the benefits of two different style of shades in one? Let’s find out.

Dual window blinds, one of the important window treatments in terms of creativity and functionality,  are so constructed to meet the demands and requirements of everyone. A beautiful and unconventional window treatment, they boast a contemporary design, offering two fabrics with light filtering as well as privacy or blackout features.

Dual Shades: Types and Kinds

Dual Shades

When you have anyone talk about the benefits of blackout and transparent fabrics rolled into a common shade, the idea seems too good to be true. However, with these blinds offering just exactly that, you get the perfect amalgamation of light control and privacy in common window treatment, available at customized rates and designs at ZebraBlinds. They are an excellent addition to your home, keeping your home at bay against unwanted intruders, and offering the right amount of comfort and protection against damaging ultraviolet radiation. These shades are ideal for use whether you are living in a country cottage, a beach home, a city apartment, a duplex, or need a perfect window treatment to be installed in a conference room of your workspace. Made from a combination of two different fabrics, these shades provide you light and no light as and when you need it.

Dual Sheer Shades

Dual Sheer Shades

Like many high-quality and functional window shades, these fabulous window treatments are necessary to install for the following reasons:

  1. When you have sheer and privacy fabrics in the same shade, you get to experience attractive alternating shades creating a zebra-like pattern.
  2. When the shades are raised, they provide an unobstructed outside view, and even when they are closed, they fill the room with diffused light while providing a decent level of privacy in the room.

Dual Roller Shades

Dual Roller Shades

The usual construction of dual rollers entail a shade in a see-through translucent fabric hung beside a fabric made from complete blackout material. These shades are ideal double blinds that bring privacy while protecting your home by increasing energy efficiency, reducing the need for air conditioners. Considering that areas prone to dry and arid climates need shades to protect them from the blinding glare of the sun, these rollers will come in handy especially during summers.

These shades also protect the home and its furnishings, floorings, and accessories from fading out, while also proving to be beneficial during the winter months. Besides, these shades take minimal space and require no extra effort to install. They are also minimal in appearance and looks, providing a modern touch to your interior decor. Owners using these shades can set them up with matching color combinations in walls, paintings, and floorings. These double shades can easily be installed in window recesses and are typically chain or motor operated, but with the right setup can also be mounted on the other side of the window.

LightWeaves Graber Dual Solar Shades

Dual Solar Shades

These shades from Graber are available in different openness percentages: from 1–5% and 6–14%. With two fabrics in a single headrail casing, you can raise or lower both of them together or separately according to your light and privacy requirements. Their position can be altered at any time of the day or during night time. These shades are available for purchase on ZebraBlinds and come in a wide variety of color palettes, the most popular being Standard Weave, Vanguard, Plexus, Resolve, Essential Beige, Essential Black, Essential Classic White, Arboretum, Shadow Beige, Shadow Dark and Shadow White.

To operate these shades, you can use the continuous loop system for manually operating them or use the Radio Frequency Somfy motors for motorized operation or the z-wave smart motors. The continuous loop system involves raising or lowering the shades by keeping the cord at a constant level. In motorized dual roller shades, you can use a remote control to adjust them from anywhere up to a distance of 65 feet from the window. With smart control options, you can integrate multiple shades into a common mechanism. There is also a system in place that allows you to schedule their movements according to the time of the day. This is a very safe feature as it gives an impression of an occupied house to the outsider.

Things to Remember Before Choosing the Shades

You need to keep several things in mind before choosing the dual window treatments. Let us focus on the following considerations.

1) The Type of Controls

These shades come in a continuous loop and motorized options. Choose one that is most convenient for you. However, if you have kids or pets in the house, you’re better off selecting the motorized or cordless lifts.

2) Appropriate Color

Your color choice should seamlessly blend in with the rest of the decor, instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. Choose color coordinates that enhance the beauty of the room, besides focusing on their practical benefits.

3) Decide on the Openness Percentage

The blackout fabrics are meant to give you the maximum level of darkness, besides giving you ultimate protection against UV radiation. A higher openness percentage will offer you a decent amount of light inside while also providing you an unobstructed view.

4) Professional Help

Are you comfortable with operating the headrails and installing the brackets yourself? Or taking help from the manufacturer would better suit you. Decide before thinking of purchasing the shades.

All said and done, dual shades are one of the greater gifts you can pamper yourself with while setting up a refurbished or a new home. They are practical and offer a fine style statement at the same time.

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