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Corporate Lighting.

As the daylight hours increase and daylight savings are on, energy saving is a factor to be considered in corporate establishments. Balancing savings and comfort have been a challenge most establishments strive to make seamless. To focus just on interior lighting that is the major consumer of electrical energy and a dominant source of internal heat, it constitutes a quarter of the electricity budget in the United States! It also translates to 30% of the electricity used by commercial buildings. A high-quality energy efficient lighting system that utilizes controlled electric and natural lighting systems provide the best in comfort and visual appeal for employees or occupiers of the space.


According to the FEMP (Federal Energy Management Program), “Daylighting is the controlled admission of direct natural sunlight and diffuse skylight into a building to reduce electric lighting and saving energy.” This system not only comprises windows and skylights but also a daylight responsive lighting control system. In addition, buildings must be designed to orient windows in order to avoid the direct admission of the sun onto work surfaces and occupants eyes. In the event that this isn’t practically possible, which is the case in most buildings or on all sides of every building, suitable glare reduction devices such as Venetian blinds or solar shades must be made available.

As summer approaches, and longer daylight hours promise the reduction of electricity usage, administrators scramble to make arrangements to ensure that day-lighting is efficiently managed, both for employee comfort and energy savings for the company. Managing the science of day-lighting to balance heat gain and loss, glare control, and the variations in the availability of daylight, in other words.

Adding allure to workplaces.

The business world is all about appearances. Though providing excellent products and services is paramount, an organization needs to project a sense of style and sophistication that allows productivity to stay ‘up there’. Automated shading systems go a long way beyond just the aesthetic to offer a brilliant work environment and energy savings. Daylit rooms are a boon to businesses – in addition to energy savings, naturally lit rooms provide a great view that is often seductive to new employees and clients. But there are times when too much of it can be a pain in the neck. In a conference, there are those times when a video call is going on simultaneously with a presentation. If the room is too bright, the effect of the presentation is lost. When the room is darkened, no faces can be seen, especially as it’s crucial for those in the video conference. Managing the light in this scenario is a challenge if it’s manual.

Installing automated window shades.

Installing automated window coverings can create settings that are ideal for projecting power points and video clips while conferencing a call. At the push of a button, the room can be adequately darkened, and once the presentation is over, the room can be filled with natural light. Like it or not, businesses are judged, consciously and subconsciously, by small details such as seamless lighting in a presentation. In addition to wasting power by using electric light during the day, many employees have trouble working under fluorescent lighting. Automated window treatments can be used to synchronize light intensity and shading to offer as much natural light as is possible to provide fabulous work experience, improving productivity.

Windows have two principal functions in a building – 1). To admit daylight and 2). To provide a view to occupants. Traditionally, to control glare and solar gain, exterior horizontal louvered or light shelving systems are used. Daylight responsive electric lighting is essential as if lights aren’t dimmed when there is enough daylight, there can be no energy saving, and a room can get overheated, resulting in heavy loads on the HVAC system. In addition, the daylight needs to be directed so that it doesn’t prove uncomfortable for occupants.

Integrate automated dual roller shading system.

Dual Roller shades systems can be used to provide versatile solar control while offering a great view and privacy, as and when needed. A dual roller blinds system essentially comprises a combination of solar and room darkening or blackout roller shades, either of which can be independently lowered or raised. Lower the solar shade to block solar gain (to lower temperature) and glare but offer a great view during daylight hours; raise the solar shade and lower the room darkening or blackout shade to block view and light for presentations/at night.

Motorized dual roller shades can be integrated with electric lighting so that lights can be dimmed or turned off according to the intensity of the daylight in the room. Alternatively, the lights can come on when the solar shades are raised and the blackout shades come down at night or during a presentation.

During a presentation.

Presentations and meetings/conferences are part and parcel of the business world. To enable effortless performance and quality of presentations, integrated window shading, electric lighting and AV equipment can be used to provide a great experience and power saving.

The dual roller window shading system by Graber provides poetry in AV presentations and video conferencing to automatically provide wonderfully darkened rooms where the lighting can be controlled so that individual faces can be seen without disabling the presentation quality, as the automatic system is both timer and light intensity enabled. For example, in a room with brown and black tones, use the Blackout Roller Shade SheerWeave 7000 Graphite teamed with the 5% Solar Shade Marquesa Golden Linen to work wonders for your conference rooms!

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