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Dream Designer Roman Shades

The Roman era Shades at Epoch

The Roman Shades or the Roman Blinds are the most popular and favorite choice due to the elegance or stylish window decor style that gives a feel of the cozy home decor. The combination of the traditional and trendy style and It’s clean, soft folds and simple way to dress your windows. Easy installation, less maintenance, and with convenient control operation to give most needed privacy with the thermal insulation makes Roman Shades popular among the Americans.

As it is originated during the Roman century, when the time passed these Roman Shades also developed with the modern era to become more refined to present formal styles. The addition of lining materials helps to get the room darkening features of maximum privacy and sunlight protection into the room. Now in the market Roman Shades are supplied indistinct fold styles; the common styles of Roman shades are now available as Looped Roman Style Hobbled Roman style, Classic Flat Roman style, Seamless Roman style, Relaxed Roman style or Balloon Roman style.


Looped Roman Shades or Hobbled Roman Shades



The Looped Roman shades are also known as Hobbled Roman Shades can be customized to any size or options. This Looped Roman Style is designed as its material folds softly like the waterfall down at the gap of approximately 6- inches; the top panel varies depending on the length of the shade. When the shade raises up, the fabric panel folds evenly up to the top by the support of fiberglass rod that stabilizes each pleat. That Looped Roman Shades will get in lots of varieties of striking colors and au courant designs of fabrics like silk, cotton or linen and the natural materials like bamboo reed, jute or grass. This Roman shade can have four different lift options like the standard cord lift, cordless lift, continuous-loop lift or the motorized lift system. These Looped Roman Shades were available for any shapes of the windows like bay or corner windows. The Bottom- up Top-down option is also available for this Looped Roman or Hobbled Roman Shades. The inside mount window option is perfect for this style of Roman shade.


Classic Flat Roman Shade

Classic Flat Roman Shade is the most traditional refined casual style that can be customized to your choice. This Classic Flat Roman Shade is the particular pleated style designed that if you rose up the shade, its fabrics folds evenly in tabular form at the top part with the support of fiberglass rod that strengthens each pleat of the panel. Each pleat of the fabric spaced at the gap of approximately 6- inches and the top part of panel vary depend on the full length of the Shade. This style of Roman shades is coming in wide ranges of bright colors and eye-opening designs of fabrics with four variable types of lift operating systems as Cordless lift or the standard cord lift and the continuous cord lift or Motorized lift systems. The Bottom-up Top- down option is available in this Classic Flat Roman style also get all the shapes and sizes of the windows. Inside mount window option is preferable for the real beauty of this Classic Flat Style.


Flat-Roman-Shades -

Seamless Roman Style or Flat Roman Style

The Seamless Roman Shades or Flat Roman Shades are very pleasing trendy styles with two distinct features are available as the Unconstructed feature and Constructed feature. In the appearance both the unconstructed flat roman style and constructed flat roman style are almost similar. The unconstructed Flat or Seamless Roman style coming in one single piece material that is hanging flat over the window without any back bars or horizontal seams or any stitching obstruct it to ensure the beauty to express the eye- catching designs and textures of fabrics. The constructed flat roman shades are made with the fabric panel stitches close together with back bars in the intervals of approximately six to eight inches to corroborate the fabric panel also give more strength and durability. This Seamless Roman style or Flat style goes in natural woven materials and ranges of fabrics in silk, cotton, jacquard, linen, etc. Bottom- UP Top- Down option is available in this Seamless Roman style or Flat Roman style with all the lift operating system of Roman Shades.


Relaxed Roman Style or European Roman Style


Relaxed-European-Roman-Shades -

Relaxed Roman Shades or European Roman Shades are soft and adaptable classy shade with rounded folds at the bottom. If you raise up these shades, it gently bows at the bottom. Due to the unconstructed flat style, these Relaxed Roman shades is perfect for the selection of beautifully designed fabrics and available varieties of fabrics in silk, cotton, linen, etc. These styles of Relaxed or European Roman Shades have different lift operating systems like Motorized Lift, Cordless Lift, Corded Lift or Continuous Cord Lift. It will get in all the shapes and sizes of windows like bay or corner windows; the outside mount window option gives the better beauty of this style of Roman shade. Bottom-Up Top-Down option is not available for this style. The complete room darkening option is off for this Relaxed Roman Shades.


Balloon Roman Style

Balloon-Roman-Style-Shades -


Balloon Roman Shades or Balloon Roman Blinds is a particular fold style like many clouds or balloons; are highly decorative to the classy style of window dressings, and it is not ideal for casual use. It is also available in varieties of beautiful fabrics of silk, cotton, jacquard, or linen with bright colors and designs. The two lift options like corded lift and Continuous loop lift operating system are available for this style of Roman Shade. Bottom-Up Top-Down option is also not available for this style. Similar to the Relaxed Roman Shade, for the Balloon Roman shade the outside mount window option is preferable.


Perfection in the window decor with the Roman Shade

Each style of the Roman Shade has the distinct way of choices to get a flawless beauty to your gorgeous window decor. By selecting the quality of fabrics, you can decorate your window style to the appearance of Contemporary or Traditional. The light filtering level varies according to the thickness of the fabrics used in the Roman Shades. For the maximum room darkening and the energy efficiency level, the addition of blackout lining materials or the graded thermal liner gives the reduction to the light filtering and high energy efficient level into the room. In the Relaxed Roman style and Seamless or European Roman style, some light may penetrate through the pleat have been sewn or through the ring attached to the back of the shade. The Roman shades of all style get in the standard fabric wrapped valance in matching colors; by adding upgraded options of varieties and elegant styles of fabric valances, fabric cornice or wood cornice gives extra flair to the window decor. The standard corded lift option is available for all the styles of Roman shades on the front side either the back side of the shade according to your suggestion. The upgraded lift operating system like Cordless and Motorized lift system are very convenient and trendy, also gives the Child and Pet Safety measures. All the styles of these Roman Shades can customize to your choice; also available in the option of two on one headrail and three on one headrail. Depends upon the affordable budget you will get varieties of exclusive Roman Shades in the Victorian style or the contemporary style manufacturing by Crown, Graber or Norman are the top windows covering companies in the American market are provide from the online Store with great discounts and free shipping all over the USA.


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