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Dress Your Windows Right!

You have the perfect area rug, the side table, the to-die-for vintage chair, yet the room is still… incomplete? Most people may not notice or even consider, but the windows are also factors in finishing the room. A bare window can be the point to break or make your style.

The windows are the truly tricky creatures to decorate. There are many options for dressing those tricky things. You could go with the horizontal blinds or shades, or even those dusty drapes. Then once you pick a dress there are just so many types of materials and colors. Oh the agony of choosing!

Faux-Wood-Blinds -
Faux Wood Blinds Moisture resistant –

With Zebrablinds now the decisions don’t have to be so insufferable. The Technical Tips on the site explain in great detail the advantages and effects of the different types of window blinds.

If you want drapes…well your on your own for that. Sorry! But drapes get dirty and dusty easily. They are harder to clean, they offer little protection from the harsh sunlight, and the heavier kind just makes everything so dismal.

Now if you are looking for the perfect blinds, the first thing to do is decide between horizontal blinds or shades. For those long windows or window like doors, the best option is the shades. Shades help control the amount of sunlight coming in through those large windows and decreases the sun light damage in your home. They also offer better privacy with their large panels that flatten to cover the window completely. Fun fact: Shades not only protect you from peeping toms but also from high energy bills. Shades act as better insulators to keep in the thermal energy.

Shades are not for you? No problem try horizontal blinds. This the dress for those fashion conscious, trend setting windows out there. These blinds can give a nice, warm and cozy feel, or a cool, collected and sophisticated touch. The different options of material and color, such as mahogany wood or white aluminum all add to your décor theme. To make these blinds more decor sensitive, their ability to direct natural light by changing their angle not only save you the cost of damaged decor, but accentuates your style to completion.

So go to ZebraBlinds and begin choosing the dress for your home. The company gives you custom fit blinds and a convenient online shopping experience. Perfect for making your decisions easier and less complicated, and making sure the dress for your windows fits just right.

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