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How To Dress Your Extra Large Windows With Roman Blinds

How To Dress Your Extra Large-Windows with Roman Blinds

If you’re new to the world of window treatments and get the sense that one does not need windows to survive, you would be perfectly right! But what’s life without being able to get out of bed and get that spectacular wide-window view? Ever tried saving energy by reading near a window on a bright and sunny day?

But even if we all know the importance of light and ventilation, there is such a thing as too much light and too much ventilation. It is for reasons such as this that window coverings were even made in the first place. Window coverings are incredibly common these days; you would be hard-pressed to find bare windows even in the most remote places. However, while you will find no end to the types of window coverings you could get for a standard window, you may find that you need some additional assistance for when dealing with extra-wide windows, or XL windows. If at this point you’re somehow wondering why we’re talking about windows computer software, make sure to read the title so you get a hint.

The thing about XL windows is that you won’t find many materials that are designed to sustain that size, but you’ll find that there’s one type of window covering that will not just fit those windows, but they will also look absolutely spectacular on those gargantuan windows: Extra-large Roman blinds. But extra large roman blinds should not be taken lightly, you’ll find that certain stores carry only a handful of designs for those extra-large windows. This is because many fabrics can be too heavy to go to larger sizes and can droop or become damaged over time.

Normally the blinds come with mounts or clamps, and depending on the process you would either need to drill holes or just clamp them to your frame. However, with large roman blinds, the chances are you will need a screwdriver and a drill.

But before we take THAT plunge, you’ll need to choose your roman blinds first, and to do that you will need to know how high and how wide your window really is! So make sure that you’ve got a measuring tape ready. Once you’ve noted down your measurements (make sure to use the right units!) and once you’re aware of the kind of color palette your home is made of, you will have all the information you need to pick out the perfect set for your home.

Before you start attaching your roman blinds, make sure that you check the level of your window frame with a spirit level. You should also make sure that you know whether you’re going for the inside or the outside mount. The inside mount is usually the go-to option unless you’re dealing with something that could potentially obstruct your blinds should they hang within your frame. In such cases, an outside mount will be far more useful. But don’t panic, for an outside mount you’ll just need to fix the brackets ABOVE the window rather than inside it.
Extra Large Roman Shades

First, you need to place the brackets against the frame and mark your spots for drilling. Once you’ve drilled your holes into the frame, you can start putting in the brackets. Make sure the screws are tight and the brackets are firm. Once you’ve mounted your brackets, it’s time to deal with the headrail.

The headrail is essentially the easy part when you’re dealing with roman blind installation, you’ll need to hook the headrail into the brackets and check to see if you heard that all too familiar click. Once you hear the click you can let go of the headrail and pat yourself on the back a little, because your Roman blinds are ready for use.

At this point, depending on whether you went corded (not recommended) or cordless, there may be an extra step where you can attach a device that will keep your cords from being too invasive or unsafe. This will need to be fitted at least 1.5 m from the floor, so mark the spot and drill two holes. Once you’ve attached the safety device just wrap your cord around it and worry for your pet’s safety no longer!
If you feel like you won’t have time to install your blinds, just relax and ask for someone who can install it for you.