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How To Choose The Best Curtains And Drapes For The Living Room

Drapes For Sliding Glass Door

Drapes for Sliding Glass Door: Drape Your Glass Doors in Sheer Grace



With the warmth of the family and togetherness of our loved ones, a living room is the most special place in our homes. It is often said that we are our memories, nothing more, nothing less, and all these memories are often made when we are sitting together in our living rooms. All the get-togethers, house parties, and weekend movies happen in our living rooms and these moments mean everything to us. Just as windows are a considerable part of our interiors, they affect the overall look of our living rooms too. Each and every guest of yours, no matter if it is the first visitor the last, first spent time in your living room. And well, it goes without saying that the first impression is the last impression. So to create the ideal first impression, and choose your living room window coverings intelligently.


A well-informed decision is always better, and to help you out, read on for tips on choosing the best curtains and drapes for your living room. If you have a sliding glass door in your living room, then check out our immense range of drapes for sliding glass doors at and explore more ways to embellish your big windows in various creative ways.



Drapes for Sliding Glass Door – Choosing A Suitable Window Treatment



Before you choose the curtains and drapes for your living room windows, consider a few factors:

– Observe your living room interiors closely, and make sure you don’t go for a color which is in contrast to everything entirely. Your windows are an integral part of the interiors and their coverings should gel in with other furniture and accessories. So consider the color, pattern, print, red color and style before you go and make the purchase.

Drapes for Sliding Glass Door

– Have a good look at the size of your windows because free flowing window treatments like curtains and drapes do not go well with a small window. On the other hand, if you have a bay window or a sliding glass door, then drapes can really add to the overall charisma.

– In addition to this, closely observe the location of your windows. If you are planning to dress your kitchen sink window with a fine layer of drapery, then watch out because fabric can absorb all the odors of cooking and can stink like a rotten egg if not maintained properly.



Drapes for Sliding Glass Doors



Coupling Drapes with Sheers


Sheer Window Curtains


For a living room, the drapes should be thick, rich and free-flowing. They should reflect the aura of your family. If you have an earthen shade in your interiors, then go for a light shade drape coupled up with white sheer curtains. The sheer curtains can take care of the harsh sun and provide you with a diffused light during the scorching days. On the other hand, if you are feeling a little too warm, draw the thick drapes which can easily block the heat from coming inside.

In addition to this, keep your drapes a little longer than the entire window or door. Make it a free-flowing floor length window treatment to enjoy that Victorian look in your home.


Playing with Patterns

Apart from the simple yet graceful grey velvet drapes, you can play with the patterns to add character to your window decor. If you crave some color and brightness, look for interesting patterns with adorable motifs. You can also add some artistic patterns and give your living room an entirely retro look.


Color Splashing

Colors are beautiful but they can also clash if not chosen properly. Before you pick a bright color, make sure you place a sample and compare it with rest of your interiors. Do not pick a color that clashes against your current home decor. Making your windows or doors the center of attraction can work well, but do not pick a window covering that is too loud or uncomfortable to look at. Couple up drapes with curtains and make a dark and light combination to balance. A wine velvet drapery with grey sheers can do astonishingly well for the living rooms.


Window treatments for sliding glass doors in living rooms also include plain sheers. Personally, this one is my favorite. Elegant, simple and graceful, light sheers never let anybody down. The only issue is their maintenance which can be resolved by a light vacuum every now and then.


We at are in your service 24/7. Call us or drop us an email for any more queries because we share your love for your home sweet home. Order free samples and browse through our website for a wide range of window coverings as well as Drapes for your sliding glass doors.

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