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How To Dress Up Uneven or Odd-Shaped Windows?

Odd Shaped Windows

Dress Up Uneven or Odd Shaped Windows


Setting up our windows is a task that many find daunting and time-consuming. However, window treatments are an everyday necessity, and in the absence of reliable and good-quality window coverings, our homes are exposed to the wrath of nature and nosy neighbors who can disrupt the peace in our home.


A number of window treatments are available, and many of them can be customized according to the dimensions of the window, be it in the dining room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. Follow our instructions online for measuring yourself or contact us for help on how to customize your shade. With our clear instructions and guidelines, measuring and installing yourself is made easy.


Odd Shaped Windows – Unconventional Design


However, what many consumers find challenging is finding the right blinds or shades when there are uneven or odd-shaped windows in the house. Two or more windows could be mismatched or have an unconventional design. In such a scenario, it’s a good idea to apply some creativity to design even the most basic of window dressing ideas.


Let us discuss some of the ways in which we can dress up such windows.


 1) Custom Outdoor Shades


Custom Outdoor Shades

This is the most foolproof method of dealing with a scenario of uneven windows that don’t require much effort. Having blinds or shades custom built inside requires consideration of the shape of windows. However, setting them outside requires no such thought, except that they just need to be wide enough to cover their length and breath. Custom outdoor roller shades can be easily installed, and when closed, they take up minimum space. This way, you can enhance the curb appeal of your home and protect it against harsh weather conditions such as intense sunlight, heat, UV radiation, and glare. Your home is protected and secure, and you also get to witness a mostly unhindered view of the outside when you’re relaxing in your room.


Now you can also open and close them with several motorized options available in the market, built for your convenience and practicality. There is no manual operation of cumbersome cords, but just a press of a button, ensuring your comfort.


2) For Slanting Skylights


Skylight Window Shades

Skylights are window openings built on the roof mainly for the purpose of letting a good amount of sunlight in. Having a skylight solves the purpose of combating high-electricity costs as they prove to be good energy-efficient options during the daytime. However, in high summers, the house can heat up in no time, and being in a home with skylights without any window coverings may provide discomfort and inconvenience. Then you end up spending money on air conditioners and paying high electricity costs.


In such a case, you can go for room darkening or light filtering cellular or honeycomb shades to cover your rooftops. They require a thorough setup to be installed on skylights, but once they are in place, they are one of the best window dressing options to keep heat out and give the room its privacy and coziness. You can choose to go for thinner textures available in single cellular shades, meant mainly for light filtering. The dual-cell fabrics in honeycomb shades can be sought in case you need complete (or at least 90%) protection against heat. Graber CrystalPleat shades offer a lot of variety in colors, textures, and designs to choose from, so you can make your purchase by placing an order.


3) For Arched Windows


There are multiple choices that you can opt for before designing your arched windows. Such windows are unconventionally beautiful and fascinating to look at, and you can try out a combination of different ideas for dressing them up.


Frosted glass: It’s a DIY method for making them more translucent so that only diffused light can pass through. You can get a professional to set them up for you, or you can make them through sandblasting or acid etching or clear sheet glass. The advantage of having frosted glass on a window is its permanence and ease in maintenance. As it is perpetually etched on the window, you do not require closing or opening as it’s the case with drapes, curtains or shutters.


Valances: You can choose to have valances installed at the top of the window instead of traditional drapery. They are one of the best options to choose for uneven windows as a stylish design or print may add to the charm and awesomeness of the window structure! As they usually cover the top half of the window, you can select sheer valances that will act as effective light diffusers without completely obliterating the shape of the window. They can be customized according to various sizes, and come in various colors and prints that make them a stylish and elegant choice.


4) For Multiple Windows


Palladian Windows

A French or Palladian window flanked by smaller, rectangular windows on either side gives out a traditional and classy Victorian vibe. These windows get the visitors intrigued and gushing over your sophisticated interiors. However, if the blinds or shades to support them do not do justice to their beauty, there’s no point having them in the first place.


For windows of such sort, you can have panel pair curtains in raw silk or vivid prints so that they cover every portion of the window. This will help you control the level of sunlight in your abode, and prevent disruption against unnecessary sounds and UV glare. You can also layer them with a combination of window treatments. Consider layering the middle window with aluminum or faux wood/wood shutters, and cover the rest with sheer blinds.


That will avoid a perfect amalgamation of sunlight diffusion and blackout properties, and lend your room a warm and superb appearance. For multiple windows that are far apart in a room, you can try out a combination of different ideas: Graber blackout shades, honeycomb shades with aluminum blinds, Venetian blinds with sheers, window blinds with curtains, and so on.


5) For Asymmetrical Windows


Asymmetrical windows are a very tricky window type where one portion always threatens to be exposed, irrespective of the quality of the window treatments that you go for. You can start from either corner and set up panel pair curtains with rod pockets going across the top of the windows. They can be attached or closed by way or either Velcro closures or tie-ups, lending the room a smart look that will give equal attention to both the unique shape of the windows and the sobriety and class of the curtains.


If, however, you are ashamed of the asymmetrical shape, you might consider keeping the curtains closed and let their design do the talking. Go for bold colors that provide an interesting contrast with the color of the walls, or choose such patterns as graphic, polka dots or Aztec, as either of them do a great job of diverting attention.


So those were a few of the tips that you can apply to cover your odd-shaped windows. However, these methods aren’t the only foolproof methods that act as great window protection ideas. We suggest you let your imagination do the talking and be as creative with your methods as possible.

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