Dual Roller Shades

Dual Roller Shades: A Practical Alternative for Blackout Blinds

Cellular shades in living room

Why Black Out has become a necessity?“Darkness is beautiful”If you are one who admires the beauty of darkness, then Blackout Shades are the perfect choice for your room.Sun blocking shades make a room look darker than normal shades. These shades give your room the feeling of nighttime, even when the sun is shining bright outside. They also help you control the temperature of your room.There is also an option for side channels on certain fabrics. These channels are installed on the sides and can also be installed on the sill of the window. The shade itself is locked securely into place and blocks any light leakage from the sides of the shade.

Perfect Sleep with Total Black Out
Nowadays, having a remote and dark place to sleep and relax during the day time is more than a luxury – it’s a necessity.

For someone that works all night long and tends to sleep during the daytime, these shades block the sun and keep the room dark, allowing for a good night’s sleep. If you love to sleep all day long, make sure you are getting a good rest by using blackout shades in your room.

If you have a baby at home, these shades can help you put your little one to sleep by blocking the sunlight and creating a peaceful and dark atmosphere.

If you are a movie lover, the best thing you can bring to your room is the viewing experience. Don’t let the sun distract you from your favorite TV shows!

“Why compromise with one type of shade? When Solar Dual Roller Shades offer both sheer and blackout features in a single shade.”

Solar dual roller shades

Solar dual roller shades give you the most solar light control in a single assembly. The first shade is the solar shade which provides privacy and allows you to view outside. The second shade is the blackout shade which darkens the room completely.

The dual shade system consists of two roller shades within a single housing, providing both room darkening and ambient light control. The solar shade is designed in such a way that it provides partial privacy while allowing you a view of the outside. When you require darkness, use the blackout shade to bring complete darkness to your room.

Based on your requirements, you can use these shades whenever they are needed, whether it is day or night. These shades give you the flexibility to choose the ambience of your room by creating versatile light and privacy control. You can also get motorized dual roller shades that are controlled by the press of a button.

3% versus 5% openness on Solar Shades

3% VS 5% Openess on Solar Shades

3% openness of solar shades

Solar shades with 3% openness are perfect for reducing glare, diffusing light, and letting you retain your outside view
These solar shades block up to 97% of harmful UV rays, helping you protect your rugs, your furniture, and your family.
They will even help you reduce energy costs by keeping your home cool and comfortable in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter.

5% openness of solar shades

Solar shades visibility at night

Solar shades with 5% openness block up to 95% of harmful UV rays.
While they have similar attributes to the 3% solar shade, they let in more sunlight and are easier to see through, sacrificing some privacy for a slightly clearer view and more sunlight when they are fully open.

Do solar shades provide privacy at night?

3% VS 5% Openess on Solar Shades

During the day, you will be able to view outside whereas people outside will not be able to see through the solar shades. But in the night it is the opposite. When it is dark outside and lights are on inside the house, solar shades allow people outside to see into the house and prevent people inside from seeing out